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    Welcome To;Lisa Marie's Sunday Brunch

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    Thank you for joining yours truly; for Lisa Marie's Sunday Brunch:forTime Released 2015! The Book of Judges The Reign of Judges.

    The Courts of Heaven On today's airing I will share with how to Identify "FALSE FORGIVENESS" & The Power of our High Priest Jesus Christ and the Power we have recieved by adoption to Remit & Forgive sin being joint Heirs in Christ Jesus.John 20:18-24Then said Jesus to them again,Peace be unto you:as my Father hath sent me,even so send I youAnd when he had said this,he breathed on them,and saith unto them,Receive ye theHoly Ghost:Whose soever sins ye remit,they are remitted unto them;and whosesoever sins ye retain, they are retained.

    Fulfilling;The Great Commission Of Christ. you must be Aware:of elites Spirits by that will attempt to compromise your Holy Vocation.by the deceitfulness of riches. It's with all Authority &Power that I Exercise Christ's Authority Invested and given to me.holding the word of truth.that I forgive & Remit Sin. manifested by Confession & Repentance.

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    We've fallen far from what we were... Will we stand up for restoration?

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    Used to be America strived to be more American.

    Today, America exists under a heavy-handed federal governemnt that seemingly wants to make us into something quite different. 

    The shift has been slow. At least it was in the past. 

    Friday, we'll pull some thoughts from a couple of presidential inaugurations from the last century to illustrate what we once were, and to show how far we've been pulled astray. 

    And we'll connect some dots with current events as well. 

    Efforts to fundamentally transform America and to rip it from its roots are now happening at a fast enough pace, with bold enough leaps, there are no longer excueses to deny what's taking place.

    A former president once exhorted us to remember we are heirs to America's first revolution. 

    Are enough of us bold enough take his challenge, and demand we get our country back?

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    Europeans are foreigners on this land (America)

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    I'm tried of all the misconceptions time to clear up this dirt (ignorance). We must over stand government,principle of law and We story (don't history). Tonight on the "Universe Conscious of Itself" show with host Administer of Affairs Stern Ma'at Bey lets get some clarity on the state of affair on these lands call the Americas as it relates to the European foreign. TUNE IN @ 11:30 PM PACIFIC TIME 3/27/2015   

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    Gov wants your inheritance - 13 year old raped twice no report - Campus rights

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    Hr1 … Joe Rant, True equality means you stand up for everyone?
    Brad Dacus President of Pacific Justice Institute in to discuss your child’s rights at school. What is happening with our
    administrators banning the American Flag from campus, pushing the kids not to have an American themed dance?

    Children of Same sex parents speak out in a LOVING way about their upbringing and environments. One writes of a change of heart and feel that kids need to grow up in homes with both mom and dad. the LEFT beats them up, WHY?

    Hr2  No Drug Testing for Welfare recipients but Dems say Heirs Must “Earn” Inheritance from Parents and pass a drug test to receive money, REALLY? 
    Steve Patten -  Journalist - Book out this summer - "Foreign Correspondent." 40 years in the middle east, Worked for CBS News, Far East,  MIAs, POWs, CIA, War on Terror get the inside.  
    Lets ALL vote?

    Hr3  SF nuts at it again want to lower voting age to 16, We all know what good reasoning skills most 16 year olds have!
    Pete Sepp, President of National Taxpayers Union, believes Congress has to work together to accomplish comprehensive tax reform NOW! or else!

    Planned Parenthood twice performed an abortion on a rape victim, raped by the same person twice. WHY haven't they been closed down?

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    Guest: Joel Richardson - When a Jew Rules the World

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    There’s only one conclusion you can draw by taking the prophecies of the Bible literally, says New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson. Someday soon, a Jew named Yeshua – or Jesus, as he’s known in the West – will rule the world from Jerusalem.

    In his new book, When a Jew Rules the World, Richardson paints a picture of what that one-thousand-year reign will be like, along the way blow-torching the notion that gentile Christians have "replaced" the Jews and Israel as the people of promise. Richardson lays out the tragic history of anti-Semitism within the church from the very beginning in what may be the most thorough repudiation of what has become known as “Replacement Theology,” or, as Richardson calls it, “Supersessionism.”

    Joseph Farah, founder of WND.com, calls When a Jew Rules the World “one of the most important books of our time – a chance for Christians to rediscover their true identity as fellow heirs of promise with the House of Israel, the wild olive branches grafted into the tree of the Abrahamic Covenant. Paul explained how we are grafted into that tree. The tree is not dead. It hasn’t been uprooted. It’s still very much alive, as Richardson so masterfully demonstrates through scripture.”

    Chuck Missler praises When a Jew Rules the World, calling the book, “A must read for the serious Christian.” 

    What exactly is the Abrahamic Covenant, and is it still relevant today?  
    Has the New Testament done away with the Old Testament?  
    Is the Church the new and true Israel? 
    What is the Kingdom of God?
    What lies ahead for the State of Israel?
    How should gentile believers relate to unbelieving Jews? 


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    Are we selling our BIRTHRIGHTS, FOR WHAT?

