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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Dia de los Muertos

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    Candi Farlice joins us to speak about SOMArts Cultural Center's VISIONS AT TWILIGHT: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS 2014, the 15th Annual Day of the Dead exhibit, October 10–November 8, 2014 curated by René and Rio Yañez www.somarts.org/visionsattwilight  Candi takes on social/political issues in her art.  The installation that she is creating for “Visions at Twilight,” the Day of the Dead exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco focuses upon the black male and how he is perceived.  The working title is “No Matter What I Wear.” Ms. Farlice also has a solo show up through 10/16 in the African American Center at SF's Main Library, 3rd Floor. Byb Chanel Bibene joins us to speak about "Taboo and Heroes," a multi-media work that addresses the reality and consequences of violence and corruption through the specific experience of the war that overtook the Republic of Congo in the late 1990's. In this piece Bibene narrates his personal experiences, as a survival, in which hope was the only strength for survival. Bringing together dance and theater performers, an original music score, set design and video elements, the piece aims to transport the audience into the charged atmosphere of conflict that permeated, and still echoes in everyday life in the Republic of Congo. Taboos is Sept. 27, 8 p.m. at Zaccho Theatre, 1777 Yosemite Ave., San Francisco. Visit www.kiandanda-dance.com We close with a conversation with the African American Shakespeare Company team: L Peter Callender, Artistic Director, Nancy Carlin (guest director), Ponder Goddard (Ariel) about the 20th Anniversary of the theatre and the opening production of The Tempest Oct. 18-Nov. 9. Visit african-americanshakes.org Music: Judith Sephuma te Tshephile Mang; Steel Pulse's Uncle George (Jackson)

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    The Smell of Politics: The Good, the Bad and the Odorous

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    Curtice Mang earned a Political Science degree after attending college during the depths of the Carter Administration, a time where the only thing worse than the Carter malaise was Disco.  He is the author of two books, the recently released The Smell of Politics: The Good, The Bad, and The Odorous and The Constitution – I’m Not Kidding and Other Tales of Liberal Folly.  He has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years and has also coached high school basketball for 10 years. 

    In addition to his books, Curtice contributes columns to multiple conservative websites, including What Would the Founders Think, Goldwater Gal, Front Lines and The Brenner Brief.  He is a weekly contributor to several radio programs as well. He can be found at www.mangwrites.com, where his books are also available for purchase for a song (and the cover price).  Contact Curtice at mangwrites@cox.net or follow him on Twitter @curticemang or check him out on Facebook.  

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Well, I know everyone was concerned about whether Hillary Clinton was too old to run for President in 2016.  Good news for everyone, she's been projected to live to age 86 allowing for many more years to possibly accomplish something while in office.  We'll talk about why we keep talking about such an unaccomplished person as a possible Presidential candidate.

    Also, the Supreme Court's 6-2 decision on affirmative action for college and university admissions means states may use affirmative action, but are not required to.  How much success have we seen with affirmative action?  Are minorities, women, and / or religious groups any better off?

    BLM continues to wage war on the Western part of the US as the focus begins to shift to Texas.  90,000 acres along the Oklahoma / Texas border are in question as the intent to seize private property for federal use are made known.  The Texas Attorney General has a message for the Federal Bureau of Land Management, "I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas."  It's becoming incresingly clear that states and the federal government are headed for a showdown of major proportions.

    Lisa Richards, writer and radio personality, will join us this evening.  Lisa has written articles for a number of Conservative news outlets and maintains her personal blog: http://lisarichardsrocknrollpolitics.wordpress.com/

    Graceland, every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00pm Central/ 10:00 - 11:00pm Eastern.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and radio personality KWAM 990, Charles Johnson

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    The Grit and Grace Radio Show

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    Under pressure Mozilla's CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned last week after his support of California's ban on gay marriage surfaced. He made a $1,000 contribution supporting Proposition 8 back in 2008.  We'll discuss this outrageous attack on upon 1st Amendment rights and specifically, religious liberty.

    Our guest this evening is, Joe Wolverton, author, journalist and radio host with the New American.  We'll be talking about his latest articles, about Common Core and the 2nd Amerndment and a candidate for governor in Wyoming running on nullification. 

    After 9pm Central, author and radio personality, Lisa Richards, will join us to discuss her latest article on Jeb Bush and we'll be talking about the latest on the IRS scandal.

