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    Mz. WallZtreet - Clean Comedy..

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    Please tune in as we speak with one of Atlanta's funniest comedianne... Ms. Wallzstreet is a multifaceted entertainer and has been dubbed as the one and only Karaoke Queen. She has performed as an actress, comedienne, poet, mistress of ceremony and model. Her unique flavor and flare that is seen today during her high energy performances consists of a unique mixture of colloquial flavor from the north and the south.  She has performed at Café 290 as the house comedian, Sister’s in Spanx 1-2, Jerry Farber’s Side Door, Atlanta Punchline, JSpot in LA,  and at the elite Presidential election party given at Paschals. Her more recent work includes being a feature for, ”So You Wanna’ Laugh”, being a headliner for Starbuck Conyers Comedy, Charessa Sawyer Tabletalk series, Hotseat Urban Media 1420 a.m , Mjnetwork clean comedy showcase, BGE100  blog radio comedy show, Loud Mouth Radio, C Nathanial Brown Show & the Larry Love Show. show your support 

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour Presents_into the hands of Satan_End of Times

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    PRE-RECORDED: Sorry about no show Thursday Night ,,, Comcast shut down our Inter-Net for over 3 hours, we had no phones either ,,,they said they was upgrading the lines around here Call ins will not be taken we will have a call in show soon keep eye open for that:

    In the End of Time for Man, our Lord Warned all...that Satan that Old Devil, will take control of ALL THINGS. Mans Earthly Domain he has struggled to build will be take in a short time by the Snake of all EVIL. Man the Lord says will Sit back and GIVE AWAY, unto the hands of the MASTER OF ALL SIN the WHOLE WORLD...then will Scream at GOD and ask WHY..? The Lord made it SIMPLE to understand...When you follow and WORSHIP the WORLDS WAYS and all that is of her...to Which Satan showed and paved the way for all ADDICTIVE WAYS... to HOOK the HUNGRY FISH...then we can see how easy it is for Satan and his words to SET THE HOOK !!!  MOST folks have already been Hooked, Netted and SKINNED...all that is left is HIS NUMBER taken by the FORM of the WORLDS most highly WORSHIPPED PRODUCTS...Products by theway of EVIL...any thing that CONTROLS you lives and Actions also your WILL ...is controlling, watching , listening, ruling over every inch of mans LIFE...then all should see how Satan has Control over every second of every day of your lives...then when that happens how can anyone say they are OF GOD,,,??? When their FACE and EARS are stuck into a PRODUCT of deception and TOTAL CONTROL...when has it ever been a TIME in our history that one single ENERGY...one type of FAST communication that can spread faster than any VIRUS...!!! So now Satan has nowtaken CONTROL of the WORLDS INTER NET...the HEART OF MAN...a HEART THAT BEATS and PUMPS all KNOWEDGE...but NOT WISDOM...man has placed all his future in one BASKET and now that BASKET has been high JACKED...the MARK IS OF THAT PRODUCT and the WORSHIP THERE OF...GOD BLESS ALL TUNE IN SATURDAY NOON TIME 12:00 PM USA EST SEE YA THERE:


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    "Can a Christian be Demon Possessed?"

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    "The heart is deceitful ABOVE ALL THINGS, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jer. 17:9)

    Can a Christian be demon possessed? Many Christians believe that the answer to this daunting question is NO; however, where in the bible does it prove this theory?

    In fact, there are passages that seem to indicate (though not conclusively prove) that demon possession of believers CAN occur.

    "As humans we tend to be emotional creatures. As Christians, especially the "Born again", the thought/possibility of a holy believer being demon possessed is repulsive; an emotional standpoint and not at all a doctrine fact." ~Syndi Lumina

    "Join me on my journey to the truth of another impacting episode on Realms of the Paranormal"

    "Let me light your way; you are not alone!" ~Syndi Lumina

    To hear a better version of my cover song "Amazing Grace" please click link below; apparently my wifi connection was cutting in and out, but you can hear it here! I apologize for any inconvenienece ;-)



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    Country Music show case

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    singer/songwriter show case, Jessie Lee, Mike Dean and Grayson wood

    My name is Jessie Lee Smith. I am a 16 year old, country music artist, singer/songwriter from Northeast Iowa. My parents d...iscovered at the age of 10 that God blessed me with an amazing talent! I was at my uncle’s birthday party where they had karaoke. I asked the DJ if I could try that, he then handed me the mic and I started to sing Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift. Everyone was going up to my mom saying “I think you have something their” I have been singing ever since.

