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    Dialysis Patient and Author Fayton Hollington Discusses His Book and Experiences

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    Fayton Hollington is an award winning Published Poet with three completed novels, a number of screenplays, and two sitcom pilots. His book Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths) http://amazon.com/Fayton-Hollington/e/B00M4BIV5Y covers his ordeals starting with Lupus at the age of 12 on through kidney failure and dialysis.

    From the Author: "Thrust into the world of dialysis as an adult, it is from my chair, the unspoken truths are bared. The raw emotion of bewilderment generated by this necessity, between loved ones and friends is unnerving. The plights we as patients endure, while fettered to this reality, becomes poignantly thought provoking. It is tantamount to the ambush of a tsunami, with regard to our daily uncertainties. The untold truths surfacing, during this vital and daunting treatment is up-close. Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths), is beyond compare, certain to strike a chord in anyone who draws breath."

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    Dialysis Technician and Author Cassia Hill on Better Patient Care

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    Cassia started as a dialysis assistant in 2007 and in 2008
    was promoted to a dialysis technician. Cassia's number one priority is
    making sure that each patient that she has in her care is really handled
    professionally in every way and the result is her patients appreciate her
    so much. She has created a book called Expert Tips on Becoming A Dialysis
    Technician. It is designed to give all those interested in becoming a
    dialysis technician tips on how to be a real professional in a dialysis
    environment, this book is also good for technicians that desire to brush up
    on their skills. Her book explores ways to handle a patient in the best way
    possible, do's and don'ts, how to listen to the patient and so much more.
    Cassia knows this book will give great insight to dialysis patients and
    will inspire new or experienced dialysis technicians to be the best
    professional ever.

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    Dialysis Talk with Dearly Departed Dialysis Patients Families on Care Problems

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    A frank discussion with family members of departed Dialysis Patients about the level of care provided to their loved one. Additionally the feeling of a lack of basic information on the care of the family member and how they felt out of the loop during the Dialysis process and care for their loved one will be covered.

    The current problem with overworked and under trained technician’s which has led to patient injury and in some cases patient deaths needs to be addressed and changes legislated.

    There are too many cases of patients being terminated from care for unjust causes; then blackballed from care by other clinics within the same company.

    Listen on line at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates/2014/09/05/dialysis-talk

    To listen by phone or participate call (347) 857-3961

    Thursday evening September 4, 2014

    9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific

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    The global search for talent - Options & Challenges

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    The global search for talent – current options and challenges of candidates available. 

     Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia with co-host Wendy Oliveras with special guests Davita N Carpenter.

    Ms. Carpenter is a seasoned HR executive (20+ yrs.) with global experience managing the function of full life-cycle recruiting to include selecting talent management systems and social media marketing in such industries as federal contracting, healthcare, education, banking and IT. Her most recent recruiting experience in the IT consulting industry included recruiting (global) ex-pats and having to administer language testing to ensure candidates were able to manage in the U.S. market. Additionally, she was responsible for all of the immigration processing and relocation assistance to include housing, vehicle leasing, and language tutoring. 

    Contact Information:

    Davita N Carpenter: DavitaNicole.Author@gmail.com / 301-848-0305 (EST)

    YPI Consultants, LLC: info@ypiconsultants.com / 631-320-0217 / www.ypiconsultants.com

    If you want to be a guest on the show clieck here

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    Dialysis Talk with Harvey Mysel Founder of Living Kidney Donors Network (LKDN)

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    Harvey Mysel established LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. His purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation.

    www.LKDN.org LKDN is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 org. that offers workshops and get-togethers to help individuals become successful at finding living donors.

    His mission is to educate people in need of a kidney transplant about living donation and to prepare them to effectively communicate their need to family members and friends.

    He is a two-time kidney transplant recipient. After proactively managing an inherited kidney condition, PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease for over 20 years he had his first transplant in February 2007, he was fortunate that his wife, Amy was a compatible donor. Due to a rare virus he lost the use of his first transplant. He had a second transplant in August 2012 which was a 3-way kidney paired exchange

    To listen to the show on line go to blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates

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    Dialysis Talk with muscian and social activist Chili Most

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    An evening with Chili Most musician and social activist while he talks about he and his brother Z Most, history of making music, and their activism to stop violence in communities and brig about better relationship between all individual through their music.

