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    Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith: Remembering Who We Are: Healing Humanity

    in Self Help

    Many people love the words of Abraham, as brought through Esther Hicks. Cullen Smith and Pia Orleane are also Interstellar Communicators, bringing the voice of Laarkmaa to us humans. The message is this:  We humans are evolving (heard that before?). We’re changing and need to understand things we’ve never known about, or never heard about, before. Things like the nature of energy, the polarities of fear and love, the power of speech, the illusion of time, and how we can manifest a better world. Cullen and Pia are offering us tools to accomplish these things, individually and as a human group. Click here to visit Pia and Cullen's website. 

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    What are You Reading w guest Cullen Bunn

    in Books

    Jordan and Surfer talk with Sixth Gun co-creator Cullen Bunn about his various projects, writing style, influences, and much more along with box-office talk, Flash news, Ghostbusters talk, and huge casting news for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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    Guests: Dr. Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith

    in Culture

    Dr. Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith have accessed parallel dimensions since childhood. Pia and Cullen are interstellar communicators—bringing forth the voice of Laarkmaa requires their combined energies. Stepping away from their traditional careers of clinical psychologist and forensic anthropologist, they have dedicated their lives to bringing the wisdom of Laarkmaa to the world. In interviews, Pia and Cullen share profound insights about the shifts in consciousness humanity is undergoing, leading the listeners through easy-to-understand steps toward our evolution into a New Reality. Working with Laarkmaa has accelerated Pia and Cullen’s abilities to communicate with other dimensional beings. Now, a myriad of other voices are presenting themselves in an urgent attempt to reach humanity and assist in elevating humanity’s consciousness.

    Website: www.laarkmaa.com

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    Kevin Cullen: Ireland Today and Yesterday

    in Comedy

    Boston Globe columnist and best selling author, Kevin Cullen joins Paul Elwell and me today to discuss the relevance of Malcom Gladwell's latest book, David and Goliath to the situation in Northern Ireland past and present. 

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    Komments - Davis, Jones-Quartey, Lee, Cox, Cullen & Jackson Interviews

    in Sports

    Analysis! Interviews! Commentary! Join Greg Kellogg and special guests as they talk about everything from the absurd to the zany in this weekly football gabfest!  It's time to start talking to NFL Draft Prospects so join us as we focus on the future of the NFL! We kick off our Preseason coverage with six interviews tonight.  All American WR Darius Davis of Henderson State will open the show.  Safety Harold Quartey-Jones of the University of Findlay is up next followed by Bowie State All American TE Khari Lee.  We then move on to combine invitee FS Justin Cox from Mississippi State, and small school hopefuls Tirelle Cullen and Martaze Jackson both LBs from West Alabama.  And should anyone need reminding, this year's Super Bowl hero, Malcom Butler, came from West Alabama!

    Call-in Number: (347) 826-9620

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    Remembering Who We Are with Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith

    in Spirituality

    What if we could expand beyond our third dimensional reality and at the same time, create a more healthy, happy, abundant life in our current Earthbound experience?

    That's a tall order, but Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith have brought forth a new book Remembering Who We Are that offers a pathway to achieve exactly that. Subtitled Laarkmaa's Guidance on Healing the Human Condition, the book by these two renowned and powerful channelers delivers the guidance and wisdom of a group of advanced light beings from the Pleiades named Laarkmaa (describing themselves as "one of six and six of one").

    Laarkmaa chose Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith to bring this message to humanity, but unlike other channelers, they receive the messages simultaneously only when holding hands. Their joint reception and opposite views eliminate the filter effect that an individual personality can have on the truths that are presented.  

    In this new book, Laarkmaa tells humanity that the time for teachers and healers is over--each of us has the same wisdom within our own hearts. Laarkmaa encourages us not to believe anyone else (including them!), but to remember who we are and reclaim our own intuitive powers to access the whole truth. And they urge us to work quickly because our world is coming to a crisis level that requires action.




