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    Show 179 - 2015 NFL Preview: NFC West

    in Sports

    The 2nd Show in our 8-part NFL Preview of the 2015 season focuses on the NFC West Division (AFC West covered in Part 1). On the 179r=th episode of The Joe Mays and J-Raff Show, hosts Joe and Justin will dissect the 2-time defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks and the odds they make it a threepeat. Also, have their recent rivals in San Francisco completely fallen off the wagon? Will both Arizona and St. Louis challenge for a Division crown? And which squad touts the best QB - Wilson, Kaepernick, Palmer, or Foles? All that and more!

  • Detroit Music Toss-Up (DMT Radio)

    in Music

    Tuesday is upon us and so that can only mean that its once again time for your favorite tuesday night radio show Detroit Music Toss-up (DMT Radio) with your hosts Bigg D and Aroc so give the kids some melatonin,make you a stiff mixed drink,and twist up a spliff of some sticky,sugar coated,pungent stank having medical grade mary jane and kick back in your favorite chair and follow the link to DMT Radio only on Michigan United Broadcast

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    Same Sex Marriage and Avenues of Resistance

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about the recent SCOTUS decision allowing same sex marriage and offers some ideas for resistance.

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    Horoscopes, Astrology and Zodiac Signs: Aries

    in Religion

    Join Host Darrell Hykes as he explores the Bible on the subject of renewing the mind.

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    Incompetence In High Places

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about incompetence in high places as millions of personnel records of federal employees were apparently stolen by Chinese hackers and its devastating effects.

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Delshun Mays of The B.A.R.S.Crew

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    Bailey Langford aka T.R.A.M.A. (the realest and most artistic)

    Bailey grew up in Oakdale, LA....he mostly listened to country music at that time.  In fact the first album he ever bought was a Taylor Swift CD. He didn't get into hip hop until he moved to Lake Charles, LA in high school..after listening to Lil Wayne's Carter 2 he fell in love with words and felt that he needed to relieve his mind by writing down the wordplay driven metaphors he thought of.....A few years later he connected with Delshun Mays while working in a local grocery store. After listening to Delshun's mixtape roc hard ep...he decided to put what he was writing down into music and co founded The B.A.R.S. Crew with him that same year.

    Jamaal Delshun Bellow aka Delshun Mays

    Jamaal was born and raised in Oakland, California. He started writing short stories as a kid ....after listening to keep your head up by Tupac he decided to start writing poetry. He didn't get into writing music until he moved to Elton, La the summer before his freshman year of high school. He suffered an immediate culture shock by the move. .that coupled with the death of a close family member, he went into a severe depression only writing peoms and listening to "Georgia" by Ray Charles. One day Jamaal got his hands on the Marshall Mathers Lp by Eminem and was very intrigued by the story telling word play Eminem used in his songs and decided to write his own raps. He wrote a song a day  until he graduated from high school. About a year or so after graduating, he decided to start recording his vocals...he didn't let anybody know he was recording. He used this time as a period to find his style and sound. .until he released his first mixtape Roc Hard ep 2011. That same year he met Trama and co founded The B.A.R.S. Crew.

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    Sports Mix

    in Sports

    Sports Mix

    Join Jerry Chiles and guests today at 9pm ET/6pm PT as they discuss NCAA Football, NHL and MLB topics and answer questions that you may have.

    NCAA Football

    * Determining top Defenses in College Football

    * Big 12 Contenders in 2015

    * College Football’s top Senior Prospects

    * Pac-12 Announces Early Schedule

    * Big-12 Hovering with Soft Schedule

    * Unbrakable College Football Records

    * Jayhawks Dismiss Players

    * Connor Brewer transfers to Virginia

    * Drew Brees donates $1M to Purdue Football Program

    Wagers & Odds

    * Las Vegas picks to win NCAA Football Conference Titles


    * Canadiens re-sign Nathan Beaulieu

    * Coyotes start legal process

    * John Spano Gets 10 years

    * NHL Owners Update


    * Blue Jays on the move

    * Greinke at Crossroads in Career

    * Best Pitchers under 25 years of age

    * Pablo Sandoval

    * Ex-MLB Player Darrell Hamilton murdered

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    The Third Offset Strategy

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about a U.S. Defense Department plan to use advances in technology to offset the growing vulnerability of U.S. forces.

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    Single Mom Sage Hour ~ Amazing Dads Part 2

    in Lifestyle

    The world honored Fathers last Sunday but we know one day isn't enough, so join Ms. Jennifer Pink The Single Mom Sage as she honors fathers everywhere by speaking with these Amazing Dads Darrell Watkins and Deno Simmons

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    Family Time with Mike Dee & Darrel Gardner Horsemanship Show

    in Social Networking

    7:30PM to 8:30PM

    The Mike Moore Show

    The President of the Lone Star High Steppers

    8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

    Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship was founded upon four principles: 

    Showing Your Horse Love 
    By expressing love to your horse it helps to build a good relationship and strong bond. This will lead to a better response from your horse. 

    Gaining Respect 
    If you don't have respect on the ground, you won't have it on the saddle. Respect is an essential part of horsemanship and it begins with good ground manners 

    Teaching Obedience 
    Obedience comes with consistent training. This teaches your horse what you expect and how to quickly respond to the cues given. 

    Loyalty between the horse and trainer 
    It all begins with gaining trust. Your initial approach is extremely important. It takes patience and time to get your horse to gain faith in you.

    Click on the link to hear the show in live stream on your computer or smart phone. Be sure to refresh the page at 7:30 p.m. to hear the current program. You may also call in to ask questions. Call Instructions: Call 347 855-8118. While waiting to speak please press mute on your phone to avoid background noise from being heard, or you may listen live from your computer and call in when ready to talk. Please like, comment, and share with others. Thanks! We look forward to you joining in! 

    “Each One Teach One.” We need all hands on deck

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    Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about student loans and what they mean for America and a generation of Americans.

    Thus spake Polonius: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” (Hamlet Act 1, Scene 3, 75)