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    Dead Man's Radio - Christmas Open Mic Night

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    Join King Outlaw, Queen Stephers, Shell Kneebreaker & Judgement tonight as they talk about the recent events in Sports Unstoppable, Round Table style! Tonight we'll be reviewing the recent scenes, scams, bannings, companies, pay per views, and other controversial situations, including the broken state of SU and it's repair! No storyline is safe from the discussion tonight! 

    Tonight is our special Holiday Open Mic Night! 

    Bonus songs are: 

    I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

    and the special bonus is

    Adam Sandler's Hannaukah!

    Be sure to call in during the second hour and give us your input! You never know what the discussion might turn into! 

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    Sacredheart Gospel Special to all on Christmas

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    This year is our 6th Annual Christmas Show for all to know that Peace on Earth is not a realilty at all now, but just the flip side of that. There will be Great Joy this Week this we know, Man always finds a way to have a Fun filled time even in the mist of great Terror. As we face a New World Order..as we face a changed America, as we watch our freedoms that our men and women fought so hard for slip--slip--slip far way...as America turns toward her future and joins Obamas vision of her as a 3rd world country...with out morals, with out guts, without our God Given rights to be FREE...tune is to hear this Strong message of the year...May God Bless all this year and have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM US ALL AT DA PUTER SHACK AND SACREDHEART GOSPEL PRODUCTIONS:

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    Da Puter Shacks "55" Show

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     Indeed Folks its that time again...NEXT WEEK is our  8 th Annual Christmas Karaoke Show, next Monday join us for Super great Singers on all of your alltime Favorite Holiday tunes...get in Da Mood along with us...sip hot cinder  , sit by the fire feet up and Listen to the SHOW...!!! This week is our Regular "55" show...10 of your fav singers and tunes...bring ya pop corn to string for the tree while ya listen in to this great show..Hosted and DJ'ed by " Da Mouth of the South" Butch Melton. So see ya here Monday night at 8PM USA/EST :

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    ROBOTZ of the Company - Holiday Show

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    It's the DRE Holiday Party (Dream Realm Enterprises) and takeover of Whispers in the Dark. We will be joined live by Ronn "The Doctor" Smith, Jeff "Zim Tron/Derrick/Dr. Filbot" Niles, Joe "Putch" Thomas and of course, Jonithan Patrick Russell! There will be pre-recorded interviews with Stefania "D-Funct" Lintonbon, Gwendolyn "The Enforcer" Jensen-Woodard, Sally "Squeak" Wiget, and Kyle "Brisco" Borcz. We will premiere the Sultry Dalek #4 "The Holiday Dalek", and listen to various clips from the past of Robotz of the Company, and generally celebrate all things Dream Realm Enterprises. Plus, there may be a surprise or two along the way!

    Oh, and we will be presenting the Top 5 Greatest Moments of Robotz of the Company, as chosen by the Credator! LOL! SOUNDS like a GREAT SHOW!!! So make sure you have your favorite Holiday Beverage handy and prepare to Laugh and have Fun!

    Visit their website at : www.DreamRealmSite.com

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    Da Puter Shacks Karaoke "All Country " Radio show

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    As we missed last show becaus of the BIG SINK HOLE behind our house, we was moved out of the area for a week..!!! But hey we are back and are hoping that hole dont swing by again and swallow us up..!! This week was to be Mr. Eric;s show but we have to get this show done as it is holding up our web site, as we move on to our special Christmas and New Year Eve SHOW this month...so hang on peeps...bring a cold drinks and sit back and hold on for some great entertainment tonight at 8pm USA EST...looking foward to DJ this one...WE ARE BACK !!!! 

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    This Thursday night Dr. Butch will continue with his on going search of the bible of its history that is right now making our FUTURE...Does History repeat its self...? ... it seems so...proof in the Holy Word of God. God gave unto us all the wisdom to see that it is TRUE,,, that HIstory does REPEATS its self, and for us all to use that wisdom not to repeat that History. Will man kind see how we are heading for the same thing as Israel suffered many many times in her History...that will hit all the WORLD...first America...then the END IS ON !!!!