    Growing up a rocker, Mike Dean has made the move to the ever growing arena of Country music. Looking to make his mark on th...e industry, Mike Dean combines modern country and rock music with memorable lyrics to create songs that you can relate to.

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    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

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    Spring is around the corner and Atlanta is hopping with events.  JS will talk with DJ Vanessa Hundley about what she's got going on.  She will also be talking about The Just Steph Show on the road, hosting Karaoke this coming weekend.  On-line dating advice, what's happening in ATL and TBT! Don't miss it! Call in with your funny dating stories or your fav karaoke songs. 347-857-4104


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    Third Rail Radio ~ A R3belution Radio Group

    in Culture

    Dalek conducting the train again tonight, got better ineternet (thank god) here for a better Third Rail Radio! come on over and have a hoot around the midnight express!!!!

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    Barstool Rundown March 4th

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    Topics Include - Eagles/Bills trade, Dahnef Fanuefh/Cuthbert/Lupol Suing TSN, Chick Starts GoFund Me For Vegas Fight, Heat Karaoke Night,  50 Cent 1.6 on Floyd, Electric Batmitsvah Invitation.

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    Sacredheart Gospel Old Time Gospel Hour with your host Dr. Butch Melton

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     Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour with your host Dr. Butch Melton;

    Tonight at 8pm usa est..he will bring on what he promised on his past shows about the
    REAL ROMAN CHURCH and it's ethics..its REAL PURPOSE..by the very words of their
    most HIGH..the POPE by Order(s) by the Pope for the Pope..this show will be about
    the Jesuit(s)...the innter most CORE of the said church. The very foundation of its core,
    about it's REAL MISSION & FAITH...not in the LORD JESUS or GOD OF ALL CREATION but 
    in that of the most HIGH...the POPE...!!!  Butch will bring and read the OATH of the Jesuit
     ( Which the POPE is one) on AIR. It will chill your SOUL to the BONE..if you are of the faith
     to follow the POPE you need to tune in and fine out what the church really does behind
     their closed doors...what they are really are shooting for....what they will DO to get it...!!!
     This will put you on the edge of your seat..!! This should wake up those that worship the 
    Pope as Jesus on Earth,,this is proof once and for all, their REAL meaning of Taking total 
    CONTROL of everything and EVERYONE, is there NO difference between ISIS and the
     Roman Church..? Tune in tonight and find out for your self...!!!

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    Third Rail Radio: A R3belution Radio Joint

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    dalek filling in the cracks tonight, will be prety fun... lets see what kind of chaos can we arise. XD


    Call in live, (646) 929-1480

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    Sacredheart Gospel Hour _ Recipe Of Transformation

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    What was Mankinds Recipe from God of Trasformation back in the time of Adam and Abraham and Noah...???   The Same as today but it was Upside down..!!!!  So lets Look at how God gave us the recipe for our transformation of the human race...how it it was back then...and NOW TODAY...so TUNE IN at 12 noon USA EST:


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    Third Rail Radio - A Rebelution Radio Joint

    in Culture

    We Are The Third Rail. Being sane in a mad world isn’t easy. Editorializing & speculating on Anything & Everything that hits your favorite aggregator. With guests, lively callers, a know it all 40 year old cynic and cook and a cyborg, it’s really a dance party. Co-hosted by @anticrisis73, and his Dalek friend @AnCapDalek Grimmy, no subject is off limits or too vulgar. We invite you to join us on the internets for a wild ride through the tubez. Join us, won’t you? You're calls are welcome!

    Tonight, We Talk War. What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing? or is there a method to the madness of chucking explosive ordinance all willy nilly around our precious earth? We'll delve into this subject with our esteemed guest panel!

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