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    Remedies That Work

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    Today's show is a continuation of the show two weeks ago when we were talking about bill of indictment, warrant, cusip number (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures),  securitization of mortgages and more.  Make sure you are on the call by dialing 1.646.929.06911.646.929.0691 for EST 8pm, CST 7pm, PST 5pm and Alaskan residents your time 4pm. 

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    Who's your daddy or who`s your master? With wolf

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    Leave your color at the door: and let us talk and come together before the government takes over. It is time for America people to have an honest talk about everything openly, you may not agree on race and that is what the government is preying upon…

    The person in the black robe and I ain't talking about death....maybe I am because they will kill your life.   The courts make nothing but profit off of you.  They take your children, fine you for "crimes" with no victims and put you in jail at their whim.   They are one of three great enemies, regardless of your race against American's…


    Daddy or master is the IRS 1913, marriage license: white and black unions...

    Daddy's enforcers are the Cops and Judges Correction Corp of America and Cusip Bonds


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    Part # 2 Creditors, Bonds,Trust and the Private Side

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    1.What are the mechanics of public and private?

    2.How is the administrative process used on the private side?

    3.How do we gain access to the cusip number?

    5.How do we use the cusip number on a criminal court case?

    6.How do we place our bonds?

    7.How do we deal with banks on fraud?

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    We will have a special give us some general information about your proper status, so tune in

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    Whats behind your birth certificate?

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    What is behind your birth bond? How much money is your bond worth? Is the birth certificate used to enslave you? How can we use the bond? Does the Courts attempt to access your bond? What is the cu-sip number? http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com