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    Cyber Monday is the Monday after thanksgiving.It is an internet buying spree. Since NO ONE works on Thanksgiving week, we are holding this show--the week before.

    This show has  35 author + discussing their books available with your host Bennet Pomerantz

    Scheduled guests for this special broadcast include Christine Nolfi, Robin Peterman, Renee George, Sherri  Hayes, Mark David Gerson,KB Miller, PI Barrington, Mellisa Keir, Kelly Abell, ES Tilton, Barbara Watkins, Madison Sevier,Michel Prince, Sharon Kreps, Lori Hayes, Deb Julienne, Dellani Oakes, Rachel Thompson,TJ Michaels, Lindsay Downs,,Brooklyn Ann, Bonnie Paulson, Kathleen Ball, Christine Fonseca, Dawn Montrgomery, Lee ann Sontheimer Murphy, Elizabeth Black, Rod Belcher, Jodi Olson , Ashley Fontainne and many more.

    The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. You can also follow us at http://worldofinknetwork.com, our blog http://worldofinknetwork.blogspot.com, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

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    Cyber War

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    Darrell Castle talks about the U.S. indictment of five Chinese members of the People’s Liberation Army for cyber espionage.

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    Da Puter Shack Cyber Shopping Music Show

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    It's time again for everyone to hurry and grab them great deals.... Black friday has passed, but Monday is cyber Monday where you can get great deals online without waiting in line!!

    I'll tell you some places online that you can check for awesome deals, but you have to tune in to the show to find out! I'll be announcing places all throughout the show! And while you are shopping I will play some various holiday music... karaoke style! I might have a few hillbillies hanging out here that may try and abduct the microphone from me, just so you know! I rated the show "R" just in case them hillbillies try something hillbilly-like...

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    World War III is a Cyber War and it Has Begun

    in Politics Conservative

    Did North Korea attack Sony?  Did Islamic Iranian hackers target airlines?  Malware panic seizes America.  Is North Korea working with Iran?  The Axis of Evil is alive and well. 

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch a destructive cyberattack in the United States, following a devastating breach last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    The new war will be fought by tech warriors like Eric Schiffer, cyber security expert and is Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Equity, and DigitalMarketing.com.  Eric is an advanced tech expert, all his companies are armed and equipped with large digital security divisions and revolutionary cutting edge technology.


    Tags:  cyber attack, Sony, North Korea, Iran, FBI, Obama, Eric Schiffer, cyber security, hackers, malware

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    Search - Social - Press Releases - And CYBER MONDAY!

    in Internet

    Today I (David Brown) will be speaking with Joe Beaulaurier of WhatcomMarketing.com about his recently published blog post "And Again, The Press Release is Dead." Among other things we're going to have some Black Friday / Cyber Monday... Cyber Tuesday(?) chat. And really... anything else is fair game as Ryan and Fabio are playing hooky today. 

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    PODCAST: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  Today we are speaking with Paul Asadoorian, Product Evangelist, with Tenable Network Security, about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, as well as the “Internet of Things” and security.

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    Dealing with cyber-security

    in Atheism

    Join us as we talk to Merlyn Horton on the issue of cyber-security and internet usage when dealing with kids. We will try to get author Paula Todd to talk about her book: extreme mean.

     Liam Johnson returns to the show with a new science segment, and all our usual jazz..

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    Dealing with cyber-security

    in Atheism

    Join us as we talk to Merlyn Horton on the issue of cyber-security and internet usage when dealing with kids. We will try to get author Paula Todd to talk about her book: extreme mean.

     Liam Johnson returns to the show with a new science segment, and all our usual jazz..

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    Cyber Bullies & Their Effects

    in Self Help

    Tonight's show is about Cyber Bullying and its effects on people. Many parents face this battle (along with adults themselves) with results leading to depression, insecurity, and even in some cases, suicide. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", The Panel will be doing just that. If you, your children, a friend or loved one has been a victim of Cyber Bullying, feel free to share your story with us.

    You can send us an inbox on Facebook, a private message on Twitter, or an email at ItsRealTalkRadio@yahoo.com to share your story with us, as we will address your experience on air and share our honest opinions. Of course you could always call into the live show and share your opinion live on air by dialing 347-838-9540. Just remember to press 1 so we'll know to bring you on air.




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    Cyber Racism is Alive and Well

    in Entertainment

    Cyber racism is most commonly defined as racism which occurs in the cyber world. This includes racism which occurs on the internet such as racist websites, images, blogs, videos and online comments as well as racist comments, images or language in text messages, emails or on social networking sites.

    In addition, the increased use and accessibility of technology means that everyone can self-publish on the internet. This has inevitably led to many websites that are factually incorrect.

    Join the Zaiyah's House Family as they dicuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    What Are The Emotional Effects of "Cyber Bullying"?

    in Women

    For children, being intimidated at school by a bully can lead to a lot of emotional problems. A child may avoid school, claiming to be sick. A child may actually develop a psychosomatic sickness, where the body creates the symptoms of an illness in response to the mind saying that the body is in fact sick. When children exhibit signs of anxiety and distress adults need to pay attention, it could be warning signs of bullying. Adults should get involved and meet with parents of the child who is guilty of bullying and and make sure the behavior is stopped. Easy to do when you can see the attacker, but in today's technological world, bullying has often taken the form of cruel teasing and mean insults in the Internet, spread anonymously through social media. How do we combat "cyber bullying"? What are the emotional effects of such behavior on children? Today members of the Garfield Youth Organization discuss their efforts to raise awareness about Cyber Bullying

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