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    GODTalk: Fallout-When a Church Takes a Stand w/ Pastor David Miller

    in Christianity

    As states are coming under pressure regarding protecting religious freedom, the State isn't the only thing churches are having to battle today. Their own denominations may be the first institution they have to stand up to when going against the cultural grain, as regards family values. California Pastor David Miller and his congregation faced extreme difficulty, persecution and loss when they chose to stand for the biblical definition of marriage. Powerful story. Then, with the release of the movie based on Bill O'Reilly's book, "Killing Jesus," how can we know what is a true depiction of Christ? Two pastors give their take on Hollywood and Jesus. Very interesting discussion!

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    David Miller: The State of Black America's Youth

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    Educator Extraordinaire/Author/Social Entrepreneur David Miller gives his take on the status of Black America with youth as the focus. He continues to work with youth and families around the US and abroad, and is particularly mindful of the two recent murders in the past 7 days of black youth in his hometown, Baltimore. He is also troubled by the rash of murders in Chicago. Miller, in this candid interview, highlights solution-oriented people working in communities and doing the necessary work to turn Black America - and America, overall, into a better place. FMI, visit www.DareToBeKing.net 

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    Author David Miller in Tulsa: Revisiting Black Wall Street

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    David Miller of www.daretobeking.net reports his observations live from Tulsa, Oklahoma - home of the Black Wall Street that was bombed and burned to the ground in 1921 in what became the first instance of the USA bombing its own citizens. David reminds us of the accomplishments there, in spite of racial hatred; over 600 businesses were there before the race riots and massacres in 1921. David is optimisitic still regarding his primary target market, black youth. Excited to put books in their hands, David continues to spreak his education ministry.

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    The DashBoard Outlaw show

    in Current Events

    Martin David Miller is sitting in for Earl Conlon Join Martin for exclusive details on his Road Trip for Patriots of the 9-11 2 million bikers, Truckers Vet's and patriots to Dc

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    Revere'sRiders W/Patriot Veteran, David Miller Premiers Wed. Night 7-9ED

    in Radio

    Wed July 9th, 2014 Premiere of Revere's Riders on World Wide Resistance Radio from 7pm EDT-9pm EDT.

    God Bless America! We are about to embark on a journey of faith, patriotism, and a mission to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about the state of our Republic Nation! I've been active as a State Administrator for the Patriot Freedom Network, Worked with the MI III percenters, and now I've decided to branch off on my own.  My name is M. David Miller The Patriot Veteran, and I am your host on Revere's Riders, the founder of the movement to ensure no call to action will ever go unheard, and that no cry for help will ever go unanswered. I am the man calling all the militia, and patriot groups to work together even though some of them don't understand that, and think I'm looking for a position UNDER them.... NOT THE CASE! I am taking the lead across this Nation, and looking to UNITE everyone! I am looking to discuss ALL the issues at hand, find speakers with accurate information to help update/ educate the masses,& organize our efforts! I don't care what your color, religion, creed, or political background is. If you have good information, If you are part of a Grass roots movement, Leader of Militia or Patriot group I want to hear your voice! Everyday average joe, this is the place for you to be heard as well! If you're looking for a group in your area to work with by all means contact me, and I will do my best to hook you up with the appropriate people. We'll discuss everything from our Southern borders, our rights, to EVERY CALL to Action including my own, because yes Ladies and Gentlemen I am organizing a NATIONWIDE CALL to ACTION!!! Which involves EVERY Patriot group, and EVERY Militia across thid Republic Nation! So tune in, and we will see what Our  voices can do when they are raised together!

    Facebook at https;//m.facebook.com/ReveresRiders Tune in every Wed, and Sunday from 7pm EDT-9pm EDT

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    The Catholic Geek: Rory Modena and David Chalmers

    in Culture

    Declan Finn (Honor At Stake, The Pius Trilogy) has the wonderful RK "Shadowdancer" Modena and her cohort David Chalmers. We'll cover art (which Declan knows nothing about), censorship in gaming and game chat, as well as their upcoming collaboration on a new book.