    To learn more about the most brothers. http://www.chilimostmusic.com

    Thursday August 21 at 9 Eastern, 8 Central and 6 Pacific

    Listen to the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates/2014/08/22/dialysis-talk

    To listen or participate call 347) 857-3961

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    Dialysis Talk with Ruben Treviso Veterans Activist, TV Host

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    Ruben Treviso has been an energetic fighter for veterans ever since he came back from Vietnam in 1971. He's been involved in numerous projects in Greater L.A. to honor vets in recent years.

    Ruben is a TV host on El Monte TV3 dealing with Veteran's concerns. He recently interviewed Arlene and Bill Tinker founders of Dialysis Advocates along with Reverend Robert Hoyt one of the many Dialysis Patient's they have helped.

    Reverened Hoyt, a Veteran, had been wrongly terminated from Dialysis care. He along with Arlene and Bill told viewers of the many abuses taking place in some clinics.

    Treviso has become involved with the problems in Dialysis Care and is bringing this to the attention of the many contacts he has in Government.

    Thursday August 14

    Listen on the internnet at. blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates

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    9;00 Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 Pacific



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    Gordon Skinner joins us to discuss his films and documentaries on social justice

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    Director Gordon T. Skinner 

     His documentary films include: Cornelia Street Café: The Whole World Passes Through; The Kuna Indians: A Culture in crisis; Sitting in the Fire: Profiles of the Peacemakers, Sam Pollard & Albert Maysles, exec. producers; Strategic Omissions: The Truth Behind The Health Effects After 9/11, Albert Maysles, exec. producer; Lost Innocents: Child Soldiers At War, His work was profiled in an award-winning documentary for NHK on John Lennon’s music Imagine:

    Director Skinner, will be joined on air by two patients featured in his upcoming documentary "Dialysis Diaries".

    Bill Brazell:
    Bill inherited polycystic kidney disease from his father, and has a 50-percent chance of passing this genetic fate to one of his daughters. His situation inspired him to become a spokesperson for PKD awareness, going so far as to dress up as “Kenny the Kidney” at the Walk for PKD each spring. 

    Jimmie Briggs:
    A year after he was declared ‘GQ Man of the Year’ for his work against gender violence, Jimmie suffered a heart attack and renal failure. Only in his early 40s, this sad twist of fate has forced him to live with constant uncertainty. We follow Jimmie as he struggles through painful dialysis treatments, searches desperately for an organ donor, and fights to get his transplant covered by Medicare. 

    Thursday August 7,  9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific

    Listen to the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates

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  • Dialysis Talk

    in Health

    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.

    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.

    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC

    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.

    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

  • Dialysis Talk

    in Health

    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.

    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.

    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC

    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.

    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

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    Dialysis Talk "Social Worker, Author and Dialysis Advocate Lisa Baxter"

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    This week’s guest is Lisa Baxter, a Dialysis patient, founder & CEO of Blessed Kidney Connections; a graduate of Empire State College with an associates degree in Human Services. She has 20 years of social services experience in diverse Human Services industries. Additionally, she has been a Community Social Work Advocate for over 20 years. In the past 5 years she became an advocate for kidney awareness and disease prevention which sparked her interest in initiating the Blessed Kidneys Connection Services. 

    She is the author of two books, “Through the Eyes of a Dialysis Patient" which depicts her personal experience with dialysis and "Melsey Brings Dialysis to Show and Tell" specifically for children.

    Ms. Baxter was selected for and has done kidneys Public Service Commercials.

    Join Dialysis Talk for an informative talk with Ms. Baxter on her insight to dialysis treatment from the Eyes of a Dialysis Patient and how she helps others through her own experience and Blessed Kidney Connections.

    Listen to the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates

    To call in to the show dial 347-859-3961


    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.

    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.

    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC

    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

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