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    True History And Middle East With Daniel Shayesteh

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    Hear Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, Mrs. Barbara Moore and Mr. Wayne Wood give their perspective on the importance of America and truth and how we must learn from the past to protect our future. 
    "If you keep quiet at a time like this, ... you and your relatives will die. What's more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14; read Isa.62 :1; Am.5:13)
    Daniel Shayesteh is from Iran. Daniel was a teacher of Islamic philosophy, a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Army and a leading Muslim fundamentalist political leader during the Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist Revolution that began in 1979. He is now an evangelist for Jesus Christ.
    His ministry - ‘Exodus from Darkness’ wants to help us grow in your ability to love and understand Muslims and people of other beliefs. He and his wife Mary- pray that fearfulness, ignorance and passive tolerance will be replaced by confidence, knowledge and the freedom to share the truth about Jesus with people of all nations.

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    Dr. Daniel Shayesteh and Exodus From Darkness

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    Hear perspectives Dr. Daniel Shayesteh and get inspired as you hear about the power that can overcome the darkness and lead all of us into light.  There is no one beyond the reach of Christ--as Dr. Shayesteh proves (I consider him Iran's modern day Paul--he helped oust the Shah of Iran).  Let us not forget to pray for those in darkness.  Please visit his website

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    Perspectives With Daniel Shayesteh From Darkness To Light

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    Hear an interview with Dr. Daniel Shayesteh who came out of the darkness of Islam into the arms of Christ.  What a difference that makes-- as you hear in his voice a love for all people. He has a unique point of view as he helped form a revolution against the Shah of Iran but because of leaders such as Khomeni--true freedom could not grow and he became seen as the enemy fit to be killed.  Just like in today's Arab spring--he too was a pawn for those who truly does not want peace.  He shares wisdom gained by such a revolution in lands covered by darkness which ultimately the creator of heaven and earth opened his eyes to truths.  Hear him talk about great men of old King Darius and King Cyrus whom God used  for the rebuilding of Jerusalem.  It is time we do our own rebuilding here.  Visit his website exodusfromdarkness.org

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    Restore Australia welcomes Daniel Shayesteh

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    Daniel is an Iranian ex-muslim who was arrested and sentenced to a death penalty by the Ayotollah's regime, tortured, and inexplicably released three times. He finally managed to flee Iran and eventually he renounced islam to become a Christian pastor. He travels the world talking to muslims and Christian groups. He is working to get an amendment to the Australian Constitution to give all voters the right to start Constitutional referendums. With this one change, Mike says people would be able to make the politicians accountable to the people, not to a political party."

    Mike Holt is the CEO of Restore Australia, Author of the Beware Halal Sticker Campaign, and a Dedicated Global Partner in the fight against The Scourge ~ and educating us in the West. Listen closely ~ and be apprised ~ Mike is conveying your heritage and ensuring your future.

    Heard Thursdays 6AM AEST

    Mike Holt’s links:



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    Embracing SELF-CARE

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    Most people think of self-care in terms of personal hygiene and maintenance; however, at essence self-care is a life-time exercise that requires a great amount of understanding and attention.

    In this interview you will find self-care as the learned, purposeful and continuous cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, in all areas of life. By learning, identifying, confronting, and moving beyond self-limiting thought patterns that restrict us from being our own best advocates, we are able to focus on the essential personal responsibilities of life in terms of self-care.

    Join Dr. Sadigh and his special guest, Kathryn Ford, the Founder and President of Excellence Institute and realize how you can address the special needs of YOUR self-care. Kathryn is a master life coach, consultant, speaker, and author specializing in health, well-being, and maintaining youthfulness. Tune in to learn about her "TOP 3 Self-Care Secrets”.

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    The Yet to be Named MMA show: Daniel Gallemore, UFC 183, KCFA 13

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    Hosts Dallas Browning and Chris Gregory will be LIVE every Friday to bring you MMA NEWS from the local shows to the big shows.
    Everyone is talking about the Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva fight so we will be breaking down the UFC 183 fight card and giving our predictions. Kansas City Fighting Alliance 13 is going down in  Kansas City, Missouri so we will be talking about some of the rising stars on that card. 
    This week our guest will be Bellator Heavyweight and Kansas native Daniel Gallemore. 


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    Mindful Living Health Expo and Callywood Live

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    Beginning with a Youth Mindfulness Session led by former NFL Player, Keith Mitchell, this day will be filled with opportunities for growth and education. There will be a 5K Run/Walk along with a huge fun filled Expo complete with free health screenings, activities and events for the whole community. Celebrity guest entertainment may include Common, India Arie and other surprise performers!

    Light It Up Foundation, founded by Keith Mitchell, NFL celebrity football player and yogi raises the importance of healthy living, and the transformational power of yoga among our nation’s youth, families and military veterans.

    AltaMed, the nation’s largest Community Health Center, provides vital health care services to ove...r 150,000 patients annually throughout Southern California. Services include premier obesity intervention and prevention, pregnant and parenting teen programs, primary care, senior and long term care, HIV/AIDS case
    management and primary care, dental care, mental health services, free care for the uninsured. No one at AltaMed is turned away for lack of ability to pay.




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    Friday Funnies with Daniel Mentz and the Girls - Wassup?

    in Motivation

    Every Friday we have uncensored fun on air, as we review the funny, ridiculous and interesting happenings of the week. Tune in to kick your weekend off to a great start! If you'd like to share in the fun, call in on 646-649-0066

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    The Right Side of the Pond: Power 10 and What Next?

    in Wrestling

    A bumper edition of The Right Side of the Pond!

    After some hilariously poor predictions last week, the boys return to try and mop up some of the mess created by the Royal Rumble, and try to shine some light and positivity on the Road to Wrestlemania! First up, Joey Shinobi and 'Plan break out the Power 10 to look at what's on the path for 10 top guys (NB: much trolling takes place) before Maverick and Mazza take a closer look at the main event, and try and plot a course for Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar. 

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    Super Bowl Sunday Preview Show

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    Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview Super Bowl 49 as the Seattle Seahawks try to repeat as Super Bowl Champions against the New England Patriots

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