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    Welcome to this week's edition of the O.G.T. Jarvis Database part of the Tru Radio Network.  Every gamer from time to time craves play those one two classic titles on their new console.  With promises of new HD graphics and possibly new added features but what gets lost in translation and do those games still bring the twinkle in your eye back when your first played them?   In this evening's episode our main theme is one the Pros and Cons of backwards compatability with a special review of Gears of War Ultimate Edition.  

    Also the following subject articles will be featured:  Cloud storage has become the standard for computing and for those who are not that computer savvy, that's where Cloud security as the next headache.  Lady Gaga comes to the latest installement of American Horror Story, what style will the unusally different performer bring to this mind game of spirits and ecstasy.  The war on industry rages on as Hacker explains the use of 3d printed shoes as a spy's weapon.  Windows 10 is already on 75 million computers seems like excellent numbers considering it just came out. The 6s is on its way and we got all you need to know about it.  Also PS4 issues with Until Dawn all of this and much more on the evening episode of the Jarvis Database from Tru Radio Network. Turn On, Tune in and Turn up

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    O.G.T. Jarvis Database: Fantastic Four Failure

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    Welcome back once agin Tru Believers to another session of the Tru Radio Network's O.G.T. Jarvis Database. This we are covering the new Fantastic Four movie backlash, it's embarrasing moments and what could this could mean for potiential Deadpool expectations.  Constantine joins Arrow what it buzz it's created thus far and it's expectations.  Capcom confirms Resident Evil 2 remake, it seems like only yesterday that they were asking the fans and now it's a reality.  Wishful summoning for Final Fantasy 15, creatures of the past unite.  Call of Duty: Black Ops brings back a 3 year old mode developer from Treyarch announced it officially on the website.  ESPN to Air special segment about gaming champions who just won $6.6 million.  Destiny's new expansion The Taken King will effect the Action FPSRPG. Japanese fan comics could die under new trade deal find out this and more tonight on the O.G.T. Jarvis Database part of the Tru Radio Network. Call in live at (347) 884-9299 or listen in www.blogtalkradio.com/truradio1. Turn on, Tune in and Turn UP! 

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    O.G.T. Presents: The Weekly Jarvis Database

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    This week comes another Whirbble Wind (Kiddy Grade {Anime}) swings through on a special Sunday edition of the Weekly Jarvis Database.  Brining you up to speed with all of the madness that keeps on rocking.  The controversial death of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron triggers some investigation  on where to go with Quicksilver's if he were to be ressurected.  It is a known fact that the character was mentioned by Marvel as to not having a return in the forseeable future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  However, since the MCU is ever changing into the unforseeable, we'll cover where Pietro's potential appearances could occur.  


    That was just a little taste of what's to come also the following:

    Anticipated Hype for Fallout 4 with a new trailer that didn't disappoint. 
    Microsoft awarded $300,000 to everyone that stayed with Mojang and Mindcraft after it's $2.5 Billion dollar purchase (where are these billions coming from).
    Bill Paxton speaks on his GTA film called "Game Changer".
    Mega Man is getting an animated serious... Sound familiar?
    Creator of Mega Man has the reinvisioned Mighty No. 9 slated for a September release.
    New Anime releases this week from Funamation: "Wanna be the Strongest in the World" and "Nobunagun"

    All of this plus surprise callers and listners, stop by throw in some Hadokens at (347) 884-9299 right here on The Jarvis Database brought to you by TRU RADIO NETWORK, Turn on, Tune In and Turn Up

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    O.G.T. Weekly Jarvis Database #SkyNet what if?

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     Welcome once again true gamers and fans to another episode of the O.G.T. Weekly JARVIS Database.  This week data is streaming to you live multiple fronts from Cinema, Video Games, new Manga release and just a dash of Comics.  This recipe is enough to make a salad bar soufflé of pop culture that will shock and rock you the listeners.  Now we return to our regularly scheduled time at 4pm. Our hot topics consist of the following:


    Wearables Designer Anouk Wipprecht: Invent with Abandon.This designer makes interactive smart dresses from emitting smoke to spider leg that react when others get near. Some are made through 3d printing technology this is the future were technology and creativity come together.


     Terminator is back with Genesys will feature a mobile interactive game in select theaters.


    #Skynet what if? Is the rise of the machines possible with Artificial intelligence being a very common term amongst the scientific community?


    Samuel L. Jackson stars in Big Game, in which he plays the President of the United States -- a first for the actor -- but not in the way you might expect...


    Star Trek begins filming in Canada with no J.J. Abrams but Justin Lin is at the helm. Plus both Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto) get big raises to sign on to Star Trek 4!


    Summer 2015 Anime/ Manga release dates from live chart


    All this in an organized flow of data coming at you from the Weekly Jarvis Database only on the Tru Radio Network Turn On, Tune In and Turn Up.



