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    The Cuccinelli Principle w/A.G.Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA)

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    Ken Cuccinelli has been the Attorney General of Virginia since he was elected in November 2009.  Now, Ken is running for Governor to continue his work to strengthen Virginia's economy, preserve its liberty, and promote the principles of a smaller, more efficient state government.  Writer, Mark J. Fitzgibbons, of the American Thinker wrote about Cuccinelli that, “Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has made enemies by fighting big, law-breaking government. His critics often unwittingly help his run for Virginia governor in 2013 because they stand in stark contrast to his view of government bound by the rule of law”.  Join Tea Party favorite, Ken Cuccinelli and Brother Craig and learn about Ken’s run for Virginia’s governor office and get his updates on the Mitt Romney and George Allen campaigns.  Join in live or on-demand and share with a friend.

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    Convention of the States Debate between Mike Farris and Bob Marshall

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    Anna Yeisley, a Constitutional Ambassador for Virginia, will be discussing the August 28th, 2014 debate in Manassas Virginia between BOB MARSHALL and MIKE FARRIS with KEN CUCCINELLI as moderator.

    Many leading Constitution Ambassadors have been invited to this Friday evening's call, namely Dr. Edwin Vieira, Aaron Bolinger, Pastor David Whitney, Red Beckman, Sue Long, and many, many others. 

    Please join us!

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    Is America Becoming More Libertarian and What this mean for Republicans

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    Guest US Senate Candidate Robert Sarvis, host Robert Jetter, Jr. and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Founder of Overpasses for America James Neighbors, & Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with contributor Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Bards Logic welcomes US Senate Libertarian Candidate Robert Sarvis. We discuss the changes in America's economic and social culture. Republicans are seen as more fiscally conservative, while Democrats more socially tolerate. Are the Libertarians an amalgamation of both and is this where America is beginning to lean? We will also discuss his campaign and stance on issues important to Conservatives and the Grassroots.

    About our guest: Degrees in mathematics from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, a J.D. from N.Y.U. School of Law, and a Master's in economics from George Mason University. While attending law school, he was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty; he also clerked for Judge E. Grady Jolly on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He has a diverse professional background, with experience as an entrepreneur and small-business owner, a software engineer being named by Google as a Grand Prize Winner for their Android Development challenge, and mobile-app developer, a math teacher, and a lawyer. In 2011, he ran for the Virginia Senate as a Republican, losing to Democrat Dick Saslaw; after the election, Sarvis switched to the Libertarian Party. He was the Libertarian Party of Virginia's nominee for Governor of Virginia in the 2013 election, finishing third behind Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show. 

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    Voting Restoration Rights (Trending)

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    Today our show takes a closer look at Virginia Governor McDonnell's and Attorney General Cuccinelli's recent reversal on the "Restoration of Rights" of former non-violent felons.

    Our guests are Andrea Miller and Frank Anderson:

    Andrea Miller was the 2008 Congressional Candidate for the 4th District. Currently she is Deputy Field Director for PDA and Co-State Coordinator for PDA Virginia. Since 2008 Andrea has been very active on the ERA both in Virginia and nationally. Andrea is one of the leaders of PDA's ERA 3 State Strategy team.

    Frank Anderson has lived most of his life in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  After serving two years and two months for a 1998 felony burglary conviction, he moved to Washington, DC and became active in politics.

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    Conservative Surge Claims Cantor, VA Scandal Erupts & DEMS Lie on Taliban5

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    Join Conservative Report tonight with Patrick Read, James Dick & Keith the Ranger

    Conservative Beats RINO in VA Despite 3rd Party Fraud

    Cruz Exposes RINO Debt Surrender

    Boehner, Cantor & McCarthy: House Leadership Vacuum

    CBO Reports Tsunami of Debt: Less Revenue, More Dependents

    VA Destroying Evidence

    Obama Celebrates His Bergdahl Surrender

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    GOP Primary, VA Scandal Rocks Admin, Freedom Agenda & Dems Ignore Benghazi

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    Conservative Report Radio with Patrick Read & Keith the Ranger

    SuperTuesday Split Votes: McConnell Wins, Conger (OR) & Smith (ID)

    VA Fire Shinseki

    VA OIG Aware of Wait List MONTHS Before Scandal

    Freedom Agenda

    Benghazi: State Dept Funded & Trained Ansar Al Sharia

    Special Forces Denied Cross Border Authority


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    UVA and Climategate

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    In 2010, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a law suit against  University of Virgina (Mike Mann Climate Gate Professor) who received nearly half a million dollars in research grants to do research on the climate of the earth. The reseach concluded that global warmining is related to human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels.  

