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    WideAwake with Melissa & Leanne welcomes back Daria Justyn

    in Spirituality

    After a holiday break, we are happy to be back for our first show of 2014.  We are excited to welcome back our special guest Psychic Medium Daria Justyn. Join us fdor an hour of insight and inspiration. We will be taking your calls and givng mini readings as well. www.DariaJustyn.com


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    MEDIUM Daria Justyn

    in Spirituality

    Lois' website: Hot Pink Lotus 
    Daria Justyn is a psychic medium and intuitive counselor, with an international clientele, doing readings privately and publicly. She has spent her life cultivating her ability to channel messages from Angelic Energies, Spirit GUides, Master Teachers and Souls who have crossed over.
    "I believe the path of our lives can be daunting. Knowing we have love and guidance from the other side, can expand our joy and ease our sorrow," she says.
    Born and raised in New Jersey, Daria grew up in a family where psychic dreams and premonitions were commonplace. Her mother always spoke of seeing relatives who had passed over, and everyone discussed their dreams, knowing some would become predictions. It was when she met famed psychic Lydia Clar that Daria's path became clear. Lydia told her she had a gife and that she needed to use that gift. Since Lydia was the psychic who had started John Edward onto his path, Daria knew she could trust this information.  She says, "I always knew I was supposed to do something special with my life. Meeting Lydia was one of those moments when dreams and destiny collide."
    Daria helps her clients to understand what lies beyond this world we perceive. "We are all souls who have come here with a higher purpose. Knowing this has enriched my life beyond belief."

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    06 - Daria Justyn, the Medium in Our Midst!

    in Entertainment

    It's Halloween time! So, who better to help us bring out our inner spooky-geek the show than Daria Justyn, an actual, factual Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant! Danimator has been a long time fan of Daria's show, Medium In Our Midst here on BlogTalk Radio and she's also the author of Angels Whisper to Us ~ Decoding the Messages in Daydreams. We're pretty jazzed to have her on and can't wait to hear her ghost-hunting tales. Yeah! Ghost stories! She's sure to bring a few surprises to the show, too!But ... what does Biff think aobut all this? I'm sure he, like you, dear listener, will have more than a few questions. ("What about the Twinkie?")So, even if you're not a "true-beliver" (in the Stan Lee sense) you're sure to enjoy this one, promise!  

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    WideAwake welcomes special guest Daria Justyn

    in Spirituality

    We are excited to welcome our special guest Daria Justyn. Daria is a psychic medium and author of "Angels Whisper to Us~Decoding the Messages in Daydreams", join us as we discuss her book and take callers for readings.   

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    Justyn Rees of The Peacemakers interview

    in Music

    My guest will be Justyn Rees who was a member of the British Christian Beat band the Peacemakers from 1964 to 1968. 

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    Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Daria and Damalis talk Isagenix Health!

    in Lifestyle

    Ready to Get Fit, Feel Fabulous?

    Although host Britt will be away at a health and wellness seminar, Writestream founder Daria Anne will be here to share her thoughts after almost 30 days on Britt's fat-burning and body-cleansing program. Joining her on the air will be Damalis Ayala, her partner in this effort.

    After just 11 days, Daria Anne lost 5 1/2 inches and Damalis lost 4 1/2; in just two weeks, Damalis also lost eight pounds (Daria has not been brave enough to get on a scale yet)! We're excited for the possibilites of where we'll be on the path to our fitness goals by the time we go live on Saturday, February 28. We invite you to call in with your questions and comments at (347) 945-7246.

    To your health!

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    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Memorial Day Remembrance with Donna Lyons

    in Lifestyle

    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss is a women's lifestyle show hosted by Writestream founders Lisa Tarves and Daria Anne. Each week, they delve into subjects of particular interest to women. On Thursday, May 21 they welcome broadcast journalist, author, and military advocate Donna Lyons to the show for a Memorial Day tribute:

    Donna is a Military News Journalist, Author, Talk Show Host and Managing Editor based in Washington, D.C and Los Angeles. She has been featured on Fox and Friends and CNN along with many local news and talk shows, and National radio shows. She had her own television show called Armed Forces Weekly. The show examined hot topics and issues affecting our Armed Forces both at home and abroad and brought crucial information to our Veterans. She is published in many defense and military magazines with topics such as Military News, Defense News, Veterans Affairs, The Military Communities, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Law Enforcement, WWII Veterans, and Female Service Members along with two weekly columns for Examiner.com. She co-authored a book called “12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got”, a book that takes an unprecedented look into the REAL Army wives.

    During the live show, hosts and guest welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246.




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    Writestream Tuesday with author Steve Schatz

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in to Writestream Tuesday on May 19 at 1 p.m. Eastern when Daria Anne welcomes Steve Schatz to talk about Adima Rising:

    Steve Schatz (rhymes with cats) has been a tour guide, traffic safety teacher, party clown, newspaper reporter, television producer and a college professor. He has written and published songs, skits, short stories and journal articles. Adima Rising is his first published novel.

    Growing up in New Mexico, he visited active pueblos and ancient ruins throughout the Southwest. He has also lived in Texas, California and hitch hiked around the country. He now lives in a small town in Western Massachusetts on the banks of Yokum Brook and spends most of his days writing and adding to his website www.AdimaRising.com.

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    Daria Justyn Doing Readings Tonight

    in Paranormal

    Daria Justyn will celebrate the start of February by focusing on love and the energy of the heart, taking your calls and giving you guidance with the help of your spiritual guides.  Call in and we hopefully we will get the energy of Cupid's month off to a fun start!

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    Writestream Tuesday: Shatter the Narrative with Jack July

    in Books

    Tune in on Tuesday, May 12 at 1 p.m. Eastern when guest host/moderator Jack July, author of Amy Lynn and Amy Lynn Golden Angel, fills in for Daria Anne. Jack and his panel of authors will shatter more narratives in our culture and welcome your calls and comments at (347) 945-7246.

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    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: BlackJack to Lose Fat

    in Lifestyle

    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss is a women's lifestyle show hosted by Writestream founders Lisa Tarves and Daria Anne, that delves into issues of particular interest to women.

    Summer's around the corner. Are you ready?

    Join returning guest Stacey Karseras, founder of BlackJack to Lose Fat to find out how you can acheive your healthiest and most fit body, just in time for bathing suit season.

    During the live show, hosts and guest welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246.