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    Messages of Hope, Love, Peace with Interstellar Communicators Pia and Cullen

    in Paranormal

    Today we welcome two extraordinary interstellar communicators (channelers) Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith, to A Fine Time for Healing.

    Through the joining of their hands, and the merging of their hearts and minds, Pia and Cullen share the wisdom of other Light Beings, who call themselves Laarkmaa. Laarkmaa is a group of advanced light beings from the Pleiades (an open star cluster also known as Seven Sisters) who send messages of guidance, wishing to help humanity evolve. Years of these communications were recorded and transcribed into the two books, Conversations With Laarkmaa and Remembering Who We Are.

    Pia and Cullen's work with Laarkma accelerated their abilities to communicate with other dimensional beings who also present themselves in an urgent attempt to reach humanity and elevate our consciousness.

    Today, through their communications with these inter-dimensional beings, Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith will bring forth a wealth of profound information.

    You definitely want to listen to this show live. Save the date!!

    To learn more about Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith, please visit www.laarkmaa.com

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    Anson Mount aka Cullen Bohannon Talking Hell on Wheels #37

    in Entertainment

    On Episode 37 actor Anson Mount star of the AMC series Hell on Wheels stops by to talk about the 4th season the show.

    Anson Mount bio

    Anson Adams Mount IV is an American actor who has appeared in both movies and television shows and is best known for playing Cullen Bohannon in the AMC show Hell on Wheels.

    Hosts: Kinte  & Yardley @militant_marker https://twitter.com/militant_marker 
    Show: Anson Mount aka Cullen Bohannon
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    Show Twitter https://twitter.com/TalkingHell
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    The Dr. Pat Show- Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes:  Conversations with Laarkmaa - Dr. Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith. For the first time in history, a Pleiadian group has invited a human couple to join an interplanetary team to assist in human evolution. Laarkmaa is a loving group of Pleidians who are dedicted to the evolution of humanity. Laarkmaa will talk to us on the show and we'll discuss their message for humanity.

    GET INTOIT WINNING at the Game of LIFE with Host Lynn Brown: Embody your Feminine NATURE…Let’s get WILD!!! Guest Wendy R. Wolf. Women have traditionally been asked to give up so much of ourselves in order to serve others. Society has expected this and unfortunately many girls and women have bought into these limiting roles within our world. BUT, what if we realized that the most powerful way to serve others was actually to honor our divine self first!?!?!  What if we began tapping into the amazing power we have as women. We can learn a lot from noticing the cycles and power of Mother Nature. Feminine energy by nature encourages us to create with ease by being in divine alignment with our individual talents and with our God self. Let’s begin to unleash and honor the feminine energy within every living thing. Whether you are in a male or a female body, you will profit from this conversation, and opening to the Divine Feminine within! Great conversing between Dr. Pat Baccili, Lynn Brown, and Wendy R. Wolf!

  • Zaiyah's House presents Jazz Poet and Film Maker Mr. Norman "N-side" Woods

    in Entertainment

    Norman Woods, once chose to be recognized and performed as N-Side, the blessed one. He felt that the name represented his appreciation for being able to express his internal struggles and various stages of his triumphs. Later on, he chose to be called N-Side and The Tribe, acknowledging appreciation of his band, He refers to his style as “Soul dialog”. Covering a variety of subjects, soul dialog is what takes place when you are engaged in meaningful conversation. These are the types of conversations, where each individual can feel as though they can contribute and participate.

    N-Side's poetic work is done in a traditional style, which reflects his love of poetry from the "Harlem Renaissance" era. Most of his poetry is influenced by the writing of Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson, Arna Bontemps, Countee Cullen and so on. His contemporary jazz influences include, but are not limited to, Red Garland, Donald Byrd, Gil Scott-Heron, Sekou Sundiata and his favorite poet, Kamau Da'aood.


    Join Zaiyah and Uptown for a conversation and listening party with the brilliant and talented Mr. Norman  N-side Woods.

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    Cullen Citrus Episode one

    in Entertainment

    starting out by introdutng myself

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