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    Bitter Lake

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    Short Kansas political news commentaries  interspersed between audio segments.

    "New World Notes" is produced under the auspices (Latin for "resigned sighs") of WWUH-FM, a community service of that beacon of light in darkest Connecticut, the University of Hartford.More details, photos, nice links, & other good stuff on the show's Web site: http://newworldnotes.blogspot.com

    Adam Curtis's new documentary, condensed & adapted to radio by Kenneth Dowst. An interesting and entertaining look at the histories and politics of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the U.S. since the 1940s.

    PART ONE It's about the history and politics of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the U.S. since 1946. About the many failures of reformers--American, Russian, and Afghan alike--to remake and modernize Afghanistan. It's about shrewd and cynical calculations by Saudi and American leaders--who promote development and stability in Saudi Arabia by exporting Saudi extremist Islam (Wahhabism) abroad--including to Afghanistan.

    PART TWO looks at the failed Russian attempts to reform Afghanistan in the 1980s ... the failed American attempts to reform Afghanistan since 2001 ... the transfer of political power in the West from governments to defense industries and the banks

    PART THREE shows the corruption, conflicts, complexity, warlordism, and ever-shifting local alliances of Afghan society today. And it shows the naivete and ignorance of the English and American occupying forces (and of the politicians who dispatched them).

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    Thursdays with Lectures of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

    in Lifestyle

    Thursdays with Lectures of Imam W. Deen Mohammed


    8:00 PM eastern

    Human Intellect Part 2a and Part 2b

    Conclusion of lecture that began last week

    Perma link to the presentation


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    Say It, See It, Be It!

    in Women

    "The soul is like a butterfly... There is a moment in which a voice tells us the time has come for a major metamorphosis." ~ Rubem Alves

    Winter may seem to be raging on - snow, ice, blustery winds and all. But there is a change coming! Do you sense it?

    There is immense beauty, complex intellect, and unique creativity in every woman. But if the cares of life have got you feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed, you'll miss your blossoming moments. If you've been wearing too many hats to identify your place in life, we invite you to take a break, get off the roller coaster, and give yourself some much-needed attention. It's time to get a vision for your life, and it all begins with your metamorphosis!

    Tune in today as we chat with our long-time friend, Mia Wright, Founder & Executive Director of Metamorphosis, Inc., and Co-Pastor of The Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, TX. She's about to kick off her annual Metamorphosis Women's Conference and she wants to give you a personal preview! 

    We welcome your questions and comments, so call in (646-716-6910, Press '1') or log in to our chatrroom during this LIVE broadcast.

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    Promote my NEW Music Social Network - ORCHARD.social

    in Music

    Orchard.social is a Brand New dedicated Music Social Network Site designed for music lovers around the globe. Orchard ‘s mission is the dedication to the Unity and the sharing of creative intellect delivered through music and media social networking, to enable creation of  the highest quality and most innovative music on Earth beyond all boundaries. No longer are you bound by the rules and regulations of other social sites that generally sponsor unethical content and rediculous video shares. Now Orchard.social is available to unite the creative elements inside of you and broaden your horizons of music and culture from around the world.

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    in Christianity

    Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator. These foods, prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet. {MH 296.1}

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    At Eye Level - Who Cares?

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Matt G and "Doc" Savage


    This week, we're taking our usual cynical look at pop cultre, movies, music and social media. We'll chat for a bit about the Oscars and if they really reflect what's good or bad in film. Then we'll talk about some of our favorite classic films and actors that may have been ignored by "Mainstream Hollywood."


    We'll also tap into our more serious side and discuss what's been going on behind the scenes with Matt. He'll tell you all about it and the GoFundMe campaign that he and his wife have set up to help.


    Show us you care... or don't. Call in and join the conversation.

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    Monster X Radio with Rhettman Mullis, President of Bigfootology

    in Science

    Join Monster X Radio hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down with Rhettman Mullis, President of Bigfootology.

    Team Bigfootology is a team of experts in their field (academic scientists) and field experts. It takes a multidisciplinary team to discover evidence and analyze that evidence under the scrutiny of modern science. Our international team continues to grow and we are adding members by invitation and team consensus. The mission and goals of Bigfootology require a multidisciplinary global effort which requires the talents and intellect of many in order to analyze evidence and data to establish the species. By utilizing the masterminding principle where a multidisciplinary team gathers to seek solutions, Bigfootology is able to provide logical results in order to develop the record of the Bigfoot species, by any other name, in terms of physiology, psychology, history, sociology, and more.

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    Bridges Programming, Conversation with guest Jeff Tue

    in Energy

    .  Please tune in and join us this evening for lively conversation with our guest, Jeff Tue.   This can be confusing because one of our hosts is Jeff (also).  But I'm sure we will be able to deal with it.  Guest Jeff is a most knowledgeable fellow and has unique views that need to be heard and considered.  His background is as an historian but his intellect travels far and wide.  

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    How Do You Move Forward After An Emotionally Crippling Experience?

    in Women

    The violent death of a parent, spouse, sibling, or child; a sexual assault; a divorce; a sudden loss of property such as in a house fire; being arrested and sent to jail; being publicly humiliated by the exposing of a personal secret. All of these experiences can have an emotionally crippling effect.  They engrave indelible marks on our personalities and keep us from moving forward with our lives. We wallow in pain and grief as a way of life, allowing anger and bitterness to become a permanent part of our personalities. We become obsessed with vengeance against the one who wronged us. We become cynical and afraid to try to achieve our greatest dreams, permanently scarred by a painful memory. We find someone else to blame for our failures. A bad experience can be a stepping stone or a stumbling block, depending on how high you step.  How do you heal from the hurt, bounce back, and advance to a higher level of wisdom after an emotionally crippling experience?

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    Thursdays with Lectures of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight: Human Intellect Part 1a and Part 1b

    Live 8:00 PM est


    NOTE: It could be just me, But I had a little difficulty with low volume in the early part of the presentation. Make sure you set your speakers accordingly.

    For live and archived link:



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    The mindset and sermons of David Koresh

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    "We, the children of the prophets, are to know our signs, we are to know the authenticity and the power of the word of the fathers, the family of God, the children of the light."  David Koresh

    The power of the Spirit is the power of the intellect. Mind is Spirit. As a man thinks, that’s the way he is. Well, my thoughts have consistently been forced into the avenues of darkness. My body has suffered greatly because of the spirit of doubt, the spirit of wonderment, considering the penalties that could be incurred upon the human body, such as imprisonment, death, suffering, and above all, the reality that one day, if your wrong, you’ll be amongst those great and mighty men who once lived, who lived in the body of their own minds, who lived in their own opinions. Those men who were condemned from the foundation of the world, great and mighty men who will have to also come to the knowledge of the truth, that the wisdom of this world is foolishness unto God.  - David Koresh

    We will explore his subtle and overt translation of scripture.

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