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    The Unknown Zone: Psychic Medium Gary McKinstry

    in Paranormal


    Internationally known psychic medium and tarot reader, Gary McKinstry joins hosts Judy Sellins and Dave Turco for an hour of the unusual on THE UNKNOWN ZONE.  Gary will be giving free readings over the air and as is his trade mark, they will be grounded, practical, and wise. In between readings, Gary, Judy, and Dave will discuss the latest happenings in the paranormal field including the latest energies affecting the planet, the Pope's visit and the inside scoop on the world's geo-policital scene and more!

    Gary has a private practice out of Central Massachusetts as wee as being a radio and television personality. 

    Reach him at 508 943-9058


    Show call in number: 347 637-2956



    in Politics

    This Can't Be Happening

    See: http://thiscantbehappening.net/

    (TCBH) is a five time Project Censored award-winning online news writer collective.

    From their web site: "Our goal is to give you the stories you aren’t getting from the corporate media, or to give you the stories you are getting from them, but from a different, and more honest, perspective."

    1st Hour - a pre-recorded segment of TCBH radio from the Progressive Radio Network (PRN.fm) hosted by Dave Lindorff which airs every Wednesday 5pm (Eastern)

    2nd Hour - RFK goes live with TCBH contributor John Grant. John Grant is a writer/photographer/filmmaker living just outside Philadelphia’s city limits. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and has published both fiction and non-fiction. Starting in the 1980s, he traveled to Central America and other places as a documentary photographer for publication and for exhibits of his own large prints. He shot and edited an 80-minute documentary film called "Second Time Around" about a seriously wounded Vietnam veteran who chose to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 35 years after his first tour there. John has been to Iraq twice during the war, once as an observer critical of the war and once as a cameraman on a documentary film.


  • Getting Hot In The Kitchen - Episode #1 - In Loving Memory

    in Food

    Please join us, Dr. Dave and Venus Quintana, as we pay a loving tribute to Eva Reeves.

    This episode is dedicated to Eva Reeves, Venus' Mother, who recently passed. We will be featuring a discussion of Eastern European culinary influences and some of Venus' childhood favorite foods, Eva's popular holiday recipes and so much more.

    Please join us to discuss some of your family's little gems and family favorites.

    Dr. Dave and Venus

  • Oct. 5, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Our Past, Present & Future with Author Jonathan Gray

    in Paranormal

    Where do we come from? How did we get here? Did we evolve or were we 'created'? What's happening now? What's coming for our future? Is there a future ahead? Scary questions indeed but ones asked by numerous people on a daily basis, because the biggest mystery to mankind is, what is our purpose? Was it a Biblical history? Or was it exactly how Charles Darwin put it, and we descend from monkeys?

    Jonathan Gray has travelled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. A serious student of origins and pre-history, he has investigated numerous
    archaeological sites, and has also penetrated some largely un-explored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. Between lecturing worldwide
    on archaeology, prehistory and the unexplained, the author is a regular guest on international radio shows.

    He has hosted newspaper columns, contributed to various magazines, and authored and produced more than 100 books and DVDs.

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    My flag has returned home to music

    in Podcasting

    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records

    My flag has returned home to music

    Phylis Brown, and Country Boys ‎– Beautiful Brown Eyes

    Old Soldiers Never Die

    Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour & His Orchestra‎– He's Just My Kind

    It's a Good Day

    Johnny Mercer with Paul Weston & His Orchestra ‎– G. I. Jive

    (I'm Going to Sit Right Down &) Write Myself a Letter

    Podcast link  

     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Phylis Brown, and Country Boys ‎– Beautiful Brown Eyes / Old Soldiers Never Die

    Label: Folk Music, Inc. ‎– 118 114-EV 106A

    Genre: Folk, World, & Country

    "Not for Commercial Use" on label, though apparently not a promo

    A: Beautiful Brown Eyes

    B: Old Soldiers Never Die 118 169EV

    Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour & His Orchestra‎– He's Just My Kind / It's a Good Day

    Label: Capitol Records ‎– 322 

    Released: 1946

    Vocals w Orchestra

    A: He's Just My Kind

    Composer Huddleston, McIntyre

    B: It's a Good Day

    Composer Barbour, Lee

    Johnny Mercer with Paul Weston & His Orchestra ‎– G. I. Jive

    Label: Capitol Records ‎– 141

    Released: 1944

    Recorded October 15, 1943

    Style: Vocal

    A: G. I. Jive

    Composer Johnny Mercer

    B: (I'm Going to Sit Right Down &) Write Myself a Letter

    Composer Fred Ahlert 

  • DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester Speaks with Dave Emanuel

    in Politics

    Interested in knowing what's going on next door (in DeKalb County)? Join us Sunday evening at 6:30 when DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester is our guest on "All About Gwinnett".

