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    Greg called in a little bit late. I believe he's on starting at about 30 minutes into the show.

    Greg Vaughan joins Take 2 Radio Tuesday, November 25th at 7pm eastern time! We'll chat about his career and his upcoming holiday movie The Christmas Note which will air on Sunday, November 29th at 9pm eastern time on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. 

    In 1996, Vaughan made his television series debut as Josh Walker in the popular Aaron Spelling series Malibu Shores which soon spun off into Beverly Hills, 90210 as Cliff Yeager He was cast in the popular cult films Poison Ivy and The Last Seduction .

    Vaughan guest-starring television appearances in series that included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Any Day Now, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Nash Bridges before shooting a controversial "dramody" pilot, Student Affairs for Imagine Television.

    Spelling Entertainment soon created a role for Vaughan as a series regular, boy-next-door Dan Gordon, on Charmed  After the series ended, Vaughan quickly landed the role of Milo Mosley in Glory Days, the highly anticipated Kevin Williamson series. Vaughan began his foray into daytime drama as Diego on CBS's #1 The Young and the Restless  With rave reviews and notoriety, a Daytime Best Newcomer nomination followed, with People Magazine naming Greg Vaughan as "One of the Sexiest Men Alive" in 2002. Vaughan's landed the highly acclaimed role of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital.  Greg can now be seen on NBC's Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady. 

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    With Intent, Hosted by Carina Ghionzoli - Episode 3

    in Motivation

    The subject of ‘Addiction’ is highly controversial.

    What is it about addiction that you don’t already know … and do you really care?

    Well you should.

    Addiction is rife within everyone’s life, whether it’s you or those close to you …

    How many drinks do you have every night?

    How long do you spend playing games on your phone?

    What about Facebook or all those free courses you can’t resist?

    Carina will investigate this contentious subject.

    Luca, our Movie Reviewer will be discussing 2 thought provoking dramas.

    Plus, Carina's book review and suprise interviews.

    Refer to our website www.withintent.co.za for free assessments and motivational videos, as well as free additional downloadable content specific to this show. Look out too for awesome competitions on our website linked to forthcoming radio shows.


    This is the show where we dare to be different and challenge you to listen! 

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    Nov. 19, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Inuitive Hypnotherapy with Joanna Banka

    in Paranormal

    We are delving into the art and the technique of hypnotherapy on Spaced Out Radio. Our guest, Joanna Banka, is a regular on Spaced Out Weekend's Two Mediums and a Large with James Tyson. But in her daytime career, she helps people find answers to questions from within themselves. From Joanna's website, www.joannathemedium.com, we bring a little bit about our guest.

    I am an Evidential Spiritual Medium, Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and a Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH). I am a regular person with normal joys and challenges of life, I just happen to have a gift that seems to come naturally to me.

    I don’t perform any special rituals and I certainly don’t get rid of “bad spells or curses”, some even say that I don’t look anything like someone who can talk to the dead (but then I am not sure what that would look like anyway). I don’t have a halo around me, and I don’t wear ritual jewelry or special clothes that make me stand out, the only thing that might be a little different is that I hear, see and feel Spirit, both people and animals (yes, animals do seem to like to communicate through me).

    My mediumship ability is an amazing gift that revealed itself while I was going through my own life’s challenges and while working with my clients in my private practice at Vancouver Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Although it took me a while to fully embrace and trust this amazing gift, my responsibility lies in acknowledging that what comes naturally to me is in fact a calling, to serve as a messenger for the Spirit world.

    Enjoy your stay!

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    First Contact Radio 11/18/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Muslim Issue

    in News

    First Contact Radio 11/18/15 Show #1411 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar


    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, November 13 – 21

    UFO News
    Daytime triangle-UFO over Signal Hill, California

    Astronaut Sends Out UFO Photo From International Space Station

    Off Planet Mining Bill Quietly And Secretly Slips Though Congress

    Daily Stories
    OBAMA:"WE" The Muslims!

    Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly

    Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010

    56 Bible Verses about Faith

    4 Things Your Soul Wants You To Learn

    Jesus November-15-2015

    Warrior of the Light - pg 132

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

    First Contact Radio

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    Music Of The Movies: Soundtracks That We Like....

    in Movies

    Some of the greatest movies have the best soundtracks. It's also true that some not so great films have some of the hottest musical scores. The film industry has found that you can elevate the marketing of a film be adding a stellar musical background sound to complement what's being projected on the screen. We're all advocates of a good musical soundtrack. So we're dedicating this episode to a few of our favorite movie soundtracks. What are some of your favorite movie tunes track that make you keep going back to listen? Join the conversation on "A Reel Point Of View" and let us know! 

