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    Hafiz Farid

    in Business

    Hafiz Farid has been writing since childhood, a published poet as a young teenager, he went on to write short stories and then screenplays. His father was a well-known jazz musician in Newark New Jersey, playing with the likes of Wayne Shorter, Elvin Jones, Ben Webster and many others. He studied communication and film at West Virginia University and New York University. Farid began his film industry career back in 1986 forming Foremost Productions and writing spec scripts to sell to Hollywood studios. His first script Going Straight was optioned by Centuri Pictures. Farid formed Foremost Management and he soon branched out into managing artists. Writing and managing led Hafiz to work as a writer for young upcoming comedians for ShowTime at the Apollo. He soon began to develop the careers of young Hip-Hop artist in the New Jersey area, working closely with Redmen, when he was just a young teenage DJ in Newark NJ. He coordinated and promoted the first Hip Hop event ever held at Newark?s Symphony Hall bringing Kid N Play to the hall to host a promotional screening of Columbia Pictures feature House Party.

    Hafiz later developed and managed the group Lords of the Underground, working extensively with Marley Marl and later securing a production deal with Marley?s company. Hafiz was able to sign this group to Pendulum/EMI Records headed by President Rueben Rodriquez. The group went on to produce a Gold debut album “Here Comes the Lords” and a number 1 single on Billboards Hip-Hop charts entitled “Chief Rocka”. Hafiz wrote and directed several music videos while working with Lords of the Underground. Under Farid?s management, the Lords were able to secure a role in Peter Spires Hip-Hop documentaryRhyme or Reason. Hafiz and the group later went on to achieve a Gold record for their contribution to the soundtrack of the filmNew Jersey Drive.

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    Curtains.Should Farrakhan Retire?Saviors Day 2010

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight while I was watching the Pan African film Festival on the Africa Channel,I took a minute to catch Min Farrakhan bash President Obama about not speaking up directly for Black oppressed.This is a man who refused up until a year ago to even mention Dafur and denied there was a problem between Africans and Arabs.Tonight a fire and Brimstone sermon in Kala Nation.

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    D'Anne Burley Show

    in Radio

    Dafur and the issue of Genocide will be discussed tonight with guest Janessa Goldbeck of the Genocide Intervention Network, then we will discuss the American Genocide reflection on New Orlean and how the Africa American Community is effected by the Second Amendment and the importants of upholding the constitution with guest Sean Horton NRA Certified African American who trains in fire arms, we will discuss the issue of Blacks and Gangs on tonights program

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    Wanda's Picks

    in Art

    Today we will give an update on Hurricane Season in Texas, paying special attention to those areas where the devastation hit hardest and what organizations are responding to the disaster. We'll update listeners on any new developments in Albert Woodfox's case, with further reporting Friday, Nov. 14. During the second half of the show, we will also discuss what is going on in the Democratice Republic of the Congo--Patrice Lumumba land, King Leopold country, a place that has not know peace in almost 50 years. Exploited after its first democratically elected Prime Minister, post-colonial rule was killed by the west, turmoil in the area: Rwanda in particular and the country's vast mineral resources has made it a haven for international plunder. We hope to have representatives on our show today who can clarify the issues for us. Next we'll talk about Dafur and Southern Sudan and the continuing massacre there.

  • The DuCross Bros: Episode 95

    in Sports

    Its August 5th, 4pm pst, 7pm estYour listening to The DuCross Bros with Your hosts Tristen and Shaun DuCross. Green Bay Favre not Green Bay Packers, The X Games go big. Diamond Talk Trade Deadline passed, Manny Being Manny, Brawl in Royal Town, Bonds back in baseball,Grid Iron training camps open with a punch, Raider thinks about walking away, and football is hear finally.New Segment Cross Fire Our Take on whats going on in Dafur, US getting tuned up for Olympics, Luel Deng signs, the Defection to Europe continues, Artest let go,Olympics are near, NCAA College Football kids being shown the door, a Notre Dame QB in trouble and next week we have a special guest.

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