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    Beyond The Forest Radio welcomes Paranormal Enthusiast Daisy Darlington!

    in Paranormal

    Please welcome paranormal enthusiast and authoress par excellence Daisy Darlington to Beyond The Forest Radio, with your host Sanjay R Singhal, RA!  Lady Darlington (as she should properly be addressed) is a devoted supporter of the Elder Children, eagerly following their exploits when not following the Belvoir.  Lady Darlington is also quite fond of ghosts, ghostly activities, and properly documented hauntings, preferably when not at home.  A keen horsewoman, Ms Darlington prefers to be mounted astride, and is happy to discuss the qualities (and shortcomings) of Munnings' depiction of grandmama otherwise, if so interested.  An extremely accomplished prima ballerina, Daisy has danced with Nureyev, and lived to tell about it; she also appears (briefly) in the film "The Hunger", but not as a vampire.

    We hope you will be able to join us for this amazing programme; the chatroom will, once again, be hosted by the intrepid AJ Milhorn and the Haunted Forest team!


    In a new browser window, enter http://swiftirc.net/?page=chat&client=qwebirc

    Where it says #SwiftIrc in Channel box, erase that and type #hauntedspots

    Where it says Nickname SwiftIRC, erase that and type in a nickname of your choice, ie JohnDoe, JaneDoe, et al

    Hit the "Enter Chat" button, and then hit "yes" when prompted

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    01/25/2016 - Underrated / Overrated Part II

    in Comedy

    Underrated / Overrated was a hit so we're doing it again. But wait, there's more! So much more.

    Off Point is a production of the BYC Channel. Three men, lifelong friends, with a combined IQ of about 60.

    Sponsored by:

    www.theballgogetit.com - Youth Basketball Leagues and Summer Camp.

    www.eyecandybygio.com - Glamour Photography

    www.abdaliz.com - Custom Cakes and Desserts


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    Embracing the Aging Process

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight From the Soil, shares how exposing kids to germs is good. Spotlight on Moms features Kim Grustas of GoodForYouGirls.com. Shelby Herman, author of Shimmer the Glowworm, shares the goal of her newest book. Judy Batalion, author of White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood and the Mess In Between, shares the challenges of writing about mental illness. Dr. Daisy Sutherland talks about embracing the aging process.

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    350* Farenheit - Ramya Murthy

    in Women

    I had lots of questions still left to ask Ramya after our conversation last time and she is coming back to get those answered for you.

    We'll talk about the pricing structure of a pastry chef. After all the cakes, and cupcakes look effortless, but we know there is a lot of work that goes into the whole process, but we probably never considered that with regard to the pricing. Ramya, will help us understand.

    We found out that buttercreme is making a resurgence and that off-beat tiers and fantasy cakes & cupcakes, as well as cookies are on the horizon.

    Join me again, as Ramya further enlightens us on the baking trends of 2016.

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    Gate 3-Apostle Daisy McGrew

    in Women

    From the Bible Belt State of Oklahoma, Daisy was born a native of
    Oklahoma. She has over thirty nine years in full time ministry. Her spiritual
    roots are deep. Growing up in the home of a gospel preacher her father
    and mother stilled within strong Christian values in her life. And as a result
    of this kind of background she understands that her purpose in the
    Kingdom of God is not self appointed but God ordained.
    Her many years of travel has taken her around the world both domestic and
    aboard, touching the hearts of people through her singing, exhorting and
    preaching. Her love and passion for souls keep her walking humbly before
    God. When asked for comments about her ministry from her peers, all
    agree that her love for God and passion for souls is her main focus.
    Her deep interest is in Leadership Development, Worship, TV Evangelism
    and Women's Ministry.
    She is the President/Director of Deborah's Army Women's Ministry Network
    whose objective is to keep our spiritual leaders and political leaders covered
    in prayer, to keep our families here at home and around the world in prayer
    and to keep our motives pure.
    She is over joyed but very humbled to be given this assignment that
    strengthens women who are on the front line and who gives their all for The
    In describing Daisy, it can be said that she is a woman who loves to serve
    and a woman after God's own heart.

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    There Goes My Hero... Again 1-18-2018

    in Comedy

    OFF POINT is a production of the BYC Channel

    Three grown men. Grown physically. Stunted Mentally. Stillborn Emotionally. We'll be funny. We promise.

    Off Point is sponsored by

    www.abdaliz.com - Custom Cakes and Desserts

    www.theballgogetit.com - Youth Sports Leagues

    www.eyecandybygio.com - Glamour Photography.


