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    Embracing SELF-CARE

    in Psychology


    Most people think of self-care in terms of personal hygiene and maintenance; however, at essence self-care is a life-time exercise that requires a great amount of understanding and attention.

    In this interview you will find self-care as the learned, purposeful and continuous cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, in all areas of life. By learning, identifying, confronting, and moving beyond self-limiting thought patterns that restrict us from being our own best advocates, we are able to focus on the essential personal responsibilities of life in terms of self-care.

    Join Dr. Sadigh and his special guest, Kathryn Ford, the Founder and President of Excellence Institute and realize how you can address the special needs of YOUR self-care. Kathryn is a master life coach, consultant, speaker, and author specializing in health, well-being, and maintaining youthfulness. Tune in to learn about her "TOP 3 Self-Care Secrets”.

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    Study in the Book of Revelation: The First & Second of the Seven Seals Revealed

    in The Bible

    "And I saw when the LAMB opened one of the Seals, andI heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the 'Four Beasts' saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a WHITE HORSE and he taht sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

    "And when He had opened the 'SECOND SEAL,' I heard the 'Second Beast' say, Come. And there went out another Horse that was RED: and power was given to hm that sate thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a GREAT SWORD."

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    Ring Magazine Awards for 2014

    in Sports

    We discuss Ring Magazine's 2014 Year-End Boxing Awards.

    Event of The Year: Froch vs. Groves

    Comeback Fighter of the Year: Miguel Cotto (vs. Sergio Martinez)

    Upset of the Year: Chris Algieri vs. Ruslan Provodnikov

    Round of the Year: Tommy Coyle vs. Daniel Brizuela

    Knockout of the Year: Froch KO of Grove

    Fight of the Year: Matthysse vs. Molina

    Fighter of the Year: Sergey Kovalev

    Trainer of the Year: Freddie Roach

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    in The Bible


    Apocalypse 13 :15-18 // Apocalypse 14 :9-11 // Apocalypse 20 :4-6 // Daniel 11 :41 // Apocalypse 12 :14 // Daniel 11 :44

    Apocalypse 13 :1-8     = Antichrist, le dirigeant politique et son gouvernement

    Apocalypse 13 :11-15 = Son partenaire religieux, le faux prophète

    Apocalypse 13 :16-18 = Système économique


    Apocalypse 13 :15



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    Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions 2015-Part 2

    in Paranormal

    More on the 'wisdom barrier'(consciousness is a life produced awareness-Kryon thru Lee Carroll); new land masses and pyramids; medical and media industry malfeasance; current 'cleansing' like a salad-spinner; telepathy; awakening of 'mercy'; energy of consciousness; free energy; Africa unites; soul courage; blending of religion; women in leadership roles...

    In order of appearance: Rae Chandran, David K. Miller, Karen K. Russell,Lee Carroll, Lyssa Royal Holt, Carol Sydney, Linda Edge, the Saga-Oracle, Hannah Beaconsfield, and postscript through Summer Bacon in January 2015.

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    The Yet to be Named MMA show: Daniel Gallemore, UFC 183, KCFA 13

    in MMA

    Hosts Dallas Browning and Chris Gregory will be LIVE every Friday to bring you MMA NEWS from the local shows to the big shows.
    Everyone is talking about the Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva fight so we will be breaking down the UFC 183 fight card and giving our predictions. Kansas City Fighting Alliance 13 is going down in  Kansas City, Missouri so we will be talking about some of the rising stars on that card. 
    This week our guest will be Bellator Heavyweight and Kansas native Daniel Gallemore. 


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    Prime Time NFL: Superbowl Weekend!!

    in Sports

    Finally, time for the Superbowl!! Always a bittersweet weekend, especially this year. We are excited for the Pats to be in the big game, but this will be the last football game until September.  Lots to talk about though leading up to the game, so we'll talk a tiny bit more about deflategate and how the NFL really messed that up and then break down the game. We'll talk lots of fun things too both regarding Superbowl weekend and in other parts of life.  Tune in on Saturday night to get psyched for this game!

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    Mindful Living Health Expo and Callywood Live

    in Entertainment

    Beginning with a Youth Mindfulness Session led by former NFL Player, Keith Mitchell, this day will be filled with opportunities for growth and education. There will be a 5K Run/Walk along with a huge fun filled Expo complete with free health screenings, activities and events for the whole community. Celebrity guest entertainment may include Common, India Arie and other surprise performers!

    Light It Up Foundation, founded by Keith Mitchell, NFL celebrity football player and yogi raises the importance of healthy living, and the transformational power of yoga among our nation’s youth, families and military veterans.

    AltaMed, the nation’s largest Community Health Center, provides vital health care services to ove...r 150,000 patients annually throughout Southern California. Services include premier obesity intervention and prevention, pregnant and parenting teen programs, primary care, senior and long term care, HIV/AIDS case
    management and primary care, dental care, mental health services, free care for the uninsured. No one at AltaMed is turned away for lack of ability to pay.




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    Show 162 - Super Bowl XLIX Preview and #DeflateGate

    in Sports

    The "Big Game" is here! Super Bowl XLIX features the defending champs, Seattle Seahawks, versus the AFC kingpin, New England Patriots. The 49th Super Bowl looks incredible on paper but it may be upstaged by what's happening off the field - #DeflateGate. Hear host Joe and special guest host Zack Williams preview the event, predict a winner, and tackle all your football-inflation questions on Episode 162.

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    The Steve Silver Show

    in Sports

    Good morning everyone, and welcome to a very special Saturday, Super Bowl edition of The Steve Silver Show. On today's show, Bo Reed and Steve Silver break down the big game from both ends of the spectrum. We'll tell which team has a difinitive advantage over the other. We'll also get into the coaching aspect as Pete Carroll goes heads us with the "genius" Bill Belicheck. 

    We'll also have some fun this morning with prop bets. 

    Phone lines are open this morning, and you can also hit Steve and Bo up on Twitter @InsiderSteve and @LTRReed. We'll see you at 12pm EST on The Steve Silver Show. 


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