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    Lil Kim, Colorism, Self Hatred and White Supremacy/Did Prince Have A Will

    in Culture

    Listen to the podcast “Lil Kim, Colorism, Self Hatred and White Supremacy/Did Prince Have A Will” from “The Michael Imhotep Show”, Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

    Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and for the podcasts.

    1) We did a recap of the Tuesday primaries in 5 States. What's next for Sen. Bernie Sanders?  2) Hip Hop Artist Lil Kim recently posted Instagram photos that were unrecognizable.  We dealt with Colorism, Self Hatred and the Effects of White Supremacy.  3) Tyka Nelson, Prince's Sister said to her knowledge, he did not have a will.  What does this mean for his $300 million empire?  4. Detroit you win a National Chess Title. 5) This date in African American History.

    Visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for DVDs by Michael Imhotep and documentaries like "Hidden Colors", "Out of Darkness" and "Resurrecting Black Wallstreet The Blueprint".


    BALTIMORE: FREE EVENT - Sat. April 30th, 2016, 6:00pm-10:00pm Reality Speaks Of Solviaz Nation Event presents a presentation by Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network, "Redistributing The Pain: How African Americans Historically Fought Back With Economic Boycotts & Cooperative Economics".  Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, 430 East Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, MD 21212

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    To thine own self be ture

    in Family

    Knowing when to check your self provides power for success.

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    The Continued Denial of Racism in 2016

    in Politics Progressive

    Monday Night April 18 2016

    Topic: The Continued Denial of Racism in 2016.

    The resurgence of active racism via Trump candidacy as a lead in to its denial.

    Join us at: 7:30 PM CST



    Let your voice be heard. Join us.

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    Commitments to Self

    in Self Help

    Join me as we put you first! That's right, you will learn how to put you and your needs first and still be there for others. Learn how others actually fufil a need within you and the bigger purpose they play in your own self-care. Self-care is opposite of selfishness, all about me, and entitlement. Discover the balance and the difference that your life makes when you show up fully present because you have taken care of you. Learn quick techniques for empathic self- care that will help you stay true to you in every moment. Self-care is gratitude in action. 

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    Higher Self Voice - Healing for Earth Day

    in Self Help

    Janet and the HS do a healing for earth day, starting with the element of water and discussing the signifigance of this element.

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    Self-Coaching Exercise: Transforming Fear into Love

    in Self Help

    Transformative intuitive guidance to create the life of your dreams. Join Amy Tammen for in-depth conversations on how to live an amazing life. Each episode will give you the guidance to heal, manifest your desires, live in your truth and grow into the person you've always wanted to be. You deserve to live well. Amy will show you the way. 

    Want more Intuitive Coaching?

    Book a session with Amy by calling 510-735-9493 or visit http://www.intuitivecoachingwithamy.com/work-with-amy.html.

    Read Amy's bestselling ebook "A Journey to Self-Love". To purchase visit:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PKI8Z3G

    Sign-up for Amy's mailing list to receive a free goal accomplishment tool: http://www.intuitivecoachingwithamy.com/ 

    Like the Intuitive Coaching with Amy page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveCoachingwithAmy

    Follow IntuitiveCoach9 on Twitter. 

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    Detroit Unplugged ft Bent Self and Qwizman

    in Music

    Welcome Welcome gang to another exciting episode of Detroit Unplugged with your host Aroc along with ISM,Tonight we've got another talent packed show to entertain your brain and showcase the very best in Hip Hop with 2 more great interviews First being BENT SELF and hes a cross between Punk and Hip Hop thatll blow your mind cuz hes pretty dope,Hes gonna drop in and tell us the story of it all,And then we are gonna switch things up and bring on our homie from Federal District ENT QWIZMAN,Hes a really funny comedian that weve had on before but this time we are gonna dedicate the second hour to him,Tonites a different kind of show that i know you will enjoy so as always we bring you the best that Hip Hop has to offer from Detroit City and around the world,so sit back and free your mind so that you can absorb this fountain of valuable information that Detroit Unplugged exudes thru its very pores,Detroit Unplugged with Aroc and ISM only on Michigan United Broadcast.Check us out @ MICHIGAN UNITED PODCAST ON SOUNDCLOUD and dont forget to go to Aaron Nieman on FACEBOOK and watch the live broadcast during the show


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    Self Sabotage

    in Motivation

    Lorrie and Danielle will be talking about self sabotage and how we use it to hold ourselves back in our lives. Lorrie and Danielle use the tools of Access Consciousness and the clearing statement. More information on the clearing statement can be found at www.theclearingstatement.com . 


    Lorrie can be found at www.living-in-magic.com

    Danielle can be found at www.danielleclaudia.com

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    How to Increase Self-Esteem for Better Decisions in Health & Relationships

    in Relationships

    Today we’re going to connect the dots between self-esteem and how that plays out in the choices you make. Higher self-esteem leads to better decision making and more power in attracting the right partner for you. Low self-esteem leads to dysfunctional relationships that often end in heart-break.  We are going to give you some ideas for how to improve this area of your life in order to make decisions that support the happy, healthy person you truly want to be.

    Alison Kero will be joining me in the second half of the show to talk about how to use your organizing skills for better decision-making. Alison is a decluttering and organizational expert who has some really good tips to help you organize your life. You can reach Alison at akero314@gmail.com and visit her website and blog for more tips at ackorganizing.com.

    Be sure to send me your comments and any questions you have. Send to nancy@nancyatnoon.com and please visit my website at nancyatnoon.com for blog articles, tips and personal and private email consultation services. If you feel stuck in the areas of love, life or relationships, let's start a conversation to get you unstuck.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach.

    If you want help to get over a break-up or a broken heart, I provide step-by-step guidance via personal Email Conversations Services. Get the details here.  If you want to build up your self-esteem in order to make better decisions, I offer a free E-Book, 24 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Self-Esteem. You can find the download on the bottom of the front page on my website.

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    in Spirituality

    Tune-in and listen to some powerful Enlightenism insights on the show that’s changing how to think of POWER. On today’s show, join Malcolm Kelly, author and holistic philosopher, in a thought-provoking breakthrough in how to use Enlightenism to create “A Clear Path to Your Authentic Self.”  Mr. Kelly sheds light on how unlearning toxic beliefs and values removes the self-created illusions blocking your path to your Authentic Self. He explains that this unlearning process is the work you must do for yourself, without depending on others’ beliefs and values. (For further Enlightenism insights, read Malcolm Kelly’s book, “Seeds From the Ashes”).

    Malcolm Kelly: Power of Mind Radio - “Practicing the Principles of Enlightenism – A Clear Path To Your Authentic Self:  Part 3”  | Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online: http://tobtr.com/8750519 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543

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    Your Self-Improvement Project: It's time to be happy again!

    in Spirituality

    Second in the series on "Your Self-Improvement Project", this chat will be on the topic: It's time to be happy again!

    Tune in Saturday at 10:30 am (Eastern Time) for a 30 minute show on this energy opening, possibility thinking, spiritual involvement topic with Karla Shields of Spirited Daydreams.

    Can't make the live show? No worries, it will be archived just a few minutes after it's done and you can come back here, or to her website: http:www.spiriteddaydreams.com anytime and listen.  Also on I-Tunes to download!