    Prior to being elected to the County Commission, Nancy served on the DeKalb Board of Education and became the first person to expose the deceptive budgeting practices that wiped out the reserves of the 3rd largest school system in Georgia.This will be an eye-opening discussion.


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    TKRS Raw Pre-Game #28 2015

    in Entertainment

    The Master of Chaos Kevin Knight joins the show to talk IWF wrestling and their upcoming event Shake Rattle and Rumble featuring Bushwacker Luke and The Honky Tonk Man. The ratings continue to slip for the WWE is this cause for concern? Matt Hardy is the new TNA champion!!! The beast invaded New York turning the big apple into suplex city. We discuss. Plus the Dave 5 news opinion speculation and YOU. call us 347 838 9815

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    #245 Guest Healer Dagmar Oktabcova Discussing Her Book "Meeting My Twin Flame"

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, October 5th at 8PM MDT with guest Dagmar Oktabcova.  Born in the Czech Republic, Prague, Dagmar escaped her home country with her parents and her brother in 1969, one year after the communist invasion. Traveling different parts of the world, her journey eventually brought her to Colorado, where in 2005 she met her twin flame. The experience of meeting her Twin Flame was so profound, she wrote a book about it "Meeting My TwinFlame".

    Dagmar is a powerful clairvoyant spiritual healer, teacher, author and speaker. She has 10+ years healing experience and has helped hundreds of people improve their lives through spiritual healing. Dagmar’s premise is that we create our reality from within and thus we can change it from within. Her insights into the spiritual world are one of a kind. Her divine inspiration is to teach and help people find themselves again.

    Dagmar has a vast understanding of soul mates, twin flames, past lives, the spiritual world and it’s reflection in the physical. She particularly has an in-depth understanding of the role our unresolved past plays in our present time and the healing process.

    Her website is www.thespiritualhealer.info.  Email dagmar@thespiritualhealer.info .  www.facebook.com/thespiritualhealer

    Thanks for listening!

    Dave the Mystic

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    The Literary Corner presents Musical Madness Monday

    in Entertainment

    Musical Madness Monday is an exciting music show that breaks through genres and categories to consistently play great music for you. This show crosses all boundaries to bring you music from artists ranging from the Isleys to U2, Anita Baker to Led Zeppelin, Luther Vandross to the Dave Matthews Band, Sade to Jay-Z, Tamar Braxton to Bruno Mars, Sting to Jimi Hendrix, Tracy Chapman to James Brown, Tom Petty to The Temptations, and everything good in between. Musical Madness Monday is hosted by dynamic radio duo Charles "Tensiongentry" Gentry and Mariea Mariea. Join us Monday night for the show that features no genres, no categories, just great music and brilliant conversation. The discussion question for Monday's show is "If you could be one artists for one night only in concert who would you be?" Listen to the show right on your phone or through your computer. Call 347-884-8924 or click on the link. Musical Madness Monday is brought to you by The Literary Corner BTR and executive producer Laura Poindexter.

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    NFLExporter NFL Fantasy Football Week 4 Review

    in Football

    Extra Points is a weekly NFL Fantasy Football show hosted by Lance Goodman presented by NFLExporter.com. The show airs via a live broadcast from Dave & Buster's in Los Angeles, California every Monday & Thursday at 7:00 pm EST. Every Thursday NFLExporter starts your NFL Football week off with a game by game preview including in depth analysis, breakdowns and advice for fantasy football owners leading into the Thursday Night Football game. We return every Monday to breakdown and review the entire week of Fantasy Football and get NFL Fans and Fantasy owners ready for the big Monday Night Football Game. The show also features special guests, takes questions from the live audience, live callers and on social media through Facebook and Twitter. For more information, please visit www.NFLExporter.com or call 716-404-9883.

  • S07/E10: "Enraged & Confused-SOLUTIONS To Ending Gun Violence In America"

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome everyone! We are humbled by your presence and thank you for joining us tonight.

     The latest school shooting in Oregon is the 45th since the start of 2015. It seems like America has not learned from the tragedy of Sandy Hook and other tragic school shootings. Does anyone on Capitol Hill really care about stopping this problem of gun violence in America?


    How do all the Presidential candidates feel about the latest school shooting? The National Rifle Association calls the shots as powerful lobbyists on Capitol Hill. In true American form..."Money Talks And Bullshit Walks!" It is a sad state of affairs but, WE CAN & WILL DO BETTER!

    Tell us what you think friends? We love hearing from you as together we try to find solutions to the scurge of gun violence in America. Our number is (619)789-1959. Press 1 to say your piece on air about this and any other topic you wish to discuss. Remember to say your first name and where you are calling from?

    Don't forget to press the LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW & REMIND buttons to follow our humble little internet radio show. Thanks for spreading our show across social media and through word of mouth. We are forever grateful for your patronage. Feel free to leave you comment(s) & question(s) at www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123. We will get back to you as soon as possible

    MOTTO: "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"