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    How do you decide which path is right for you

    in Friends

    Welcome to Tapping Into the Spiritual Realms of Authority on Moji's World with your host Moji Solar - Percy and our panel members , Cathy Audu, Annmarie Daisy Triolo, and Bruce N. Barry Jr.

    On our show this week, we will be chatting about "How do you decide which path is right for you' as there are a number of ways to connect to God, Eledumare, Allah, Buddha or whatever name you call your supreme being.

    Join us today Tuesday, January 12th, 2015 at 7 pm (EST). Call us on (646) 668-8625.

    **Show produced by Moji Solar - Percy and EnNy LA**

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    Morning Moments With Maia; Debra Joy Hart on Humor and Bereavement

    in Self Help

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L., writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter. President-Elect of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia is joined each week on Morning Moments With Maia...Conversations of Love and Laughter by an eclectic lineup of guests who live their lives with love and laughter and work to help others do the same.


    Debra Joy Hart, RN is a Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator who has experience in home care, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, hospice, and public health. Deb, AKA “Daisy the Clown”, is part of a team working with FCAN to bring therapeutic, fun-filled programming to the families affected and infected with HIV/ AIDS. Deb also gives workshops for the adults on how to welcome and include more humor and joy in their lives. Her programs include: Parenting, Grief and Loss, Disease Stress Management, Spirituality and Faith. This morning Deb joins Maia for a conversation about the role humor can play in bereavement.


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    350 Degrees Farenheit - Ramya Murthy

    in Women

    Ramya Murthy's cupcakes are a work of art. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a mutual friend's baby shower and as soon as she started setting up her cupcake displays a hush came over the room. Each cupcake was a work of art in and unto itself within the expectant parents' pre-prescribed theme. Why the hush, we were all oohing and ahhing at the designs AND taking pix of course.  

    Love is definitely infused in these cupcakes. The ingredients were fresh, the designs were delicate, and my-oh-my both flavors were truly delicious. Today she is joining me and answering my many questions re: wedding cake ideas, where to go, who to use and pricing of cakes. I hope you can join me to find out more.

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    Psychic Hour, Are you an elemental, a sensitive, an empath

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Hour, Are you an elemental, a sensitive, an empath.....

    #psychichour #empaths, #elementals #sensitives, #depressions ,#livinginspired #goalsetting #fairychildren

    This podcast is being creayed for a very special audience.

    Are you so sensitive to your surroundings that depression follows you through many of your days?

    Maybe you wonder why you are doing here on earth, what's your purpose?

    Do the news make you extremly sad and you wonder why and what you should do?

    Is your child an empath or a sensitive and how do you know?

    I will talk channel a specific team of angels on this show to talk to you.

    Answer all the questions above in the 45 min show time.

    If you want to schedule a reading with me email "Daisy" at silvermist1305@yahoo.com

    also if you have questions or comments, I love to engage in conversations.

    I am $65.55 for a full one hour reading (approx 1 and fifteen min at the most).

    or email readings are $33.33 for a full sacred cross spread.

    MY BOOK "Work from home as an online psychic " by Daisy Fabelo is available through #amazon


    My etsy shop is having a HUGE January sale 

    #etsy shop Mystic Angel Readings



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    Our Names, Date of birth and How it influences our lives

    in Friends

    Welcome to Tapping Into the Spiritual Realms of Authority on Moji's World with your host Moji Solar - Percy and our panel members are Ifalade Tashia Asanti, Lynette Calabrese, Annmarie Daisy Triolo, and Bruce N. Barry Jr. too enlighnten us on this topic today Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 7 pm (EST).

    On tonight's show, we will chat about how our names, date of birth pays a role in our daily existence and how it influences our lives.

    In Yoruba land, our names were given to us after consulting with God , and on the 7th day the child is named, with honey , water , Salt placed in its mouth to set it off with sweet elements.of life.. The naming ceremony, the baby is carried by a prophet or elder that goes into spirit and tells you all about the child a future , what it will be , what not to feed him and such. Names were considered to be a very important part of who we are. Oluwa damilola..... God gave me wealth. Folasade, ..... wealth is my crown Oluwagbemiga..... God lifted me up , Eniola.... a person of wealth . Now we name out children after handbads, cars some even name their children. Damion,, Brooklyn and the list goes on.. If Brooklyn can grow up to be an amazing person, do names really matter ? Join us today on Tapping iIto Your Spiritual Realm of authority, join us in exploring what difference a name makes in our lives and the numerological meanings of out birthdays and names. Lynette Calabrese will be giving free live readings with Birthdays.... Spread the word... 7pm.eastern time....6466688625