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    If Darth Vader Had a Vanity Plate, What Would it Be?

    in Movies

    Creative consultant, Tom Edwards, is a serious Darth Vader fan and he came up with a great question. Tune in for Darth Vader vanity plates and more!

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    Mr Es SV "I'm Darth Vader, and your Daddy" P2

    in Paranormal

    Tonight E performs the dark side of the force throat pinch on the deserving of Sith wrath. Dougie Slap will co-host, with open lines for calls. Darth Vader will join us tonight to tell us about betrayal and how to F your friends. Should be the usual comedy, metaphysics, ufology, and butthurtness. Free ointment for the other guys..lol

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    Dinner Specials with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    He's been hailed as a major influence on the seventies punk scene. His guitar skills have been described as  "...both demonic and intellectual, almost how you would imagine Darth Vader to sound if he was in a band..."

    He's here to talk with May and Cynthia about his new album Re-Licked...join them...live...as they grill James Williamson of The Stooges...live...Monday noon eastern.

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    (03/14) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekend!

    in Video Games

    With a FULL WEEKEND on both Darth & Brooms Plates we had all but decided NOT to host MLA Radio this weekend. Aaaannnnnnd then BigD entered the conversation! So tune in and join us as we jump into yet another episode of MLA Radio's Darth & Broomy On Da Weekend! Below are some things we'll cover on the show tonight!

    Show Lineup:

    GGFL Super Bowl Look In : Live from the 2017 GGFL Super Bowl, Phreak (Det) vs Dirty7 (Den)

    Super Bowl Interview : We recap the GGFL Super Bowl and talk LIVE with the '17 GGFL Champ!

    MLA Music Spotlight : 2nd installment of our newest MLA Segment!

    MLA Quick Hits : MLA League Recaps Galore!

    MLA Taking Shots : BigD threw me the lob... and I'm swinging for the fences!

    MLA Raging W Wild Bill : We've got the BigD League Removal Live for ya! 

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    Next Fan Up - NFL Free Agency Week 2 - 3/21/15

    in Football

    Pod Vader and the SuperFans talk about the Dallas Cowboys with Bryan Robinson, New Orleans Saints with Chase Mallet, NY Jets with Andrew Hersch and Jacksonville Jaguars with Ryan Mercier as free agency in the NFL rolls on. 

    Cowboys have big egos, who's going to manage them? Tony Romo wears his hat forwards now, so they have that...

    Sky isn't falling in New Orleans...Chase thinks the WRs are deep.  Chase thinks that...

    Jets have had a nice offseason, but is Revis big and fat with a SuperBowl ring?

    Jaguars have had a nice offseason too, what are their plans for the draft?

    Speaking of the NFL draft, RBs in the first round - Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon.

    Jamies Winston or Marcus Mariotta?

    Phillip Rivers not renegotiating until the end of the year, the final year of his contract. But does he wear his hat forwards or backwards and does a bolo tie negate that?

    We need SuperFans for the Cardinals and Giants. Email us: nextfanup@gmail.com.  You can send in your questions there too. 

    Twitter: @nfupodcast  Facebook: facebook.com/nfupodcast



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    (03/07) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Come join us for another Edition Of MLA Radio's Darth & Broomy On Da Weekend! We recap our guest from last week (@Shopmaster) as well as jump into all things MLA. So be sure to tune in and dial up tonight to get in the game with Darth On Broomy On Da Weekends!

    Show Lineup:

    - Guest Recap - We revisit some key points from EA Sports Game Changer @Shopmaster's interview last week.

    - MLA Music Spot Light - New segment... new music... new horizions scaled!

    - MLA Quick Hits - MLA LGs... Full Recap Mode!

    - MLA Taking Shots - Trash Talk at its finest! Come & get you some!

    - Da Champions Roundtable - Elite MLA owners discuss being the best of the best!

    - Ragin W/ Wild Bill - New Audio! Shimmy & Shammy'n!




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    Rain Man: 10 Minutes for High-Sticking

    in Comedy

    Rain Man is a talk format show led by filmmaker and radio personality Michael Flores. From comedy to news plus interviews, Michael and the crew will keep you entertained. Sit back, relax and be prepared to be entertained.

