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    Avoiding Data Security Issues

    in Business

    The Internet has grown business at a rate before unknown.  But it has also created security threats and issues that can compromise the integrity of your business.  Listen in as Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse discuss how you can avoid data security issues and keep your business and personal information safe.

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    Data Security for Small Businesses and Franchises

    in Technology

    This week we'll discuss data security with John Martin and the team from First Watch Technologies!

    John will share best practices in keeping your brand and business safe from data breaches and other technology threats.  Join us Wednesday at 8pm ET! 



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    Randy Roberts talks Data Security on Thug Metrics: Hosted by Bryan Wempen

    in Technology

    Our conversations are real and can take twists and turns resulting in perspective about Big Data you will never get from those ladder climbing professionals playing it safe.  It's a weekly 30 minute show, completely uncensored on Big Data created by Bryan Wempen. No filters. Listen to the show every Tuesday, 9am/Central Time.

    Joining us will be Randy Roberts, President of Digital Security Advisors. DSA provides expertise to understand, design and implement controls needed to provide a secure network. With global enterprise experience our team can help your organization design or redesign your network so that it actively assist your team secure your assets. We discuss Sony, Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase data breaches. 

    Connect with Randy: www.linkedin.com/in/rsroberts

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    Data at Risk - Is there a weakness in self-encrypting hard drives?

    in Technology

    Self-encrypting hard drives (SEDs) have been dubbed the security industry’s best-kept secret, but is the data inside really secure?

    With its ability to accelerate the drive-redeployment process, SEDs have been rising in popularity. Tune into this podcast to hear Rick Robinson, IBM Security Product Manager of Data Security, examine the security behind self-encrypting hard drives and some new-found security vulnerabilities that have recently been disclosed with SEDs.

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    Web Data Extractors 2016

    in Internet

    This program will be featuring my white paper Web Data Extractors 2016. We will be highlighting the latest and greatest resources and sources for web data extraction covering search engines, subject directories, articles, guides and tracers....literally everything for WEB DATA EXTRACTORS!!!! We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V14N4 April 2016 featuring Guide To Privacy Resources 2016 and my freely available April 2016 Zillman Column highlighting Artificial Intelligence Resources 2016. You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, April 23, 2016 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!

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    The Week In Reviews - Security Project

    in Music

    The Security Project, featuring members of King Crimson, Shriekback and Peter Gabriel’s original band bring the genre-less masterpieces of Peter Gabriel into the 21st Century on their new live album “Live 1”. Seattle-based Trey Gunn and Michael Cozzi join esteemed drummer Jerry Marotta and NY keyboardist David Jameson to harness the core of these songs. Added to the pedigree of these players is the voice of Brian Cummins, whose interpretations add haunting authenticity to the immaculate arrangements.

    These live recordings are a first – no one has dared take on Peter Gabriel’s material at this level before!

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    Innovation Talks: Voices of IBM Security

    in Technology

    Today, IBM made a series of announcements, including the planned acquisition of Resilient Systems, Inc., that will aim to provide organizations with a proactive, comprehensive approach to respond to cyber breaches more quickly and effectively across consulting, services and products. With Resilient Systems, a leader in incident response, IBM will be in a position to provide the industry’s first integrated end-to-end Security Operations and Response Platform offering that spans the entire life cycle of an attack, from protection and detection to response.  Hear more in this podcast from the team behind the effort.

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    Grassfire Report - The Security Of America

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we have two national security experts on to talk about the military readiness of our nation and the Islamic threat.  Our guests are,

    Col. Jim Waraurishuk, USAF (Ret.) -- career Senior Intelligence and Joint Political-Military Affairs Officer w/ 30+ years of executive leadership, management experience; Command, staff, operational, and political-military affairs; White House National Security Council, JCS, USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, USSOUTHCOM, Air Staff, Interagency, NATO. Special Operations. Distinguished Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, Wash, DC

    Frank Wuco - Wuco is a retired Naval Intelligence officer with 23 years on active duty and more than 30 years of service to the the national security and intelligence communities. As an intelligence professional, Wuco has worked in virtually every area of military and intelligence operations over the past 30 years and dedicates all of his work to those who continue to dedicate themselves honorably to the security and protection of the United States Constitution and the people of the United States.

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    Advancing Your Security Career

    in Technology

    If you're a security professional in today's skills-starved market, you have many options for improving your prospects – whether it's increasing your salary by improving your credentials or finding a new position at another company. Dark Reading editors speak with IT security hiring experts about what enables security professionals to improve their future career prospects.

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    So... I ran out of data on my phone...

    in Self Help

    So... I ran out of data on my phone...


    Today @ 1130 am on the Healthy Mind & Body radio show... I'm going to be talking about what I've learned in the two weeks that I have been without any data.

    We have a new drug it's called a "smart phone" and here's why you should get off of it.

    I thought it would be a great idea to cut off my internet, since we don't really use it anymore.

    and then... I got the message that my phone was out of data!!!

    You know what that means. NO movies, no checking FaceBook every thirty seconds and actually having to interact with the people living in my house. It's been pretty wonderful, after the initial shock.

    What to know more?

    Listen to the show


    I'll talk to you then,


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    Episode 370 Uncounted Security Officer Injuries-Deaths

    in News

    Good morning everyone and Welcome!

    The Private Officer Beat radio show is live and in person broadcasting today from the beautiful State of North Carolina!

    We're sharing today's Breaking News and talking about the hot subject of misclassifying security workers to avoid regulations,

    insurance and licensing and how it is creating real problems with identifying security officer injuruies and deaths and workplace violence.

    What do you think? Is this a problem? Do you think that ti's wrong?

    Today we're also introducing a new service called Private Officer Prime! A premium service for business members and individual members who need

    extended services!

    A great show is on tap for you today!