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    TRUNEWS 12/16/14: News, Analysis, & Prophecy with Rick Wiles

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    Rick delivers a free-style message about the West’s insane destruction of the Russian economy, and the inevitable blowback from Moscow. Rick also revisits C. Allan Martin’s 1971 prophetic dream about the last U.S. president.

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    Women Headliners: SONY Amy Pascal & Interview w/Christine Breck

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    In this week's headliners, it's all about SONY Pictures powerhouse film executive Amy Pascal, as her company struggles to regain it's composure from the Thanksgiving cyberattack and recent terrorist threat on movie goers in the US.  We review and discuss the impact to the media, Hollywood, racial tensions in the U.S. and how Ms. Pascal will be able to recover from this brazen attack.  Women Headliner interview this week is Christine Breck, pioneer founder of Texas Wall Street Women and Managing Partern of Longstone Capital Management.  

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    World War III is a Cyber War and it Has Begun

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    Did North Korea attack Sony?  Did Islamic Iranian hackers target airlines?  Malware panic seizes America.  Is North Korea working with Iran?  The Axis of Evil is alive and well. 

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch a destructive cyberattack in the United States, following a devastating breach last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    The new war will be fought by tech warriors like Eric Schiffer, cyber security expert and is Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Equity, and DigitalMarketing.com.  Eric is an advanced tech expert, all his companies are armed and equipped with large digital security divisions and revolutionary cutting edge technology.


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    Hard Starboard Radio: Another Hacktastic Obama Fiasco

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    The Big, Bad, Lone Wolf dodge; The Obamastapo visits Nashville; Is the Washington press corps covering up another Obama Regime fiasco?  Yes!  They!  Are!  Could the GOP win up to 55 Senate seats?  No!  They!  Can't!  Prepare for Scott Walker 2016....if he wins re-election in Wisconsin (and if the election were today, he wouldn't); and a story to be named later.

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    How Are Terrorists Using the Internet to Spread Their Message of Hate?

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    When most people read the abbreviation, "IT" they think it stands for Information Technology, right?  But given the reality "on the ground," it may very well stand for Internet Terrorism. 

    Today, the Internet is used by international insurgents, jihadists, and terrorist organizations as a tool for radicalization and recruitment, as a method of propaganda distribution, a means of communication, and platform for training.

    With the exponential growth of the Internet, the promise of this interactive medium has become infused with questionable content, and is actively used by all sorts of extremist and terrorist groups. Ever since 9/11, terrorists have only sharpened their Internet skills and increased their web presence. This sobering episode will discuss ways terrorist organizations have been effectively using the World Wide Web to Wage Web War. Tune in on Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern.


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    Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup #41

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    This is the Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup for November 2, 2014. On the Roundup we feature the top 10 prophecy-related news stories that happened this past week which point towards the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end of the world as we know it. 

    1. Global powers wrestling to hammer out a ground-breaking deal with Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions are moving complex talks into high gear with a "critical" three weeks left for an accord.

    2. As police prepared on Friday for possible violent disturbances in Jerusalem," a senior security official estimated that rioting in the capital could continue for several more weeks, if not months. 

    3. New assessments from the United Nations and US intelligence have shown that foreign fighters are continuing to pour into Syria and Iraq at the rate of 1,000 a month in a global movement of jihadists that exceeds even that into Afghanistan in the 1980s.

    4. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas said that if Israel "makes peace," the rest of the Middle East will immediately begin diplomatic relations with Israel. 

    5. Syrian Kurds welcomed the arrival in Kobani of Iraqi Kurdish fighters with their heavy weapons, hoping they might tip the balance in the battle to defend the town against ISIS, as U.S.-led air strikes continued to bomb the ultra-hardline group in Iraq and Syria. 

    6. Almost two-third of technology experts expect a "major" cyber attack somewhere in the world that will cause significant loss of life or property losses in the tens of billions of dollars by 2025. 


    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

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    TECH PM -- EBay Asks Users To Change Passwords

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    EBay wants users to change passwords after a cyberattack and Netflix expands its service. Tom Ortuso reports.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Dragon Day Movie

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    Imagine a scenario in which our addiction to debt finally comes to a head.  Now imagine that China attacks the US by implanting secret viruses in microchips made in that Communist nation.
    A family getaway to a mountain town turns deadly when China launches a massive cyberattack against the USA, forcing former NSA engineer Duke Evans to fight to save his family in the New World Order.
    Dragon Day film director Jeffrey Travis writes, "When I would pitch the film to people, I could rarely finish the logline before the reaction was “Oh my God, that’s really going to happen”. Our joke was we had to finish the film before it became a documentary. The movie scares people, and it scares me, but it’s also meant to be a fun movie."
    Tonight, Travis and producers Matt Patterson and Steve Markham join us to talk about a sobering and frightening new film "Dragon Day" which opens in theaters Nov. 1st.

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    Situational Preparedness

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    Join us Live Wednesday 5P CST - Call in Skype or Chat
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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West

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    We're talking Mob Rule in Texas, The latest on Snowden, and a Marine Corps General now possibly being the target of probe into leak of Iran cyberattack?? Plus updates on all the news of the week
    Stevie is on the road but calling in, so we're taking it easy tonight.  Grab a cold one and join us for the show, it's Friday night at Casa de Hammy's and we're Getting Hammered!  

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    N.S.A. Snowjob - Rethinking Snowden

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    Is Edward Snowden what he appears to be - a courageous whistleblower who felt compelled by his conscience to inform the American public of a massive, illegal spying operation waged against them?  Or, is he - as Dr. Webster Tarpley and Naomi Wolf are suggesting - something far, far different?
    Why does he hammer home the message of fear?  Why does he, in his first interview after the scandal broke, go so far as to advise the government on which law to prosecute him under?  Why does his travel itinerary (China, Russia, Cuba, etc.) read like a list of "anti-American" caricature states?  What was the point in associating him with Ron Paul?   Was Hong Kong's "refusal" to arrest and extradite him to the United States really due to paperwork errors?
    Speaking of FEAR:
    Now WHY would he say THAT??
    TUNE IN!
    ...Because this story is far from over.

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