    Grit & Grace Radio Show ~

    Join us from 9 to 11pm Eastern/ 8 to 10 Central every Tuesday on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, Curtice Mang, Lisa Richards and Charles Johnson

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    Thanh Tam Tuyen

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    Nha tho Thanh Tam Tuyen, nguoi doi moi ngon ngu van xuoi va thi ca vi dai nhat ke tu nam 1954. 

    Ngoai mang tho mang tinh than the gioi va yeu chuong tu do, Thanh Tam Tuyen la con nguoi "kieu hanh va co don" luon thai nghen nhung tam tuong cua tinh yeu. 

    "Tinh yeu lam Thanh Tam Tuyen tro nen lang man, dau kho, và nhuc nhan. Tinh yeu xot xa hoa chung voi su dau kho vi noi doi, vi menh nuoc." Bui Vinh Phuc

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

    in Politics Conservative

    New information about IRS targeting of Tea Party groups indicates those groups could have faced criminal charges.  Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that show that the IRS, and the DOJ were working together before this scandal was brought to light.  It now appears prominent Democrats like Elijah Cummings - Maryland, were applying political pressure to target Conservative Americans based on their beliefs.  We'll discuss the latest on this story, and the mounting evidence of more corruption, and lawlessness with the administration.

    Joe Wolverton, journalist and host on Utah talk radio for the New American will be our guest this evening as we talk about the BLM and the small victory for Liberty in the Nevada desert.  At this point we expect this dispute will be taken up both administratively and judically. 

    Graceland, every Thursday evening from 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and radio personality, Charles Johnson

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    The Grit and Grace Radio Show

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    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has reached their conclusion of what's happening to the climate of the planet.  Not to be a BIG downer but it seems that according to their findings it truly is the end of the world as we know it!  Greenhouse gases, cow flatulence, rising sea levels and of course, let's not forget the Polar Vortex, but never fear there is a solution to these calamities.  According to the Climate Change Panel there is still time, but we must act immediately and do what they say!  Tonight, we'll tell you the plan to save planet Earth!

    Our guest this evening is Susanne Posel, an independent journalist which has lauched her own news website, occupycorporatism.com  We'll be discussing the REAL story behind the Bundy Ranch land grab in Nevada.

    Lisa Richards, writer and co-host, will join us in our last hour to weigh in on the Bundy Ranch story and also, discuss Western Washington University which seems to have an issue with too many whites attending College and Universities!!!

    Grit & Grace ~ every Tuesday night here on Conservative Nation Media.  ***Callers welcome: #646.200.3980

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    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and Lisa Richards


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    Graceland with Jennifer Meadows

    in Politics Conservative

    Standoff between Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and federal authorities continues supposedly to protect an endangered tortoise.  The dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and ranchers is over 150 square miles of Gold Butte scrub land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We'll discuss details and updates.

    Also, we'll be talking about the House Overight Committee that voted to hold IRS official, Louis Lerner, in contempt of Congress.  What does it mean if anything?!  Will she go to jail?

    Attorney General, Eric Holder claims racism this week in an argument with Texas Republican, Louie Gohmert during Al Sharpton's National Action Network Convention.  What's racist about not turning over documents on Fast and Furious and being held in contempt which is what Gohmert was reminding Holder about.  Will the race card ever stop being played by this administration?  Are Americans finally catching on to this as a way to side step the REAL issues?

    Join us tonight for a lively discussion with author, Curtice Mang, radio personality, Charles Johnson and Project 21 member, Nadra Enzi.

    Graceland, every Thursday evening 9 - 10pm Central/ 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, and, Curtis Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Ft. Hood had another shooting this time involving a veteran from the Iraq war.  3 were killed and 16 wounded.  What is happening on our military bases both home and abroad. We'll discuss what the MSM will not.  Gun free zones, mental health, medications, are all factors.  We'll talk about the real issues, the agenda of the left to disarm our veterans and simple solutions to the problem.

    Christopher Agee, senior staff writer at the Western Center for Journalism, will be our guest this evening.  We'll be discussing a few of his latest articles and my personal favorite story, "If You Are An NRA Member, This Liberal Wants You “Slaughtered”..."

    Graceland, every Thursday night 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern, here on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Our guest this evening is author and patriot, Jake Danishevsky.  As a Russian-born American citizen, we'll discuss his memoir, "Aftertastes and Tales from Russia".  Also, we'll be talking about the coming Russian-American crisis as Putin readies for war in the Ukraine, and the problem of Communism. Will America learn from the mistakes of other nations that have fallen into authoritarianism or will we see history repeat itself?  

    Graceland, every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00pm Central/ 10:00 - 11:00pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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