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    Call in for a psychic reading from the mystic visionary, Athena Star

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Athena Star, MAHR, is a reknowned Visionary, Mystic, Reiki Master, Teacher and Motivational Speaker.   She has assisted thousands worldwide (including dignitaries and world teachers) in life-transformational sessions & conferences (both live and telephone) for personal and career success, relationships & prosperity.  Frequent national TV/Radio guest. Listen to AthenaStar Radio Show on Sundays 6pmEST bbsradio.com "RadioShow."   Available for guest speaking, workshops, and sessions media 

    For spiritual counseling with David Clarke, email dcowder@twcny.rr.com or visit 

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    The Cyberspace Sanctuary

    in Culture

    Junious Ricardo Stanton returns the favor and welcomes writer, whistelblower, entrepreneur and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts back to the Cyberspace Sanctuary. Ms Fitts is the former Managing partner of Dillion Read and Co. an influential Wall Street investment banking firm, she also served as Undersecretary for Housing and Urban Development during the first Bu$h administratons. She is a much sought after guest on alternative media. Catherine is the founder and president of Solari Inc and publisher of the Solari Report an eclectic  weekly digest of wide ranging information from a enlightened humanitarian point of view. Catherine shares how she first discovered the US elites' genocidal plans for African-Americans. During their broad ranging conversation Junious and Catherine chat about current events,the shadow economy, debate whether the global elite are psychopaths or aliens and discuss the power of spiritual warfare as the most viable option to thwart and defeat the New World Order agenda.

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    Journey to Empowerment - The Visionary Book Club

    in Books

    We will be discussing February's Book of the Month: Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive. An instant #1 New York Times bestseller for six weeks, Bishop T.D. Jakes's smash-hit INSTINCT shows readers how to tap into their God-given intuition to achieve ultimate success.

    Whether you call it following your heart, a gut feeling, a hunch or intuition, instinct-the inner knowledge bubbling up from a wellspring of wisdom within-can lead to a bigger, elephant-sized life.

    Combining social, business and personal examples with biblical insights, in INSTINCT Bishop Jakes shows readers how to rediscover their natural aptitudes and reclaim the wisdom of their past experiences. Knowing when to close a deal, when to take a risk, and when to listen to their hearts will become possible when they're in touch with the instincts that God gave them.

    If readers are ready to unlock the confines of where they are, and discover where they were meant to be, then INSTINCT is their key!I am a firm believer that READERS are LEADERS and Education is potential POWER, it must be used if we want to reach our destiny.



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    Alexis Logan: 5 Skills A Visionary Woman Needs to Create Success on Her Terms

    in Business

    Alexis Logan  - Women's Leadership Catalyst

    Alexis Logan helps women visionary leaders and change-makers embrace who they really are. The founder of Embodied Authority, she's helped some of the most successful thought leaders and coaches permanently increase their self-worth and body confidence to become the hottest leaders in their industries, while creating a personal life that rocks!

    Trained as a forensic social worker, Alexis gets to the root of things quickly so her clients handle the real issue standing in the way of their success.  She'll share her simple strategies to uplevel your mindset, embody your truth strength, and become the leader you were born to be.




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    Interview with Carlie Kilduff: Teacher, Writer, Visionary, Spoken Word Artist

    in Health

    Join us for an exciting interview with Spoken Words artist, Carlie Kilduff.

    Carlie is a writer, speaker, intuitive, visionary and advocate for humanity.  As a teacher at the middle and high school level, Carlie's classroom perspective is unique and it fuels her drive to empower people of all ages,  in their self care, how to live in the present moment and how to model this for children.

    Through her poetry, she shares messages for all of us, speaking of self worth, self value, self discovery, self healing and finding peace through pain.

    Carlie inspires peaceful thoughts, words and actions in our daily lives.

    Teaching others how to take extreme self care, live in the moment, and let go of resistance as one of the best steps in creating a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future for generations to come.

