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    Midweek Business With Kevan Glover

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    Kevan Glover grew up in Buffalo, New York as the eldest of four 

    children. He proved early on to be a leader and motivator amongst 

    his family, his peers, and on the basketball court.  On a road trip with 

    friends to Charlotte, he fell in love with the city for its growth 

    potential and blossoming social scene, and moved there 


    With so much involvement in the Carolina’s entertainment scene, it 

    only made sense to tap into the online social scene, as well. Kevan

    developed TalkofNC.com TalkofSC.com, regionally-specific social 

    media sites that act as networking tools, social forums, classifieds, 

    business directories, and current news outlets. From there sprang 

    Talk of NC and SC models, a place online for aspiring models in 

    the area to gain exposure. 

    Mayor Anthony Foxx

    Proclaimed every 2nd Saturday in December as Queen City Awards Day. 

    From there, Kevan self funded the Konnected Tour, a 12 city tour 

    with 12 di?erent artists, which now has its own publication,The 

    Konnected Magazine, where Kevan is the editor-in-chief.

    In addition to focusing on the growth of his various enterprises, 

    Kevan is now turning his attention to charity events (of which Talk of 

    NC has hosted many) for the homeless and children in need. Kevan’s

    investment in his family (he is a husband and father of two young 

    girls) and his community, combined with his ability to raise funding, 

    mobilize the community, and organize successful events makes him 

    unstoppable in his mission to bring positive change in the Carolinas.

    His vision has grown into 13 states now which he host charity events,

    parties and more.

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    The Glover Report: Ferguson! LIVE from St. Louis, Ronn Nichols

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    After days of protests, the nation's attention is focused on Ferguson. Police killed an unarmed teen named Michael Brown and protests have ensued. Police are out and the situation is not pretty. We'll talk with St. Louis native Ronn Nichols, former Coppin State media professor. He will give us a look inside the situation from on the ground

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    "Closet Lovers" on COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS - Hosted by David Glover on KLJN 107.7

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    Scenario #64:  CLOSET LOVERS

    You work at a nursing home with your best friend's fiancee Kevin.  One night during the middle of your 11:00-7;00 a.m. shift, you walk into the linen closet and find Kevin and Nurse Jill having sex!   You rush to close the door without being seen.   Now, what do you do?  Do you tell your best friend, or do you keep silent?

    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS - The Book, is available!   Go to KLJN 107.7 to order your copy NOW!

    Join The Controversial Counselor, David Glover LIVE each Monday night at 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST).

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #3 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

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    AFTER THE FIRST DATE GOES BAD.....Is There A Chance For A Second Date?

    Scenario: Let’s Try It Again After Going Dutch
    Gerald and Melinda part two. Remember the popular scenario about two-dollar pancake? Well Gerald has offered to take Melinda to the
    Outback Steakhouse and stated that he'd cover all the expenses. He also apologized for the other day and stated he was in a bad spot; he really enjoyed Melinda’s company and stated he had a surprise for her, Melinda feels that he seems sincere. In your opinion, should she give Gerald another chance?
    Female Perspective: I would give him another chance just based on the fact that he was “man enough” to apologize and be honest about his situation. We don’t know the details of the first date. She may have enjoyed his company as
    well. Dismissing people so quickly is not only unfair to that person but possibly to you too. Could miss out on a “good thang”

    Female Perspective: If she feels he is sincere I don’t see a problem with giving him a 2nd chance. I would make sure she has money on her just in case there’s an issue. The Controversial Counselors take: There had to be a gut feeling on why she declined the second date, there is no need to star in that movie again. When you work so hard to get a shot at the title and you fold under pressure, that opportunity may never happen again. Seize the moment or else ponder in what if land. Keep it moving, Melinda, he had his chance to dance, he chose to be a wallflower. This time you may get stuck with the whole bill surprise! Move on, never look back. 

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #2 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

    in Romance

    WHO PAYS FOR THE FIRST DATE?  Do You Dutch?    LISTEN LIVE by calling (347) 237-5342

    Scenario: Gerald has been asking Melinda out for Months but each time to no avail, he seem to be a nice guy with no serious baggage, she has been through the ringer in her past relationship and was very guarded. 

    After consulting with several close family members, she decided to go out with Gerald for breakfast, during breakfast Melinda ordered the Grand Slam French toast meal and because Gerald was not big on breakfast he ordered one pancake, which was 2 dollars. When the bill came out, Melinda offered to pay with her credit card, Gerald declined to let her pay and they ended up going dutch. 

    MALE: "Okay I agree a man should pay if he ask a woman on a date , but do women agree she should give it up if she accepts the date?  A lot of women like to mislead or get free meals, not all, just saying." 

