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    Cryptid Researcher: Joedy Cook

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    Join us Sunday as we talk with Cryptid researcher Joedy Cook. Originally, Joedy was a member of the Cincinnati UFO research group A.S.K. but realized that his interests were more in the field of Cryptozoology. Joedy has been studying the Bigfoot phenomenon since 1991 and is the author of several books. He is a co- founder of  the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies and Cryptid Seekers. He has been on several television programs and can often be found giving presentations at Cryptid/Paranormal conventions.

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    Lone Star Legends Radio Presents Cryptid Roundtable

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    Lone Star Legends Radio welcomes all of their listeners to the Cryptid Roundtable.  May the 22nd, the hosts will be gathering to discuss legendary cryptids such as Bigfoot,  the Louisiana Swamp Beast, Lou Garou, aka Rougarou, Werewolves and Dogmen. Anyone wishing to sit in on this roundtable, please feel free to call in at 661-554-9120 and join us at the discussion table. If you have had an experience or sighting with any of these cryptids, we encourage you to call in with your story. It is building to be a very exciting show.

    To the fans of Midnightwalkers, The Midnightwalkers show has ended. Lone Star Legends Radio will be airing on their own channel after this show. Although we can never replace the wonderful show Alex put on, the hosts at Lone Star Legends Radio will  continue to bring a diverse range of topics covering everything mysterious and paranormal. Thanks  to all of you  for your continued participation. Again, we thank Alex for his support of Lone Star Legends Radio and wish him luck in his new endeavors.

    Due to unforseen circumstances, our scheduled guest Gypsy Moon, the paranormal investigator, is being rescheduled to June the 5th.

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    Cryptid Encounters

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    Join us Sunday as we talk with people who have had encounters with Bigfoot & other Cryptids. Feel free to call in and tell us your story.

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    Paranormal Frequencies: New Jersey Devil

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    What is behind the legend of the New Jersey Devil?  Is there any relation to the Montauk Monster?  We will analyze the origins of this cryptid and more.  Also catch our top 10 list for sites in Alaska...!  

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    Episode 15 – Cryptid Big Cats in the US with Michael Mayes

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    This week our guest is author and researcher Michael Mayes, aka The Texas Cryptid Hunter. We’ll be delving into the subject of cryptid big cats in the US. We’ll be tackling everything from discussing out of place sightings, reports of melanistic big cats, possibilities of hybrids, introduction of foreign species, the potential of unknown species, and so on. Mike has been collecting reports from witnesses on the subject for many years and is an avid outdoorsman with a wide array of knowledge into the ecology, habits, species information, and many other angles on the subject matter. He also runs the blog Texas Cryptid Hunter and has authored the children’s book Patty: A Sasquatch Story. 

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    Talking to Vic Cundiff about his research into Canine Cryptid

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    tonight our guest is Vic Cundiff, For as long as he can remember, he has been a huge fan of monsters and things that go bump in the night.  One would think that it's only natural, that as he got older, he began to research various cryptids.  As he familiarized himself with the most commonly discussed cryptids, there was one in particular that stood out as being the most interesting and terrifying at the same time.  Of course, he is talking about Dogmen. Of all the Cryptids eyewitnesses report encountering, Dogmen would top most people's list as being the last Cryptid they would ever want to encounter in some deep, dark, lonely forest(or anywhere for that matter). Dogmen are so interesting, but for some reason, they get very little attention compared to Sasquatch. So tonight we will compare and contrast commonalities and differences of the two Cryptids. Tune in Sunday night at 9pm central time, 8/24/2014


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    Weekly Dose of Cryptid:

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    Chupacabra, the Metamorphosis of a Cryptid!

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    Tim Lilly was born in Washington D.C. on January 16th, 1965. At the age of 3 his family moved from Virginia to Taiwan while his father served in Vietnam as the Director of Air Operations for Air America in Military Region 2 based in Nha Trang. In 1973 the Paris Peace accord was signed thus ending American involvement in the war and Vietnam was declared safe for U.S. Dependants, subsequently; he and his family relocated there shortly after the treaty was signed. On April 1st, 1975 Tim and his family left Vietnam just before Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army on April 30th. They had visited Hawaii several times on vacation and decided to make that their home. His father started a real estate business where Tim began to work at the age of 14. He eventually came to run the company in 2005 but it was decimated by the Great Recession of 2008 and closed its doors on June 30th, 2009. Tim Lilly has been a lifetime martial artist and speaks Mandarin due to his living in Taiwan at such a young age. He is now exploring a career in acting, martial arts stunt work, and is now an author. His first work of fiction; "Wode Susu-My Uncle-A Story Of The Chinese Mafia", is a ground breaking look into the inner workings of the most secretive criminal organization the world has ever known.

    Also on Hammer 96.7, special fx horror king, Ward Benoit---

    Ward Benoit has been in this business for a little over 3 years!! In that time he has been in or worked on 6 local feature films (Creeping Crawling, Little Bi Peep, Cryptid, Future Stakes, Dead Burger and Dr Acid Face) 3 short films (Fresh Meat, Home, Invisible Guest) 3 webseries (The May Files, The Monster of the Week, Super Knocked Up) & 5 music videos!! Ward is proud of his accomplishments and in between films he has been doing some photo shoots! He's done The Butcher Shop, Terminator vs Zombies, Santas Slay, and the latest one called "The Shoot"!

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    ParaTruth Radio Episode #32: The Mongolian Death Worm

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    This week on ParaTruth Radio we will be discussing the Mongolian Death Worm.  What are it's origins?  Is it myth or real?  All the answers we can provide and more.  Join us live.

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    Show Notes with Shannon-Lon Strickler and Sean Forker

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    Show notes with Shannon welcomes, Lon Strickler and Sean Forker of Arcane Radio. Lon is a cryptid researcher who writes and mentors on a variety of Fortean subjects. In 1981, Lon had an encounter near Skykesville, MD, and since 2005 has produced the very popular and informative, Phantoms and Monsters blog. He has been on many radio broadcasts and Destination America's Monster's and Mysteries in America show. Sean is also a Fortean Investigator, with a specialized focus in Bigfoot/ Sasquatch Research. He is the Founder and Director of the Keystone Bigfoot Project, a research group that collects data across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters (Historical and New). Sean sits on the Board of Directors for the national organization, the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers, and is the Associate Director for the PA Bigfoot Society.  

    Listen to Arcane Radio HERE or on your favorite Podcatcher. 

    Check out Lon's Phantoms and Monster's blog at this link

    Learn more about Sean and his projects HERE

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    Episode 36 - Around the Campfire with CryptoLogic

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    Join us this week for a round table format discussion concerning Bigfoot research and evidence.