    The contraversary stems from Manns critics who claim that "he" used the contraversial "hockey stick graph" which contends that global temperatures have experienced a sudden an unprecedented spike in recent years -the graph is in the shape of a hockey stick.  Professor Mann is director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State. 

    In researching the case, Cuccinelli discovered an email in which one researcher expressed an interest in punching Charlottsville-based doubting climate scientist Patrick Michaels in the nose. Topic Areas: Use/misuse of public money; freedom of speech;academic freedomSupreme Court Ruling

    Guest Peter Finnocchio, Mark Falzon 

    This show spomsored by ladylibertyistitute

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    Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

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    Our special guest, Ken Cuccinelli, is the current Attorney General of Virginia. Previously he served in the U.S. Senate from 2002 to 2007. In the Senate Cuccinelli sat on the Courts of Justice, Local Government, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Transportation Committees. In addition to the NRA and Republican National Coalition for Life, Cuccinelli was endorsed by Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Morton Blackwell, and William A. Zimmerman, amongst others. Recently, Cuccinelli has gained wide attention for his strong position against abortion. In March of 2010, Cuccinelli filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration challenging the Constitutionality of the federal health care bill, which passed earlier this year, claiming that it exceeds the Federal government's power under the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. In July of 2010, Cuccinelli’s office joined eight other states in filing an amicus brief opposing the federal government's lawsuit challenging an Arizona immigration enforcement statute. Ken Cuccinelli has served on a number of state commissions, including, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Project, the Public/Private Partnership Advisory Commission, the Commission on the Prevention of Human Trafficking, the Joint Subcommittee to Study Liability Protections for Health Care Providers, and the Virginia Supreme Court Commission on Mental Health in the Justice System

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    Hard Starboard Radio: And Now, The Airing of Grievances

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    Chris Christie is re-elected by a landslide in New Jersey - is he Rudy Giuliani v. 2.0 or the GOP's Bill Clinton?  And can the Tea Party muster nominatable AND electable alternatives?; Ken Cuccinelli falls in Virginia - was he "stabbed in the back," buried by Terry McAuliffe's fundraising tsunami, or did he blow it all by himself?; plus youth is wasted on the young, Obama's numbers racket, and more.

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    Liar, Liar, Pants On fire!

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    Well, New Jersey elected a moderate Democrat into office, just as they planned. Ok, maybe more a a RINO republican, but it appear that Chris Christie is winning democrats over (in his own state anyhow). 

    Started the show off with a few topics, First, the idiot Prof. Kevin Blackistone comments on North Western University and their Special Home Jerseys that is draped in the American Flag!  

    After, Former Navy Seal Ben Smith states that military leaders are asking armed forces members if they are willing to disarm American Citizens? From there we went on to discuss the LAX shooting, the potential for insurrection and federalization of law enforcement!

    Virginia almost had an upset, with Ken Cuccinelli losing by a margin, FAR SLIMMER, than the polls imagined. Rooster from Conservative Outcry will no doubt call in on this one, As he just posted about it here! We discuss how this was effected by the Shutdown AND Obamacare!

    Also, some estimates are that over 175 MILLION people may lose their EXISTING healthcare coverage as a result of Obamacare, no one is more confused than the President, who SWORE we could keep our coverage is we liked "period". He isn't confused about people losing the coverage, he knew that was coming in 2010, he is confused because even our friends in Main Stream Media are now questioning his honesty, and who the HELL do they think they are?

    We have a BIG show, do NOT miss

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    RealPolitik Post Election Special

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    @Stevepolitik and @JoeDunn8 analyze the results of the governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia, and the Boston and NY Mayor's races.  Your calls are come during the show at (347) 826-9184, and you can send us a tweet anytime!