    Female:: "Maybe men don't appreciate what goes into dating for a woman, we could be at home in sweats watching the Golden Girls eating ice cream. But instead, we get dolled up, we hold our burps and farts until we are ready to explode, we wear uncomfortable shoes and etc, we lose when it doesn't work out too, we lose our time, energy and money too." 

    "The Controversial Counselor", David Glover, is the author of the book COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS.

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    A Smooth Conversation With Danny Kusz

    in Music

    If you're a fan of white-hot jazz funk and passionate, seductive jazz grooves that start and keep a fire burnin', Minneapolis saxman Danny Kusz has what you need. His new release Sexy.Funk :: Velvet.Jazz comes after a long hiatus for the saxman following his smokin' 5-track EP Lost in the Groove. After years of working as a sideman with some of the top musicians in the business, Danny decided it was time to bring the funk again as a solo artist with this latest work. Join us (Smooth Conversations host Ron Jackson and co-hosts Aira & Mike -- all from The Smooth Jazz Ride) as we chat it up with Danny and play tracks from his sizzling new release. Bring your questions and comments for him, as well as your dancin' shoes!

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    Harlem Globetrotter Choo Smith on Danny Shadd's Entrance to Barton College, NC

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    Harlem Globetrotter Choo Smith is from the streets of West Baltimore. With a heart of gold, his Choo Youth program touches the lives of many area youth, including Danny Shadd. With Jamaican ancestry, Choo once worked with Danny's older brother. Today, it is Danny's turn as the Choo Smith Family is in the midst of celebrating Danny's acceptance to Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina. Not bad for a youngster who onc struggled with basic math and English. Danny Shadd is a true success story and Choo believes he will make the NBA draft in 4.

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    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS #1 - Hosted By The Controversial Counselor, David Glover

    in Radio

    The Controversial Counselor, David Glover is the Dept Chair of School Counseling at a Middle School with the Baltimore County Public Schools.

    He has dedicated his life to helping others which has led him to start working towards my dream come true writing my book titled COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS by The Controversial Counselor.

    On this show, as well as in his book, he will continue to remain in that helping role where I will be discussing 77 short scenarios involving relationships, family, child drama, health, education and work issues, friendships, loyalty, mistrust, and the dating game.

    By sharing his story, David Glover hopes to help other boys and young men who have faced similar circumstances, to work towards becoming productive adults and fighting off the taboo of being damaged goods because with strength and support...anyone can make it through and rise above despair.

    Listen LIVE to Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7 Radio.

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    Rockin out in the BIG HOUSE with Danny Brooks n Lil Debi

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    Please join host Frankie Picasso on Thursday, December 4th at 1:00 pm EST, when she greets  guests Danny Brooks and his wife Lil Debi, who for past 24 years have been active in prison ministry.
    Danny has been in the music business since 1971 having played in blues, country, hard rock and rhythm and blues bands but his first introduction to ministry was with his father, who took Danny and his siblings, a sister and brother to the street corners of Toronto and had them recite scripture verses.
    A"rough life and a 'season of rebellion' found Danny on the downslide. As it was with so many young musicians during the 70's and 80's, the drug culture captured  Danny's attention and he found himself doing time in prison for the crimes committed to pay for his  addictions to drugs and alcohol. It was during this time spent in prison that Danny attributes to his skill in writing music.
    In 1987, just 3 months from being released from the Donwood Institute in Toronto where he was treated for alcohol and drug addiction, Danny came to his faith.
    1991,was a good year for Danny. Not only did he become involved in Prison Ministry but he was also nominated for the Juno Award for Most Promising Male Vocalist.
    Danny has been blessed with a big talent and a distinctive voice, and one thing is for sure, he is  a BORN STORY TELLER.
    Performing and speaking in Prisons, Rehabs and Halfway Houses has become an important part of who Danny Brooks has become. Whenever, and where ever Danny tours, it is imperative that at least one of the above facilities is on the tour. Giving back to communities in this way allows him  to share his story, and impart hope for eternity in Christ.



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    "Don't Take Sand To The Beach" - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS - David Glover

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    Confirm my schedule when you are going on vacation and you already have plans but your mate has other plans and already assume that the first day of vacation you will be spending it with them, "wrong answer" Devin had been working two jobs for a while and his vacation had just started; Dena his girlfriend had made plans for them to spend the whole day together, but Devin had other plans.

    He did not want to let Dena down, but he had made plans to attend a summer beach party with Chuck and Antonio, his buddies. So off to the beach party he went, drinking and having a great time, a much needed great time; meanwhile Dena showed up and asked why did he break their plans and she wanted to stay at the party with him. Devin told her she needed to go home because he was with his boys and besides you don’t bring sand to the beach. This instantly upset Dena who begin to cry and threaten to not be around when he returned from the party.

    Should Devin had let Dena stay or was he right for sending her away?  Let's discuss this very real situation on COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS with The Controversial Counselor.


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