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    The NTuned Show Welcomes Klasik and Pyrme New Segment CSoM

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    The Cholocate State of Mind (CSoM) is a liberation movement geared to help African Americans put the pieces of history back together and illuminate the road ahead. CSoM seeks to help bridge the gap between African Americans that have been engineered, by (un)engineering  the mental wars within their information to see the wars waged upon its own. CSoM is a race positive organization established to help nourish and nurture its many blossoming flowers within its culture.It is no secret that African American people are the highest in number, in all things negative within this today's society. This means that we are amongst the lowest level as it relates to anything positive within that same category. This is directly related to the number of individuals that are currently incarcerated amongst our people. Studies have shown how the rate of African Americans continues to grow at an alarming rate with regards to diseases, illiteracy, and high school dropouts. And the list goes on and on....

    The aspirations of CSoM, the Chocolate State of Mind movement, is to truly give back to its people, their "Information". Bridging the gap through unity for organizations and commonality!

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    Join CSoM Hosts Klasik And Pryme Want To Know Are You A King Or Pawn

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    "Are you a King or are you a Pawn" - Join the conversation on CSoM as Klasik and Pryme go in-depth with the qualities and tendencies of a King  vs. values, morals, and lifestyle of a King. Dial in 818-495-6975 Let is like a chess game its all on how you play it! 

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    CSoM With Klasik And Pryme Special Guest Ten Twenty-Seven

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    Are you a Queen or are you a scheme? in connection with our previous topic and discussion "Are you a King or a pawn?" so we had to touch on the women too. You may think that you are a Queen, or "Miss Independent" but is that really the truth? You may put on the facade that "I have my chips in order" but deep down you could still be suffering from Angry Woman disease that gives you a feeling of independence, but truly you are still void of who YOU really are. Unlocking your true Queen means that you need to dig deep down and find out who you truly are, start researching your history, your lineage, where you come from so that you know where you are headed. Stop blaming past relationships, disappointments, etc. to dictate where you are going because that only ends up with you being a scheme for the next man that truly may have your best interest in mind, and you could end up sabotaging a real relationship. Now granted we as men do put you in a difficult positions at times and leave you scarred from immaturity but it is up to you as a lady to rise above that and forgive and forget because people will do just that, let you down. The only way you will find a true King is to first stop acting like a Queen and just BE the Queen that you are. CSoM or see nothing at all! 

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    Welcome To CSoM Chocolate State Of Mind "The Effects of a Fatherless Home"

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    Almost 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers. Those mothers are far more likely than married mothers to be poor, even after a post-welfare-reform decline in child poverty. They are also more likely to pass that poverty on to their children. Sophisticates often try to dodge the implications of this bleak reality by shrugging that single motherhood is an inescapable fact of modern life, affecting everyone from the bobo Murphy Browns to the ghetto “baby mamas.” Not so; it is a largely low-income—and disproportionately black—phenomenon. The vast majority of higher-income women wait to have their children until they are married. The truth is that we are now a two-family nation, separate and unequal—one thriving and intact, and the other struggling, broken, and far too often African-American. Dial in to share your thoughts! 818-495-6975

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    Welcome To CSoM Chocolate State Of Mind "The Introduction of Willie Lynch"

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    You Don't Want To Miss Our Broadcast On The Willie Lynch Letter! Dial In To GAIN & Share 818-495-6975 No, Need To Say More! 

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