    Today on the show: 
    Michael talks with Rob Benedict about music, movies, and his time on Supernatural. Also on the show; Chris Brown tweets about ebola, Darth Vader runs for Ukrainian President, and a discussion on The Walking Dead season 5 premiere.

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    in Wrestling

    Tonight Emerson and Brian shockingly reach their 50th episode and decide tonight is the night to talk about Giants and Demons and Some Other Issues. No, we're not going to have George Noory or Steven Quail on, but we will be talking about some wacky shit!


    The Giant vs Loch Ness from Uncensored 1996

    Eli Cottonwood vs Kaval from NXT

    The Demon vs The Wall from SuperBrawl 2000

    Screamin Demons vs XS from Uncensored 2000

    Monster Mash Battle Royal from the Halloween 2007 ECW

    Great Khali vs Kane vs Batista from Great American Bash 2007

    Andre The Giant vs Ultimate Warrior from Saturday Night's Main Event

    Bradshaw & Trish Stratus vs Jackie Gayda & Chris Nowinski

    Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales in a Rest In Peace Match from SummerSlam 1993

    Vader vs Yokozuna from Raw in April 1996

    Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca from Victory Road 2009

    Brock Lesnar vs Big Show in a Stretcher Match from Judgment Day 2003


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    NFL Free Agency Week 1 Reaction - NextFanUp 3/14/15

    in Football

    Pod Vader is joined by Mark Sitko - Eagles SuperFan, Daniel Koester - Colts SuperFan, Dave Yasuda - Dolphins SuperFan and Tom Shannon - Bears SuperFan as they react to a crazy first week of free agency in the NFL.  

    Thoughts on the Eagles' moves.  Are they the team to beat in the NFC East? Will they dominate?

    Colts got some weapons on offense. Definitely the mover in the AFC during free agency, but will it translate next January?

    Bears could have used Andre Johnson but got Eddie Royal instead. What's happening in Chicago?

    Dolphins have made some big moves in free agency. Every team in the AFC East has changed significantly. Is this the end of the Patriots' Reign?

    Biggest move everybody's forgotten about - Jimmy Graham was traded to Seattle!

    Most under the radar team in free agency?  How about the Atlanta Falcons? But did they need to do that much anyways in the weakest division in football?

    We need SuperFans for the Cardinals, Texans, Titans and Giants. Email applications to nextfanup@gmail.com.

    Follow us on Twitter: @NFUpodcast ... @therealpodvader, @danastybyluck, @sitko77, @dolphindavenfl, @tshanno

    Facebook: Next Fan Up (facebook.com/nextfanup)


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    (02/28) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends

    in Video Games

    We return for another weeks installment of MLA Radio's Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends! As mentioned last week in our Post Draft MLA Radio Special we will be having a special Guest on the Show EA Game Changer @Shopmaster will join us so tune in and call up for some great Madden conversation and in depth insight ino the world of EA. 

    Show Lineup:

    Special Guest : EA Game Changer @Shopmaster.

    MLA Quick Hits : Recap Our Landspace OF MLA Greatness.

    MLA Taking Shots : Trash Talking At It's Finest... We Swim In Some Shark Waters Tonight!

    Da Champions Round Table : A Sit Down With MLA Champions To Pick Their Brains.

    Ragin W/ Wild Bill : New Audio? Live Audio? We debate which is better rage... premeditated or raw? Roll That Beautiful Rage Footage!

    Question Of The Night:

    How much weight does the scouting combines hold to you the fan? Would the addition of CFM Scouting Combines mean something to you?

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    (02/21) Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Join us Saturday Night as we return to the MLA Arie Waves for a Post FYC Rookie Draft Edition of Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends! Tune in & dial up to get in the game as we recap all things MLA Lgs!

    * MLA Quick Hits - Recap MLA LG's

    * MLA Taking Shots - Get You Some!

    * Raging W/ Wild Bill - New Audio!

    * Da Champions Roundtable - We try and visit with 2 current champs Alpha (FYC) & Phreak (DBC/SNB 

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