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    Formidable Persons Have Their Visionary Commonwealth In God's Will

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the profound visionary commonwealth of formidable persons.  Formidable ones are chosen by God to supplant official reality.  They are hurled by God into situation specific environments in order to disrupt and inform the accepted idolatries of their time that they are an affront to the intrinsic order of creation.  Formidable ones shatter hubris and self-conceit with the relentless dabar Yahweh (Word of the Lord) knowing that his word never returns void.  

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    Sherilyn Michelle Bennett, CEO, Visionary Spiritually Sweets, LLC

    in Spirituality

    Vision: Every girl and woman, no matter her age, recognize who she is in Christ and uses her gifts to make an impact in her community and the world!

    Mission: Spiritual Sweets™ is a brand in which women and young girls of the Christian faith can identify, be proud of and use it as a witnessing tool to introduce the Gospel to the world.

    It is our prayer that each girl and woman use what she learns from the gospel to positively impact the lives of others through Kingdom service in their community, schools and beyond.

    It is not the apparel that makes the girl or woman but she knows when she wears it, she is the brand!

    We will expand our merchandise and launch events as the company grows. Let us know what you think of the Spiritually Sweet™ tee-shirt line.  Like us on Facebook! Tweet about it! Tell every spiritually sweet girl you know!

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    Journey to Empowerment - The Visionary Book Club

    in Books

    We will be reviewing January's Book of the Month which is Think And Grow Rich by Napolena Hill.

    Think and Grow Rich is Napoleon Hill's masterpiece; more than just another book on making money, it is a book of distilled wisdom that guides the reader towards both acquiring wealth, and living a more fulfilled life.

    Researched over twenty-five years, Napoleon Hill interviewed dozens of millionaires, and some of the richest men of all time including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford. This book puts together the common factors found in some of the most important Americans of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and presents the information in a simple and straight forward manner that can be understood by all.




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    ILS Live Founders Visionary Call

    in Marketing

    Hear first hand from the founders of ILS are building this dynamic platform. Greg & Doug are live and authentic in their fast-pased 30 minute call setting. Learn what's going on inside the company, new additions and enhancements, and powerful and empactful insights that can move your business forward.

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    Amaya Victoria Spiritual Teacher ~ Visionary ~ Healer

    in Spirituality

    Please join us in welcoming our beloved guest Amaya Victoria

    Magnificence is the premise of all the work that Amaya Victoria does as a healer, channel, visionary, and spiritual teacher whether it is in the workshops, classes, individual sessions, or the mentorship program that Amaya facilitates. Amaya’s vision is always on the magnificence of the individual or group. Amaya helps others to heal by seeing their magnificence and encouraging this magnificence to radiate outward, which facilitates the healing of old wounds and traumas.

    “There is a magnificence shining in each of us. This magnificence is eternal. This is our birthright, for magnificence is within all things large and small.”
    –Amaya Victoria

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    Visionary Times

    in Culture

    Sit with us as we share knowledge, share insights...take you through meditations and teachings of old and new...

    Listen and share with us your stories of life and learning.  Call in and let us guide you through a Spiritual Reading with the help of the Ancients.  For we are entering Visionary Times...a time to share and become who we are all meant to be!  Join Bear Medicinewalker and Anne Rose Illumination as they are joined each week by amazing guests and co hosts and lets see what we can uncover and learn during these Visionary Times.

    Join us as we welcome Storm Cestavani  one of the most talented astrologers I know...and a master of the Tarot joins us and shares insights and information that we can use in our everyday lives.  Bringing his own brand of Sarcasm, humor and wit...I guarentee that ther ewill be laughs all around!      http://stormcestavani.com/                                                                                                                                                                                        

    http://bearmedicinewalker.com/  http://bearmedicinewalker.com/the-wolf-and-the-bear-network/   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heavenlywhispers

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-wolf-and-the-bear/2014/09/10/visionary-times#ixzz3DJfMSpmY

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