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     This is the second show of the week, Dr. called forth a EXTRA..for he has some WARNINGS that he has seen and has found of the bible Prophecy. He will get into the crust of what he knows. God has sent signs for all to pay attention to as Jesus for-told in his words, "there will be signs and wonders in heaven in the last of days, the Sun,Moon and Stars." Jesus went to say , " you say that when the sky is Red in the Eve , that is will be safe and good sailing, and if the sky is red int he morning it is a warning of storms ahead." He went on, " then how Can  you not  then  see the signs of the comng of man..?"

    This is those signs that our Lord Jesus Spoke of, is here today...as the signs are in the Moon, Our Sun, Earthquakes of tremendous Size in Low Places, Weather turns the Mighty Ocean to Foam, to over run her banks. A watchful eye  and ears that can hear , that can listen to his last messengers that he has sent to man  in these the last of days. For if we sit back and not pay attention as man done in the days of Noah, then it SHALL BE IN THIS AGE AS WELL :

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    Tonight Dr. Butch Melton will Air Rev Jonathan Gentry as he sounds off using Gods and his own words to turn around I say again... to try to turn around the Hate and Racism not only in this country but around the world..we hope that you tune in to this Powerful - Powerful show.

     Rev Jonathan Gentry has been featured on Fox News, his You Tube Video has hit hard in the minds of Gods people, but can it reach those that has been infected with Satan's Sloth , the Devils Lies of how the World is against you or a certain Race is holding you down...Dr. Butch is asking all to listen to this show... if you ever wanted to know the TRUTH about WHY can't we all get along...and when is enough - enough, when we people STOP blaming others..? When in fact its all the while been the Devil and sinners being Slothful by listening to the Devil and his Great Leaders of this World...The End Times..? you ask..? Indeed this is one of the Biggest signs Jesus Gave to his Disciples, also to all of us if we have the Soul and Understanding to Listen and use common sense to see it for what it TRUELY IS... Hope to see many there tonight or be sure to Listen to this 90 min show  anytime you get a chance to for it will CHANGE your life and outlook of how this all is happening and why...GOD BLESS US EVERYONE ;

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    Da Puter Shack Cyber Shopping Music Show

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    It's time again for everyone to hurry and grab them great deals.... Black friday has passed, but Monday is cyber Monday where you can get great deals online without waiting in line!!

    I'll tell you some places online that you can check for awesome deals, but you have to tune in to the show to find out! I'll be announcing places all throughout the show! And while you are shopping I will play some various holiday music... karaoke style! I might have a few hillbillies hanging out here that may try and abduct the microphone from me, just so you know! I rated the show "R" just in case them hillbillies try something hillbilly-like...

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    Dr. Butch Melton Will bring this week the continued proof of Gods True Words, not just what the system has made up, all about the systems Rituals , Rites , Ceremonies. The TRUTH brought to all Gods people by the true word of God, showing you all if your read it, understand Gods Word over that of the system. The Dr. will show how even back in the days of Zechariah, and now are still the same..!! How man just can not stop the hypocrisy, leading to the Destruction of the Jews Homeland and Gods Holy Temple...how it was God that did not stop Israels enemies from running them out of their homeland. God gives and God has taken away..not Gods revenge, but by taking his holy hand from his people, therefore no more blessings came for hundreds of years then again till 1947, did God place his hand back on his people, but we see even now they are slipping away again..this time God said, " I will take my holy hand from the whole world, no blessings will come till mt son returns." So tune in and learn how it was back then, compare it to today, see for yourselves how there is no difference and people still will not listen to God but put thier faith and trust in the systems...which will lead to the END OF DAYS...!! Tune in and continue to learn how History is indeed Repeating its self: God Bless All:

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    Round Table Talk: Karaoke Edition

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    Tonight on Round Table Talk w/Queen Neé, we're going to have a little fun. KARAOKE NIGHT! Come unwind and sing some tunes with Team Boom Tonight

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