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    No Romance Without Finance

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    This Sunday Minister Louis Farrakhan is Speaking Live from the Indianapolis Convention Center. 

    Listen to this rebroadcast of my interview with Steve Trader Foxx and find out how the Simple Trend System is the exact prescription to tackle the economic problems in the Black Community.

    This is important.  There is No Romance Without Finance.

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    Preparing Your Business For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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    Preparing Your Business For Black Friday and Cyber Monday is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. People like to complain that the day after Thanksgiving, “Black Friday,” has become an overhyped shopping sensation around the nation, but the statistics tell another story. It turns out most of us love the onset of the shopping season.
    The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. If you are looking for business financing, please call Apple Capital Group's offices at 866-611-7457 or go to www.applecapitalgroup.com. #applecapitalgroup #thecorecorebusinessshow #timjacquet #blackfriday #cybermonday

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    "The Reality of the Holidays" Series - DECOR STYLE!

    in Women

    Do you know that you can show off your sense of style even when decorating your home for the Holidays? How you ask? Tonite's featured guest, Interior Designer and Writer, Erika Ward, will give us the "dish." Where to start? What are this year's hottest Holiday colors, textures and trends? DIY designs and more.
    "The Reality of the Holidays" series continues tonite. We just may have to impart some "dish" regarding both #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. Did you go hard? To what extreme lengths did you go?
    Join us!!!

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    PTRN presents-The Crystal Web AND The Path Less Traveled

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    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:
    8PM- Join Ed and Maryann- expolre where crystals, crafts and psychic powers converge..CyberMonday - Tell Us about your store
    9pm-Join Mark & Blue Fire Witch- exploring the Mystic and Pagan World on The Path Less Traveled~A Pagans Guide to Surviving the Holidays. How to save on gifts, survive judgmental family members, and celebrate the Holidays Pagan Style.
      Pagans Tonight is the world's leading nightly pagan show bringing you news, information, interviews, entertainment and ideas from across the globe!
    Guests and regular listeners are encouraged to call in and share ideas and experiences at 1-347-308-8222. 

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    Best Cyber Monday Deals with Jennifer Margolin

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    Join me as Jennifer Margolin of RedSoleDiary leads you to the BEST CyberMonday deals on the web. Jennifer is a pro at fashion knows shopping like the inside of her Louboutins!

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    Soma Time For DEBTcember

    in Health

    There's a line in the movie "Vanilla Sky" that says "What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?... Money." Well the answer to that other question is no money. And that's what we'll be discussing on the show tonight as we enter into a month that celebrates debt, consumption and the American Way. With the holiday season unofficially beginning with the craze of Black Friday last week, followed by CyberMonday(?), does anyone realize Hanukkah starts at sundown? The focus in the culture has shifted from what's sacred to what's scarce. Sales over souls. So whether it's Ireland's economic state or Jeter's contracts talks, the instability of this bloated centralized banking system has found every kitchen table in America. Joining us on the SAPEVINE to sort out the red from the black is author, Douglas Rushkoff. His new book "Program or Be Programmed" applies some of the principles he shared in his last book "Life, INC" in both it's content and delivery. We'll examine the culture of debt and how we can take a fresh look at the role money plays in our quality of life as we wade into the deep end of the pool this month. Check out his work at RUSHKOFF.COM - Meantime, the Winter Window Seasonal Transition Survey is posted on SOMASPACE.ORG.. So get some rock salt and go take that surbey and you're rit to go for the season. All that, and maybe some '1000 Ways To Die" clips on the show that post dates da fun, Soma Time!!!!!!!!