    David Chalmers is a free software user, technician and gamer.  RK Modena is an artist whose work is on sale (and quite beautiful).

    There will be Puppies, there will be video games, and there will be a specially brought in screener (in the form of Matthew Bowman)

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    David Miller

    in Self Help

    With each generation that comes along, people worry that they will not be able to move society and humanity forward, however with David Miller in charge, no need to worry or concern yourself. David Miller is Co-Founder of the Urban Leadership Institute and his mission is to improve the quality of life of children in the U.S. and abroad. Daivd is author of the highly acclaimed book, Raising Him Alone and he is a nationally recognied speaker and program developer for youth of color. Tune in to discover more about David Miller, Urban Leadership Institute and Raising Him Alone. Tune in and listen live at (646) 595-4797 and or join us in the web chat room http://wwww.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann

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    With details about grim and grisly fatalities, this history of California's arcane deaths encompasses the murders and accidents that at one time shocked the West Coast. The stories of hangings, gun accidents, suicides, crashes, and overdoses of both the famous and obscure offer a bizarre, if sometimes perverse, glimpse into the Golden State's strange past. Including frightening murder tales like the rape,torture and child murder in The Ape Boy; a doctor slaughters his family in Death in Davis House; the unsolved savage murder of an entire family in The Keddie Murders and a young  female psychopath in Penny For Her Thoughts. DEATH IN CALIFORNIA-The Bizarre, Freakish and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State-David Kulczyk

  • CO Golf Show

    in Sports

    This show features, David Ogrin, multiple winner on the PGA Tour and one of America's great golf instructors.

    The show is hosted by Gregory Crawford, publisher of www.gregorycrawfordsports.wordpress.com

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    Talking Paintball With David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    Decay of Nations. Decay of what? Yup, Decay of Nations. This is SoCal's largest yearly event. How large? Sometimes over 1500 players. On this Thursdays show, we will be talking all about this amazing event with some of the organizers and players. Do you have questions, ideas or concerns about Decay? Then this is the show for you. Help us to make this one of the best Decay's ever. Call in and join the conversation.

    The number for the show is 646 787-8384 or you can use Skype and the call is free. If you are going to use Skype it's audio not video and can only be used from a computer not a phone or tablet.



  • Wynn Free: Researcher and Contactee of Inter-Dimensional Intelligence

    in Religion

    Wynn Free is a researcher and contactee of inter-dimensional intelligence that he believes has played a huge role in the evolution of mankind in both individual and collective ways. His first exposure to the idea of inter-dimensional intelligence occurred in his days as an agnostic physics major at UC-Berkeley where he discovered the work of Edgar Cayce and extensively studied the Cayce material.

    Some 30 years later, in 1999, he discovered the website of David Wilcock, and after a year of study of Wilcock’s story and channelings, he became convinced that Wilcock was the reincarnation of Cayce. He became the principal author, with Wilcock, of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. After the book was released in 2004, Wilcock decided to change his public expression from that as a channeler to a researcher of ancient cultures, conspiracies, and ETs.

    But the "Sources" had already developed a contingency plan to ensure their message would get out. In 2002, they initiated ongoing communications with Wynn. He found himself in the middle of a game-changing experience when his new girlfriend started channeling an intelligence that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, supposedly, the Creators of the physical universe. After a few years of intensive dialogues, and some miracles of healing, Wynn became predisposed to believe they were who they said they were and set himself the challenge of figuring out how to translate his experiences into something that could make a contribution to others. He has lectured at churches and expos. He's been a guest on numerous radio shows,and holds 3 free conference calls/internet broadcasts a week with actual communications with the Elohim to which everyone is invited. Listeners can submit questions which he poses live on the call. Participants report experiencing spiritual epiphanies, miracles, and personal transformations.