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    David Newman: How to Crush Your Competition

    in Marketing

    Guest: David Newman, Marketing Expert and Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller: Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition

    Every executive and entrepreneur is up against competition – whether in your career, your business, or your value to your organization.

    Yet the world has changed so dramatically that everything most people know about competing successfully is either broken, backwards, or hopelessly out of date.

    Marketing Expert David Newman shares rapid-fire, instant-action no-BS ideas to get you unstuck in this age of overwhelming competition to help you grow your business or career.

    David works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought-leaders and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects and BIGGER sales.

    For more information on David, visit his website at http://www.doitmarketing.com 

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    David Newman, Do It! Marketing

    in Business

    David Newman, Do It Marketing, is a marketing expert who works with corporations, entrepreneurs and groups who want to use speaking and thought leadership strategies to sell more products and services. David is also the author of the upcoming book, Do It! Marketing: 77 Ways to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition. There are a ton of free resources on David's website, Do It Marketing, and that's also where you can go to download his free 96-page strategic marketing ebook.

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    Midwest BHAKTI FEST: David Newman, Mike Cohen and Sean Johnson

    in Spirituality

    Join Cynde Meyer as she interviews David Newman, Mike Cohen and Sean Johnson about the upcoming June 26-28 Bhakti Fest Midwest David Newman is a renowned sacred chant master, recording artist, singer/songwriter, best-selling author, and inspirational teacher. David, also known as Durga Das, travels extensively sharing his music, and teachings on the path of love as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. He has released numerous CDs, and is the author of The Timebound Traveler. . www.davidnewmanmusic.com

    Michael H. Cohen is a beloved Kirtan leader, teacher and leadership coach who guides Kirtan participants into unparalleled heights of energy, joy and aliveness through high-powered Kirtan events. His CD's Om Dattatreya (2009) and Soul Contact (2012) blend Eastern mantra and Western grooves in an intoxicating manner that Yoga Chicago Magazine described as "inspiring, addictive and highly-chantable".  www.MikeCohenKirtan.com

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    Were talking Chondros and Photos with David Newman

    in Pets

    In this episode of Morelia Python Radio we are joined by David Newman of Moreliaddiction. 


    We will be discussing a variety of chondro topics. Everything from keeping to breeding and the current state of the chondro market. Also, photos and chondros seem to go hand in hand and David takes some amazing pictures and we will be discussing his appraoch and he will give us some tips on how he gets those awesome shots!

    Buddy Buscemi will also be stopping by to fill us in on the next epsidoe of GTP Keeper radio and we will have a cool announcement of a project that Nick Mutton is doing and he needs your help!

    This epsidoe is jam packed full of everything Morelia so don't miss it!

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    Love Is Awake with David Newman (Durga Das) and Edie Weinstein

    in Self Help

    : David Newman, world renowned kirtan artist, yogi and author joins Edie Weinstein to discuss the message of hope, inner strength, and peaceful resolve. The music reflects David’s artful craft as a singer-songwriter and his mastery at conveying the power of ancient healing mantras, Having been a seeker for many years, David has come to understand that the sweet spot is not in finding something, but rather in the absence of looking – and simply living in the acknowledgment that what is being sought is always here and available to everyone in every moment!

    David Newman is a renowned sacred chant master, recording artist, singer/songwriter, best-selling author, and inspirational teacher.  David, also known as Durga Das, travels extensively sharing his music, and teachings on the path of love as a vehicle for spiritual awakening.

    Edie Weinstein, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, inspiring transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, BLISS Coach and the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. She calls herself an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility. www.opti-mystical.com

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    David Newman: Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales And Profits

    in Business

    Howard Lewinter welcomes David Newman, author of the book, Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant- Action Ideas To Boost Sales, Maximize Profits And Crush Your Competition.
    David Newman is a marketing expert and founder of Do It! Marketing, a marketing strategy firm dedicated to making thought-leading entrepreneurs more successful.

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    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy - Prof.of Pork David Newman + MC5 Elise Mayfield

    in Entertainment

    In this episode Big and Beefy will be Chewing The Fat with North Dakota University Professor of Pork David Newman. Newman also owns Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork.

    Also on the show will be Master Chef Contestant Elise Mayfield. Elise Mayfield specializes in southern comfort foods and baking. Cooking is her connection back to her home and her family.

    Food News, Food Fight, Top 5 List and The Curvacious Cook gives us a recipe.

    Call In Live 347-215-7771

    @CTFBBPodcast on Twitter

    Beats and Eats Two

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    Interview with David Newman

    in Spirituality

    Enjoy a wonderful interview with Chant Artist David Newman. His music is peaceful, moving and inspiring. David's latest album is To Be Home, with his lovely wife Mira. You can visit his website at www.davidnewmanmusic.com.

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    "SUMMER LOVE" on Cocktail Conversations with David Glover on KLJN 107.7

    in Radio


    Host: David Glover, The Controversial Counselor

    Produced by: LadyJaz

    Title: SUMMER LOVE

    Call (347) 237-5342 and press "1" to join in on the discussion LIVE on the air.

    Music: Terry Tate: BABIES HAVING BABIES

    Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff: SUMMER TIME

    Email:  KLJN107.7@gmail.com

    Visit our website KLJN 107.7

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    The Catholic Geek: Rory Modena and David Chalmers

    in Culture

    Declan Finn (Honor At Stake, The Pius Trilogy) has the wonderful RK "Shadowdancer" Modena and her cohort David Chalmers. We'll cover art (which Declan knows nothing about), censorship in gaming and game chat, as well as their upcoming collaboration on a new book.

    David Chalmers is a free software user, technician and gamer.  RK Modena is an artist whose work is on sale (and quite beautiful).

    There will be Puppies, there will be video games, and there will be a specially brought in screener (in the form of Matthew Bowman)

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    David Newman is back for round 2- Chondros and Photos

    in Pets

    Last weeks show was cut short because of a technical problem but fear not Daivd will be back in this episode to talk more about his chondros and how he takes such great photos.