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    Islamic View

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    Today's program will discuss " Choosing a Spouse"

  • Brother Dawah Yisrael Joins Us

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    Dawah Yisael will join us on this episode of Field Afrikan Radio. We will discuss multiple topics including the young sista who was attacked by a European male cop in a classroom. We will also discuss the sublimiinal messages in movies and tv shows varying from racism to the promotion of homosexuality.What's up with the all the brothers on "The Walking Dead"?  I'm sure Dawah will make some time to give his opinion about homosexuality being promoted and ushered into the Pan-Afrikan/RBG movement. Join us in this discussion.

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.6. We love Jesus Too

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,
    Welcome to Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2.E.6 titled we love Jesus Too. IN this episode we will cover the life of this widely misunderstood Prophet of Allah. We will do out best to give you an understanding of this great, might messenger of Allah. Today's episode will cover:
    1. The birth of Jesus: The truths and falsehood
    2. His mother Mary: Was she married, was she a virgin?
    3. Lies associated to Jesus
    4. Why do us as Muslims say that he too was a Muslim
    5. Why we call him Isa bin Maryum (AS)
    6. Was he crucified, is he coming back
    We will cover all the above plus more. 
    Please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, or comment: haqqdawahmedia@gmail.com
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    AsSalaam Alkuim,
    The Haqq Dawah Group
    AsSalaam Alkuim

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.5 B Eid al Adha

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,
    Eid Mubarak: Todays episode will give you understanding of Eid al Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice). This is one of two Muslim holidays. I pray you enjoy.
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    AsSalaam Alkuim,
    The Haqq Dawah Group

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.4 What is this Sharia?

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    Good afternoon,

    Welcome to season 2 episode 4 of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings todays episode will cover Sharia. In this episode we will answer the questions that plague us about the law of Allah. What is Sharia? Does it Sharia call for death of thief? Is Sharia something to be scared of?


    All of these questions plus more will be answered.I know that this will be a very enlightening show, and will dispel a lot of the myths, lies, and misunderstanding about Sharia.

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    Thank you for listening and I pray you enjoy,

    The Haqq Dawah Group

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    Haqq Dawah Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.5 What is Dhul Hijjah?

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    This episode of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings is about the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah and why it is so special. The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah start on the 15th of Sept. 2015. Beside a basic intro to this great month, I have also attached a lecture explaining deeds that are recommended to be done the first 10 days of this sacred month. I pray you find this beneficial.'

    Don't  forget to check out our blog for more info about Dhul Hijjah and be on the look out for the next special 

    episode on Eid Adha the Greater Eid

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2E.3 Q and A About Salah

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    This Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings Season 2 Episode 3: Q and A on Salah. The word salah translated in english simply means prayer, but there is nothing simple about the one on one connection you get to have with your Lord through Salah.


    On todays episode I have a very, very special guest. You may know him from his numerous podcast such as: Islamic History Ninja, The Romantic Muslim, and Serious Serrah to name a few. Muttaqi Ismail (@islamiclearning). This a Brother I have followed for several years and know I had to reach out and ask him to come on show and enlighten us all.


    Please check out his podcast and visit his website(islamiclearningmaterials.com), and also on facebook(islamiclearningmaterials).


    I pray you enjoy the show and for show notes and more pleae check out our blog:haqqdawah.blogger


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    AsSalam Alkuim,

    Haqq Dawah Group

  • Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings S.2.E2 The Creations of Allah

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,

    Today's episode is about three creations of Allah. The Angels, Jinn, and Mankind. This episode (inshaAllah) will give a basic understanding of these three creations.


    are heavenly beings mentioned many times in the Quran and hadith. Unlike humans or jinn, they have no free will and therefore can do only what Allah orders them to do. An example of a task they carry out is testing individuals by granting them abundant wealth and curing their illness. Believing in angels is one of the six Articles of Faith in Islam. Just as humans are made of clay, and jinn are made of smokeless fire, angels are made of light.


    In  Islamic theology jinn are said to be creatures with  free will,  made from smokeless fire by Allah as humans were made of clay, among other things. According to the Quran jinn have free will, and Iblis abused this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah ordered angels and jinn to do so.


    Man is the highest creation of God. He is equipped with the highest of potentialities. He is left relatively free in his will, action and choice. God has shown him the right path, and the life of Prophet Muhammad provides a perfect example for him. Man's success and salvation lies in following both.



    For more info on these subjects please check out our blog for show notes.




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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings Season 2 Episode 1 Who is Allah?

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    Welcome to Season 2 of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings. Today’s episode will be about Who is Allah?


    Is Allah the moon god?

    God of Muhammad (SAW)?

    A pagan god from ancient times?

    Or just regular ole God from the bible, and previous scripture?


    All of these questions plus more will be answered by the end of this episode. I will explain not only who Allah is from an Islamic point of view, but will explain why it is import to call Him (Allah) by his correct name.


    A new part of the show  we will now put the show notes and any extra material on your blog right after the show. So, click right over for more info,videos, audio clips and a bunch of goodies after the show.


    I pray that you find this episode beneficial and enlightening. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on ITunes.


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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    The Haqq Dawah Group

    “Serving Allah for mankind”

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings Epiosde 15B Bouns Episode

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    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    Good morning. I know last show I claimed it would be the last bonus episode, but there was a little problem while uploading the show. So, understanding that all comes from the Will of Allah, I wanted to upload the whole show and start new . I pray you like it and find it beneficial.


    Please be on the lookout for season 2 of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings. We worked hard to come up with material that will help our new and current Brother and Sister in faith. The first show will be Thursday, and will be live on Blog Talk Radio, podcasts on ITunes, and can be found on Youtube later that day. Also don’t forget we will now have our blog linked to each show, so you can go to the blog and find bonus info about the show that we were unable to cover during the show.


    Check out the current material at: haqqdawah.blogspot.com


    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    The Haqq Dawah Group