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  • Fever Keeps It Real Remembers Daphne Burt

    in Entertainment

    Join the Fever Keeps It Real Crew as we pay our respects to Daphne Burt - sister of Dainja 730. His family will join us and recall fond memories of her life and discuss how amazing of a person she was. If any friends and family wish to call in - or any colleagues of Dainja 730 - the show is from 6-7pm EST and the call in number is 818-369-1406. Please join us as we pay our respects to our fallen friend...

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    Brain Injury Recovery - Daphne McDonagh Survives Closed Head Injury

    in Health

    An active teenager survives a car crash at fifteen years young.  Doctors stated that her brain would not return to normal after experiencing a coma for eighteen days.  While she was unconscious, her parents asked the doctors to take her off the morphine and other drugs.  

    20 years later, Daphne McDonagh, lives life on purpose in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After eight years in the Rehabilitation field, she obtained her Animal Science Diploma, eventually training in Crystal and Lazer Therapy.  

    Equine enthusiast, animal lover and intuitive healer, Daphne inspires us with her story of how a closed head injury changed the direction of her life, opening up new possibilities and gifts.

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    Dem Boiz in Da Hood! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon!

    in Education

    Tune in to Str8up RealTalk Network for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Haroon! Tonight at 8pm cst/9pm est!

    Join us tonight for "Dem Boiz in Da Hood"!

    It's no coincidence that Black communities are now plagued by militarized police and other agents of colonialism while the so called 'violence' among the people and police terror against the people in the hoods has increased..

    Who's causing the rutcus? Who are the terrorized and who are the terrorist? Is it Da Boiz in Da Hood or Dem Boiz n Our Hood..

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    or call in to listen/comment/question @ 347-677-0917

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    in Christianity

    With Host & Musician Daphne Wallis

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    Looking To Heal Chronic Illnesses Consider Using Biomagnetismo y magnetopuntura

    in Business

    It is a therapy that assumes that the cause of all disease is an imbalance in the pH of the human body, because viruses, fungi, bacteria and / or parasites need these imbalances to survive within the organism.La therapy uses pairs of magnets from the first session restore these imbalances, nursing neutralizing pathogens that cause disease. In this way it is achieved exterminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in the body. To organs and glands are affected can heal and balance using these magnets. This technique was discovered in Mexico and initially developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran who has made several significant findings during his research to find the real causes of disease and how they can be removed.

    The results will always be reported with medical examinations so that the patient not only feels good but can actually find that the pathogens have been completely removed from your body.

    Millions of people worldwide have been treated with this therapy, and now Biomagnetism and Magnetopuncture are generating awareness even in Europe. Madrid University now offers the Degree too, apart from the numerous universities throughout Latin America. Soon The Institute for Research in Mexicowill end the scientific research, which show that many diseases that are supposedly incurable can be treated relatively easily.

    Therefore we say that health is the balance between body, mind and emotions.

    Think about family problems, a traumatic experience in his youth, a trapped emotion, difficulties at work or perhaps an imbalance in a relationship. Maybe it sounds strange, but we could also consider these symptoms or "indicators" as the result of some mental or physical disorder or imbalance, which systematically has been affecting you without you being aware of it. For a certified therapist this indicates clearly and quickly what to do to help you regain your balance.



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    in Christianity

    With Host &Musician Daphne Wallis

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    Business Not Bullets! Say It Loud! w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    Tonight We'll be speaking on the new campaign initiative of Brotha Haroon, Business Not Bullets! How important is it that we stress knowledge and production? What can be done and who are the willing that can lead our communities from being riddled with bullets and black bodies to being riddled with Black Business? Join Us tonight for another hot conversation of uncensored, uncoated dialogue as we continue to strive toward the restoration and liberation of Our People!

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk at 8pm cst/9pm est

    Comments or questions? Dial in to speak with host 347-677-0917

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    #14- Family Business with Daphne - Professor Egghead Science Academy & Franchise

    in Entrepreneur

    I interview a dynamic team of brothers who run a STEM education franchise:  Professor Egghead Science Academy. Learn what it takes to operate a franchise that solves a problem in education, and why a franchise model works for them.

    Learn more on my blog: daphnemallory.blogspot.com. Like me on Facebook:

    Daphne Mallory, Esq. is a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and The Huffington Post, as well as a media personality, and international speaker and trainer on Family Business.

    Billboard Magazine described Daphne as "Engaging Fans... Forging a New Path." Her work and life has been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Self Magazine, Woman's Day, Essence Magazine, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Brown Alumni Magazine, Black Enterprise and more.

    She is the radio and television talk show host and producer of Family Business with Daphne Mallory on 103.9 FM KDKI. She appears as a guest expert on other television and radio programs. She has written over 1,000 articles for national and web publications.

    She is originally from Liberia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Her father was sent to Oxford University by his company which paved the way for her to attend school in London after his return, as a child, and alone. She learned to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills to survive in three different countries: Liberia, England and the United States.

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    The Breakdown of Black Men; Criminalization, Crack & Confusion!

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    Tonight we will continue our series 'The Breakdown of the Black Man" with Criminalization, Crack and Confusion! Taking flight in the 80's, the war on Black men and the community was waged full fledged to detroy the fabric of the Black Community. We'll talk about the horror and destruction left in the wake of amerikkka's war on Africans in amerikkka as well as ask the question; How did Black people become major contributors to the genocidal state of our people? 

    Logon to listen www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    Comments, questions or to listen 347-677-0917

    8pm cst/9pm est

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    Soap Talk Let's Dish

    in Entertainment

    How did Cane get out of the fire?  How is the Jason reveal going?  Why does Bo have to die?  Why does Ridge continue to be so cranky around Thomas?  Join Ambro, Daphne, Minnie, Wise, and the rest of the gang to discuss.

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    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Bro. Haroon

    in Politics

    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Bro. Haroon

    Join us tonight on Say It Loud! for discussion on the who and what of our communities... and why we're still hurting as a people.. Will we ever get the heart to get free?

    Logon to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk to listen in
    Questions or comments dial in to speak w/ hosts 347-667-0917