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    Stars Clap Monday Motivation

    in Education

    Join hosts Abdullah Haneef and LaDea Sanders as they discuss what really inspires them to start their work week.

    Call in  646-564-9715

    6:30 EST/ 5:30 Central

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    Stars Clap Youth Speak Out

    in Education

    Join youth host Zavier Rollins and Darion Barners as they discuss Physical Bullying.

    Call in 646-564-9715

    6:30pm EST/ 5:30 Central

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    Stars Clap Books over Bullys

    in Education

    Join us each Wendsday  as we bring back the joy of reading a book- Our Current Book is Because of the Moon by C.J. Cutayne

    Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay Roberts, a mischievous teen with a wicked sense of humor. Arrested for his involvement in a chop shop, Jay has two choices: go to juvenile detention or move to the impoverished Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance. Either way he won't enjoy the fruits of his latest prank "Rat-Day". 

    Jay doesn’t belong in the run-down village and vows to return to the city when his sentence over, if not sooner. He resents his frequently absent mother for making him move three weeks before school is over. A school where everyone calls him "Apple" for some reason. Jay goes through the motions of his community service while planning his escape. His plan to stop the school bully will either win him the respect of his peers or turn him into "apple sauce". 

    Keeping everyone at arms length, Jay watches with indifference as family by family, the people move away. After thousands of years on their ancestral land the villagers have given up hope of survival. Gradually Jay learns to appreciate his Grampa and the quirky tribe members. When Grampa points to Orion's belt, in the sky, Jay asks "If his belt fell down would we see a full moon?" and the two click. 

    Jay devises a plan to keep the village together protecting the history and tradition he is inherently a part of. When the plan threatens to fall apart can Jay reach out to the unreliable village alcoholic to pull them through?

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    Stars Clap Youth Speak Out

    in Education

    Join our Youth Radio Hosts Zavier Rollins and Darion Barners with their Special Guests Shannon Nikki Keyes Founder, Editor-in-Chief at JustMYpeople LLC and Citizen Journalist/ Citizen Reporter at Worldwide Info Forum and Althea Fears Founder of By Faith Foundation Inc. as they discuss What We Do In Our Communities on Stars Clap Academy Youth Speak Out!

    Tuesday 6pm-8pm EST

    Call In # 646-564-9715

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    Stars Clap Throw Back Thursday- History

    in Education

    Join Abdullah Haneef and LaDea Sanders as we discuss the hidden history of First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It may surprise you.

    Call in 646-564-9715

    6:30pm EST/ 5:30 pm CST


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    Stars Clap Speak Your Mind Saturday

    in Education

    Join us in the studio with  special Guest Lost Tribe and our favorite Stars Clap Senior Host and Co-Founder Abdullah Haneef as they get an opportunity to Speak thier Mind.

    Call in at 6pm Eastern 5pm Central 


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    Stars Clap Old Fashioned Family Christmas

    in Education

    Join the Stars Clap Academy as we bring back the Old Time Family Christmas Atmosphere

    Abdullah Haneef and LaDea Sanders will be bringing back to memory the traditions of the past and reading a classic christmas story for you and your family to enjoy just like back in the day!

  • 02:15

    Stars Clap Family Sundays

    in Education

    Every wondered if being in the entertainment industry made you be a different kind of parent? Join Abdullah Haneef and Smyladon as they discuss just that topic.

    Call in at 5pm Central 6pm Eastern


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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

  • 01:37

    Stars Clap New Years Eve Celebration

    in Entertainment


    Join Abdullah Haneef as he turns up the spirit in welcoming in a New Year 

    Star Style

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    Dancing on a Stamp with Garnet Schulhauser

    in Spirituality

    Dancing on a Stamp reveals startling new truths about all of life’s big questions, including our true nature as eternal souls, the reason we incarnated on Earth, and the role of God in the evolution of souls. These revelations fly in the face of almost everything Christian holy men have been preaching for centuries and provide refreshing new insights into the journey of the soul. The answers to all of life’s vexing questions came from a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise—an emissary from the spirit world) who stepped out the shadows one day to engage the author in a provocative dialogue that rocked his worldview and changed his life forever.

    Albert tells us that we are all eternal souls who chose to experience life on Earth in order to grow and evolve. We planned the circumstances of our lives before we were born so that we could experience the things necessary for our evolution, and we create our own realities on Earth through our free-will choices. All souls are individual aspects God who is the Source—the totality of everything in the universe. We are all connected to the Source, to all other humans and animals on Earth, and to everything else in the universe.

    Garnet Schulhauser Website

    Garnet Schulhauser Website - Book

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