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    New Age Review: Psychic Darrin Owens

    in Spirituality

    Join Barbara Graver of TheNewAgeReview.com  and psychic, spiritual teacher and best-selling author Darrin Owens!  Darrin and I will be discussing his newest book, "Becoming Masters of Light: Co-Creating the New Age of Enlightenment" and talking with callers with questions on the material.
    About Darrin: Darrin Owen s is a spiritual healer, psychic intuitive, channel and the best-selling author of "Reader of Hearts: The Life and Teaching of a Reluctant Psychic." He is an acclaimed expert and lectuer in the field of metaphysics, mysticism and soul-conscious living.
    To learn more about Darrin, please check out his website at DarrinOwensOfficial.com.  To sign up for our newsletter and stay updated on upcoming shows please visit TheNewAgeReview.com.

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    Darrin Owens-Becoming Masters of Light on P I Radio

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    Scott Cluthe welcomes back Gifted Psychic and author Darrin Owens, as they discuss his new book, Becoming Masters of Light from A.R.E.Press. Call in at 347-308-8478.
    Darrin W. Owens is an internationally respected psychic medium, spiritual teacher and best-selling author.  For over 17 years he has brought authentic enlightenment to countless souls through a powerful psychic gift that he has carried since birth. He is an acclaimed expert in the fields of higher consciousness, spirituality, mysticism, and soul conscious living.
    Many have called him a modern-day prophet announcing a much-needed and renewed perspective to the spiritual journey.  The public awareness of his psychic beginnings was introduced in his first best-selling title Reader of Hearts: The Life and Teachings of a Reluctant Psychic from New World Library. Darrin’s newest book BECOMING MASTERS OF LIGHT published by the famed and respected Edgar Cayce’s (A.R.E. Press) details the awakening of a deeper spiritual power for the New Golden Age of Enlightenment.
    We’ve made it past 2012. We have what we need to fully embrace our divine selves and take hold of the truth that we are the New Earth that we have been so longing to see. We are in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. What has this shift meant for our planet? The book covers topics like:
    Awakening: As a psychic intuitive and spiritual teacher, Darrin Owens stretches us beyond mere reading and acquiring of spiritual knowledge for knowledge’s sake and into the action of becoming a builder of wisdom and a master of light.
    Magnifying: Let’s turn our focus then on how we can utilize our spiritual potential in this new era of consciousness and become masters of light for both ourselves and others.
    Transforming: How do we turn our knowledge into wisdom and use it in the world in a real way?

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    Reluctant Psychic Darrin Owens Sunday on Scott Cluthe's P I

    in Spirituality

    Scott Cluthe hosts Super Intuitive Darrin Owens Sunday Live with your phone calls for 2012 and beyond. Join them at 7 PM CST.
    Darrin Owens has been psychic and spiritual teacher for over 15 years.  Darrin is known as "a reader of hearts."  This means he "sees" into your emotional and spiritual self, that part of you that holds your highest potential.  With this "heart knowledge," he guides individuals to a more spirit-directed life.  His controversial, out-spoken, and honest nature replaces the popular "glamour" of today's psychic/new age industry with grounded spiritual wisdom.  Darrin is a masterful guide for those who truly desire taking the road to self-reliance and spiritual recovery.
    In 2011 Darrin experienced a transformation in his personal and spiritual life. After a regression with famed, past life therapist, Dolores Cannon, he retained powerful memories of a lifetime with Queen Elizabeth I. This regression was a catalyst and doorway to establish a new level of his spiritual work with “Gloriana” the consciousness and intelligence of the Divine Feminine.  Darrin also stands on the foundations of A Course in Miracles and the work of Edgar Cayce in his spiritual teaching and practice.
    Darrin's popular new book is titled  Reader of Hearts: The Life and Teachings of a Reluctant Psychic.  According to Darrin, being a psychic isn’t just about "knowing things"; it is also a spiritual practice.
    Darrin has just inked a new book title to be released by the A.R.E. Press/4th Dimension Press (Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment),CO-CREATING the NEW AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT (coming early 2013).

