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    AKANFO NANASOM: AKRADINBOSOM Pt. 6 - Awuku (Set) - Divine Messenger &Trickster

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    In this episode of AKANFO NANASOM - Ancient Authentic Akan Ancestral Religion, we continue our series on the AKRADINBOSOM - the Abosom (Deities) who govern the solar, lunar and planetary bodies which govern the 7-day Akan week and also the Okra/Okraa (Soul) of the Akan individual.

    We examine the Male Obosom of Awukuda (wednesday) and the okyin nsoromma/planet Awuku ('mercury'): Awuku is called Set (Sut) in Khanit and Kamit. He is the Divine Messenger of Ra (Creator) and also the 'Trickster'. Awuku (Aku) is also called Kweku Ananse in Akan, Eshu in Yoruba and Legba in Fon and Ewe.

    We examine our publications: 

    Awuku - Obosom of Awkuku and Awukuda ('mercury' and 'wednesday')



    KOKOBO -  Warning

    Set and Anat - The Datings of the Contendings of Heru and Set - dissexuality/homosexuality was Never Accepted in Kamit



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America


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    Online Dating Advice - Finding Your Soulmate

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    EOTM Radio's Online Datings 'Love Expert' and author of "What I Learned from Dating 51 Men Online," shows you how to find your soulmate by way of internet dating.

    Be sure to participate in live chats with hundreds of EOTM listeners just like you...looking to make love happen in their lives.

    EntrepreneursMatch.com -- Online Dating Site for Sexy Entrepreneurs.

    In this new series of shows Carla B., shares insightful answers to your online dating questions. Check out a few submitted questions below & listen live for the answers!

    1. What is a good strategy to determine if someone is the right person? Is there a list of “must have” and “can’t stand” questions, experiences & beliefs?

    2. What are men really looking for?

    3. What advice do you have for singles over 45 who are anxious for another chance at love?

    4. I really want to speed up the process of finding my soulmate, so lately I’ve been dating more than one person at a time. How do you suggest handling this without upsetting one of the women that I’m dating?

    5.  How do you know when you are totally ready for a new relationship?

    6. What are the tell-tale signs that someone is genuinely interested in you?

    7. What are your suggestions for writing a good headline that’ll attract my soul mate?

    8. What are some danger signs that someone’s not being authentic?

    9. Why do women want the “bad boy” versus a sensitive guy?

    10. I met someone who is just getting over a relationship. He hints that he might want to be just friends. How should I proceed?

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    Online Dating

    in Relationships

    On this episode TB will discuss the trend of online datings and listeners will weigh in on their thoughts and experiences with online dating. This is a show you don't want to miss! Talkin' with T.B. Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.

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    "Messy Black Women" by Author Willie Speight

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    Join us as we get into the mind of not only Author but also Director & National Best Selling Author Willie Speight speaks on his book, experiences and the many problems the African American relationships face. He speaks on empowerment of women in his book and importance of a healthy relationship !! Don't you miss it!  To advertise on this or any of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    Dating v. Relationship? Last Show Until Jan. 2013!!!

    in Culture

    Relationship Wednesdays
    Dating v. Relationship?
    Are you relationship ready? Children Introductions Tribute to Breast Cancer Month
    Other Relationship Questions

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    Interrracial Dating

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    Tune in August 2ND @ Noon(central). When our Topic will be Interracial Dating. Special Guest Gus of The C.O.W.S here on blogtalkradio. Do you agree with Interracial Dating? Have you ever dated outside your race? Do you feel People should date and Marry inside there own Race? If so hit us up and tell us your thoughts and opinion on Interracial Datings! Trust it will be Hot Discussion.al

  • The Modern Gentleman - Episode 2

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    Join Ashley for Decoded Datings new LIVE radio show, The Modern Gentelman, every Thursday at 2 PM.

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    Food Chain 2

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    Food Chain 2

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    power of love

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    positive lubb, love,romance,relationships,datings, in a positive view