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    The birthright (the right or privilege to which a person is entitled by birth, American Heritage Dictionary) of every citizen of a country is the national heritage, national purpose, and reason for national courage. The birthright belongs to each citizen because he is a citizen. The value of the birthright depends of course upon the value and credibility of that nation.

    We have, therefore, a spiritual birthright. God has given to every believer in the church a royal heritage, a royal mission, and a reason for royal courage. This threefold birthright is a foundation for living the Christian way of life (Philippians 1:27-30). ESAU  gave into the cravings of his hunger - Genesis 25:29-34. He valued the red pottage more highly than his birthright. For temporary, physical pleasures Esau sold his birthright. What about you and I. Are we barginging with the devil for a tempory fix, when God has already promised us everything.

     Romans 8:16-17 tell us of the heirs we are.



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    Believer, I know that you already know this, so I am not trying to tell you something that you don’t already know, but just reminding you to be encouraged as to who we are in Christ. We are surrounded by the WORD, JESUS and GOD  and yet we miss HIM. CAN it be that we have been given to much? Believer  we are in this world, but not of this world.

    John 17:11-16 Christ does not pray that they might be rich and great in the world, but that they might be kept from sin, strengthened for their duty, and brought safe to heaven. The prosperity of the soul is the best prosperity. He pleaded with his holy Father, that he would keep them by his power and for his glory, that they might be united in affection and labours, even according to the union of the Father and the Son. He did not pray that his disciples should be removed out of the world, that they might escape the rage of men, for they had a great work to do for the glory of God, and the benefit of mankind. But he prayed that the Father would keep them from the evil, from being corrupted by the world, the remains of sin in their hearts, and from the power and craft of Satan. So that they might pass through the world as through an enemy's country, as he had done. They are not left here to pursue the same objects as the men around them, but to glorify God, and to serve their generation. The Spirit of God in true Christians is opposed to the spirit of the world.We are Kingdom Citizens, heaven bound.God has given us our directive to get there, lest we forget and miss it. We cannot afford to lose our focus and get all caught up in the world’s affairs and cares. Romans 8:17 says, We are heir of God and joint heirs with Christ. We are on assignment here, waiting for our time to go back home with the Lord.

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    Sweet Romance Author Ilene Withers is Our Guest

    in Writing

    Sweet romance author Ilene Withers talks about her new book, To Release an Earl. <BR><BR>

    About the Book<BR><BR

    Sequel to The Blackmailed Beauty<BR>
    After experiencing a life changing injury while out riding her beloved horse Pirate, Willa Dutton becomes convinced she should release her fiancé, the Earl of Roydon, from their engagement. She feels another woman would be better able to provide him with heirs and participate in the activities he loves. With this decision made, Willa sets out to find him a better wife by matchmaking.<BR><BR>

    Meanwhile, the earl believes that someone is trying to kill Willa. Learning that her saddle had been sabotaged is only the beginning. As more attempts are made to kill Willa, the earl sets out to find out who the suspect is. At the same time, he finds that Willa’s behavior has become a bit odd as she has started hosting parties and pushing other women at him. Will he solve the mysteries in time and convince Willa that she is his one and only love?

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    Legal Planning for Challenging Circumstances with Debbie Cunningham

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    Today, I’m welcoming Debbie Cunningham, attorney at law, back to the show to talk about legal planning for challenging circumstances. What if one or more of your heirs become addicts, or disabled or irresponsible? If there is no plan in place, the state laws prevail, which may cause harm or further dissention. Trusts, guardianships and more are easily set up and protect your family from heartache and angst.


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen


    Debbie Cunningham

    Attorney at Law

    320 Decker Drive, Suite 100

    Irving, TX 75062

    Email: debbie@irving-law.com

    Phone:  972-719-2559?


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    Whatever We Do, We Must Do It With Prayer!!!

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    It is clear that in these days, we must stand firm for the faith. In our 2015 focus of being truth tellers, it is important to realize that we will impact more lives, bring more people along the journey of faith, and be REAL agents of change if we immerse everything in prayer. God is a God who sees all situations; Biblically we see His urgency to help and restore. He is a God who rewards faith and faithfulness!!! While a lot of teaching in the Scripture is about "His people," which would be the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, all truth applies to us because as we see in the new covenant we are all heirs of the greater promise through Christ Jesus. And it is in that faith that we can come boldly before the throne of grace- if ever there was a time to do so!!! We will look quickly at some Scriptures, and then hear a quick overview of some of the names of God by Dr. Tony Evans. We will gather faith not in anything we intend to do for His kingdom, though we should, but rather in His name and His name alone!!! As we exalt the Word, we exalt the God that Word is about!!! Be blessed. The J Man.

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    Holistic Health From the Edge

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    Join myself and Dru as we talk to Bj and his team from the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard. This Oregon Militia Team provided security for last week's Patrick Henry Rally. We will cover everything from nutrition and training to purpose and motivation. We will also explore helping our listeners who may wish to set up or find a local militia or Constitututional Guard group in their state. The balance of the episode we will dedicate to helping you become nutritionally prepared in the eventuality of the changing times ahead of us. Join us as we lead into Activisim.

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