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    Inside The Sports World w/ Darrin Williamson & Stephen Ur lll

    in Sports

    Come join us on Inside The Sports World! Its a show where in-depth analysis on the trending topics around the sports world are being discussed all the way until the end. Join BlueColtRadio Everyday Sports Host, NJCAA media , and DoubleGSports writer Darrin Williamson & Bluecoltradio Analyst, and DoubleGSports Writer Stephen Ur lll as they discuss all the significant stories, game recaps, and breaking news going on in all the major sports. This show has no limits on what is discussed.

    Have questions for the show? Tweet them to @DoubleGSports @Godschild530 or @writingfanatic2.


    Folks you do not want to miss this episode! TUNE IN! Catch up on all the latest news in sports at DoubleGsports.com.

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    The CAC Show: Ep. 64 - Dark Days Ahead With Kathy Owens And Dirk Manning

    in Entertainment

    January 22nd, 2015 - Call in (347) 884-9479 and join us when we welcome back iconic comic book creator Dirk Manning! Dirk will once again tell his incerdible story, give advice to aspiring creators, mention his favorite thing to do while writing scripts, and much more! We will then be joined by independent wrestler Kathy Owens! Kathy will share her story, mention her toughest opponents, and much more! We will also talk WWE shows, and give our picks for the Super Bowl!


    Every broadcast of The CAC Show is also available for free download on iTunes!

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    Open Mic Conversation with Jeff and Brian 347-945-5229

    in Current Events

    The President of the United of the Untited States is on Offence:

    Congress is trying to find out their position

    Foreign policy is in shambles Saudi Arabia has a new King

    Isis-Isil- Dash- Whatever you want to call the unrest in the Middle East  is a Power Keg ready to blow have your heard about Syria

    Dugh, there was no finding in the Darrin Wilson / Mike Brown - Hands up don't shoot, Burn down your town Ferguraon case

    President Obama will not be meet with American friend Prime Minister of Israel

    And the most important topic of the day Football Deflation

    Voice your View  347-945-5229


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    Outside the Box Sports

    in Sports

    Join Blue Colt Radio Everyday Sports Host, NJCAA Media, DoubleGSports Writer Darrin Williamson on Outside The Box Sports everyday of the week. Many guests will appear on this show to discuss the most important stories going on in the sports realm. You can here about the all the major sports like #NBA #NFL #MLB #BOXING #NCAAB #NCAAFB and much more here on The Daily Sports Show. Tune In and enjoy! 


    Have questions about the show? you can send them to @Godschild530 on twitter.

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    I Knew It All Along

    in Sports

    We will recap the conference championship games and the hoodie is at it again. We will break it all down and I might even cry a little, because Green Bay lost.

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    Mark Thorn joins Anna's Journey - Coaching, Radio Show, Community Activist

    in Business

    Mark Thorn will visit with Anna on Anna's Journey to discuss his coaching business. We will share information on who he is and what he does.

    And yes, we'll briefly mention some non-profits, a scholarship fund, AND his radio show which he co-hosts with Carolyn Owens -- Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn, which also air on BlogTalkRadio.

    Mark has a very interesting life and he loves to share with others to help make a difference!

    Join us live on air at 8 AM... or listen to the replays... available after 9 AM on Friday, Jan 23.

    Listen live by phone at 1-661-554-9121... or

    Listen live online www.blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault or online in podcast replay after 9AM!



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    Michigan Literary Network 1/21/15 w/Keith & Pamela Owens

    in Books

    Michigan Literary Network:. Helping writers get to their literary goals and connecting readers to Michigan Authors.

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    Let's Coach! with Mark & Carolyn - Film

    in Motivation

    "Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn" January 21, 2015 Noon EST

    Storytellers...crafting cinematic stories 

    Patti White and Lee Anderson are award winning filmmakers based in Annapolis, Maryland.  FILMSTERS, LLC, their film company, has credits in films and documentaries and has worked with numerous broadcast and cable networks.  Patti and Lee also created and organize the annual Annapolis Film Festival (coming up in March) and the FILMSTERS academy, a summer program to teach young people about filmmaking.  With years of experience and the diverse creative talents and business backgrounds of its founders, FILMSTERS develops and produces documentaries, television programming, feature films, branded entertainment and multi-platform digital content.

    Join Mark and Carolyn as we talk with the FILMSTERS about movie making outside of Hollywood.

    Listen Wednesday, January 21st, Noon EST


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