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    State Sovereignty: Tom Martz and The Prescription Drug Database

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    Once again, Missouri lawmakers have introduced legislation to join other states in forcing pharmacists to collect a huge database of presecription drug fills and refills. Is this a good idea? Will it help eliminate prescription drug abuse? Is the invasion of your privacy worth the tradeoff?

    Tonight; Dave and Mike Slack will talk with Tom Martz of Locke & Smith about this prefiled bill. Join us at 7PM Missouri time. Do you have an opinion? Call and participate on the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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    O.G.T. JARVIS Database E-3 Aftermath

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    Omniverse not Omnivores we are at quite the pivotal moment in the gaming world after E-3 2015. The tide has changed BIG business decisions have been made. Undeniable facts have came to light a war that has been waged amongst consoles at the dawn of the Next Gen's birth has faced a paradigm shift.  Robertron will be exclusively on at an early hour for a single hour to cover specifics on a few highlights of the E-3 the games after seeing them in all their glory. This week's line up: 


    Dark Souls 3


    Starwars Battle Front


    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


    Also in addition to this Robertron will be dropping ground breaking news at the beginning of the show!!! Turn on, Tune in and Turn up right here on The JARVIS DATABASE ONLY ON TRN Tru Radio Network.

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    St. Louis Cardinals accused of hacking the Houston Astros database

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss the hottest news in baseball.  The St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for apparently hacking into the Houston Astros database.  The database had information about trades, statistics, and scouting reports.  How big of a deal do you think this is? If they hacked into the Astro's database, did they try and hack into any other teams? Listen in and call the show with your thoughts.

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    FCC NewsBytes - 04/28 FCC Updates Text to 911 Database

    in News

    FCC NewsBytes - 04/28 FCC Updates Text to 911 Database

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    O.G.T. Presents: The Weekly Jarvis Database Anime Special

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    Now let's be honest here Japanese Anime has changed over the course of the 40+ years since it's introduction to North America.  We have seen a slew of the greatest to worst Anime that has surpassed American Animation many times over.  So much in fact that it has influenced American animation and movies with Japanese styles.  From Ultron talking about Metor originally mentioned as a spell in Final Fantasy 7 that spawned it's biggest fan base out of most Final Fantasy prequels and sequels.

    For the youth out there that are only familiar with anime such as Naruto to Attack on Titan, Robertron and Kkaos Reinz invite you to quite the educational lesson when it comes to anime.  Your dealing with over 30 years of experience when dealing with imported originals to the unedited mainstream such as Dragon Ball Z without commercials, Gohan from the android saga of the future missing an arm and still fighting.  All the way to the Rosetta Stone of Anime: Urotsukidoji back in 1986 something so horribly graphic and mindbending you will never see it in an American theater anywhere ever!!!  There will be a lot to cover on this subject in addition to wether Anime has been saturated in the American market? Did sites such as Crunchy Roll answer the prayers of easy access to imported anime?

    We know you may not agree and you may never shall but you will witness the power of the true linege Anime/Henti why because no punches will be pulled.  The truth about Anime will be revealed and this discussion began on last week's show this time we are going fully in with no mercy.

    The beginning segment will cover the following news this week:

    Jon Bernthal Cast as Frank Castle in the Netflix Original Series 'Marvel's Daredevil'
    E3 2015: Everything You Need to Know About Street Fighter 5
    E3 Begins With Oculus Briefing

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    O.G.T. Presents: The Weekly Jarvis Database

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    This week join hosts Robertron and Khaos Reinz as they get more in depth on their video game history and experience.  With E-3 right around the corner what are some of realistic expectations coming this year and what is the hype.  A quick mention of the remake of Poltergeist, history of Insidious, Con season is in full swing and much more also the phone lines will be open this week to callers so feel free to join us not "Jonas" just join us.

    Gaming Credentials
    E-3 Expecations and Hype
    Poltergeist Mention
    History of Insidious
    Con Season
    Mobile apps and wtheir impact on the gaming industry?

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    O.G.T. Presents: Weekly Jarvis Database

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    This week the O.G.T. Kicks rolls out a new format of subject matter, in addition the entertainment industry. The following will most definitely be discussed in an excellent manor:


    -The history of the movie theater from prices, FX,2D to 3D, is it worth every penny?


    -Killer Croc revealed for Suicide Squad how accurate does Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje look?


    -No more Mr. nice MCU fans, what was really going on beneath the surface of Avengers: Age of Ultron.


    -Mad Maxx: Fury Road Tom Hardy's imprint on this modern remake.


    -Jason Vorhees is out and recking havoc in MKX with Shinnok unlocks and more characters to come.


    -Starswars, Tron Legacy and Age of Ultron Characters join Disney Infinity what level of mayhem could this mean?


    All this and more brought to you by the O.G.T. only on Tru Radio Network! Turn on, Tune in and Turn up.