    From 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM on Blog Talk Radio* 
    From 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM on Hangouts On Air & Youtube*
    [Eastern Standard Time]

    * Check out our show archives on Blogtalkradio.com and on our
    Youtube Channel under A Reel Point Of View...

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    Soap Talk Let's Dish

    in Entertainment

    How did Cane get out of the fire?  How is the Jason reveal going?  Why does Bo have to die?  Why does Ridge continue to be so cranky around Thomas?  Join Ambro, Daphne, Minnie, Wise, and the rest of the gang to discuss.

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    in Entertainment

    EPISODE 6: Take 2 Radio Soaps in Review: Thursday, November 13th at 7pm eastern: Join us in the chatroom and call in with your thoughts on your fav soap. 
    JOIN PAM, DAVID, PAULA, TRACY, LIZ, AND/OR CAROLYN as they discuss what's been happening on The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless

    This show will be on the 2nd & 4th THURSDAY of the month at 7PM EASTERN TIME! 
    Whether you watch all 4 or just one they be reviewing all of the soaps and we welcome calls from the fans to give their thoughts!
    CALL IN 1-718-506-1540 PRESS 1

    Follow on twitter @take2radio @T2RSoapsReview @Take2RadioCrew @PaulaSoapbox @T_AnnBlair  @MsElizabethLong @BarefootBlonde5


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    Daytime after dark welcomes Ryan pavey to the show

    in Television

    Daytime after dark is having a show and for the frist time on the show we will have Ryan pavery. Nathan from GH and he has been on working on Extra too and it will be a great show so please call in , He will be taking you calls

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Phoenix Williams

    in Books

    Phoenix Williams is a self-published author based out of Illinois. Her love of writing was born during her early childhood. Creating what she dubs "realistic romance and family dramas with an urban twist," Phoenix spins tales that allows the readers to see glimpses of themselves in the characters.

    Her works consists of several short story collections - Running, Whipped, Screwed and Stripped and Phoenix After Dark- and her series, To Love A No Good Nigga. Phoenix has crafted multiple books that feature severely flawed heroes that everyone falls in love with. You can follow Phoenix on facebook: PhoenixWilliams01 instagram: PhoenixWilliamsBooks and on twitter: Phoenix_William.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit with Phoenix and discover how she builds strong but flawed heroes for her stories here On Why Yet's Watch, where I let you know what's going on!

    See ya,

    Why Yet

    Call #773-897-6297

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    Diva's 232nd #Days Blogtalkradio Show!

    in Television

    Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 232nd Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  Ben gets physical with Abby, Steve rescues Bo, Hope and Aiden have memorable bachelor/ette parties, and Chad wakes up.

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    Join Merrie Lynn Ross Sharing Candid Breast Story

    in Women

    Join us with Merrie Lynn Ross...    Come and join us to get the timely conversation with Pat Kennedy RN and Brenda Pearce RN.

    A bit about Merrie Lynn: 

    Merrie Lynn Ross - is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning filmmaker, actress, and author of 8 books. Starring in 35+ TV & films she is known as daytime's first comedienne; giggling her way into 26 million viewer's hearts on ABC's "General Hospital" A renowned child advocate, honored by Presidents' Clinton and George W, she worked with Oprah at the Presidential Summit. Merrie Lynn co-created "Morph America" and "Peace Smarts" curriculums: serving over two million families, students, and teachers to create a peace culture inside/out, from the classroom to practicing Unity in Community. Her brainchild "Stand For Children" hosted 300,000 participants at Lincoln Memorial, led by Children's Defense Fund 
    Born clairaudient, Merrie Lynn is a catalyst of body, mind, spiritual healing. 
    She spontaneously intuits what is needed in the moment. Her lighthearted essence imbues a sense of well-being in the many people she works with. After a personal tragedy and discovering a way back to living in purpose, Merrie Lynn is guided to share her healing and life altering recipes. With a contagious joyous energy.

    Watch This Flash Back General Hospital Episode Featuring Merrie Lynn Ross