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    Woody O'Brien--Is The Commodity Bear Market Ending? #2749

    in Finance

    Woody O'Brien joined us today to discuss the state of the economy and the state of the markets. The cost of many commodities is now below their cost of production. This will inevitably lead to supply crunches and market disruptions, whether it's oil or precious metals. When will the big major banks decide to reverse the flow and take the metals higher? When does the manipulation end, because Woody says it is going to end. That's a certainty. 

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    What Exactly is The Core and The Training and Exercises Involved

    in Fitness

    our core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. These muscles can act as an isometric or dynamic stabilizer for movement, transfer force from one extremity to another, or initiate movement itself.

    Your core most often acts as a stabilizer and force transfer center rather than a prime mover. Yet consistently people focus on training their core as a prime mover and in isolation. This would be doing crunches or back extensions versus functional movements like deadlifts, overhead squats, and pushups, among many other functional closed chain exercises.1 By training that way, not only are you missing out on a major function of the core, but also better strength gains, more efficient movement, and longevity of health.

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    The Secrets to Six Pack Abs

    in Health

    Every day people do countless crunches, run on the treadmill and drink protein shakes because that's what those people on TV do and they look great!  Many people try for months to no avail and then give up on their routine all together.  Well tune in Thursday at 4pm CST and I will give you all the moves and tips to get that look you want witout pills, silly contraptions or workouts.  If you've listened to previous shows you know the answer, but if you are new to WellFit Radio Chicago you need to listen up! 

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    No Impossible Workouts with NutHuggers

    in Entertainment

    Can you do crunches while walking?, does Zumba really work? No more excuses, today new forms of exercise are the new revolution, join us tomorrow for our daily workout. And what are NutHuggers?

    Your daily workout will never be the same. Substitute your coffee... squeeze a lemon.

    Work out with fun and music... Not really just welcome to another day in ""The Chat Room... with Tony Wolf Paw"

    Remember that this show is also seen live on Google Plus Hangouts... so we are live on webcam  join us

    I did not suggest this title.




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    Sister2Sistah Presents Lifestyle Changes Inside and Out

    in Women

    Can lifestyle changes really improve people's health? The evidence for the importance of healthy lifestyles is now overwhelming. Let's talk about it! Please join the conversation with Sister2Sistah and guest speaker Shameeka Hunt. 

    The creator of KeepMeTight® shapewear didn’t have time to agonize over her midsection after having 2 children. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, her days were spent worrying about project deadlines and spit-ups, not crunches and sit-ups. So she did the math, 2 kids + 2 C-sections + 1 busy career equals a mommy who needs her body back and fast. But how? Like most women, she turned to shapewear to fix her problem.

    After an exhaustive search, she discovered that finding a good shaper for the tummy area was a challenge. The fabric quality, comfort level and amount of support weren’t always on the mark. Realizing the need for everyday shapewear that smooths the most stubborn pooch or muffin top, stays in place and feels natural - the idea behind KeepMeTight® was born!

    Through months of research, fabric analysis, and rigorous product testing, the wife and busy mother of two designed a prototype of the first KeepMeTight® product - the Hour Glas. The Hour Glas and all products to follow are adjustable, breathable, made with cotton, and is super comfortable. KeepMeTight® proved to be the founder’s best creation, well, besides her beautiful babies!

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    Your Daily Dose with Guest Hosts Kyle and Janine!

    in Nutrition

    Today, Kyle and Janine bust even MORE fitness myths, explaining:

    Why more exercise isn't necessarily better
    Why crunches alone wont get you abs
    Spot Training- is it possible?
    Why fad diets DON'T WORK

    and much more!

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    Dementia Alzheimer's Caregiving : Hi Tech - Hi Touch Ideas

    in Health

    This week again we are lucky to have Sherri Snelling with us as my Co-host.  Sherri is the founder of the Caregiving Club and the author of "A Cast of Caregivers."  You can learn more about Sherri by checkingout her website. 

    Today our guests will be:

    Ruth Curran from Cranium Crunches will talk about her personal journey in developing brain games to help caregivers and loved ones stay connected.  She has developed a new one too, called “RELAX.”

    Gary Kaye from In the Boom Box is tech guru who will talk about tech trends to support caregivers. 

    Both of our guests are so timely with the holiday’s right around the corner!   Get your pad of paper to take notes for great gift ideas.

    Join the conversation by using your chat box or calling in live to the show.  Remember all shows are archived for your convenience.

    Visit Alzheimer's Speaks website for additional tools and resources

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    WIZARDS INVADE CHRISTIAN C/Dr. Pat Holliday/Judge Paula

    in Religion

    NEW AGE CHRISTIAN LEADERS Strange manifestations occur in both children & adults such as falling to the floor called carpet-time producing “holy laughter, “animal noises, roar like a lion, cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog. Howling at the moon; crawling on the floor like a snake or animal. Also, bellowing  warrior or war cries and wielding imaginary, golden swords, doubling-over as if punched in the stomach (referred to as “doing crunches,” in a drunken stupor. The strangest thing is to see a group as the women are pretending to “give birth” rocking and wailing on the hands and knees like a beast while the men have hold of their ankles. They are assimilating giving birth to a Kundalini “revival”. 
    http://www.miracleinternetchurch.com  TV program
    Ministering for the Lord in the Last Days

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    Living Longer and Healthier is all about choices.

    in Health

    Exercising is, hands-down, one of the best physical things you can do for your health. Besides being beneficial for weight management, exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression, and it can increase your energy levels, help you think clearer, and slow down the aging process.
    Both young children and animals clearly demonstrate the proper way to exercise: in short but aggressive or intense spurts with rest in between.
    you don't need to exercise for long periods of time—as long as you're exercising correctly! As it turns out, the most effective and efficient way to work out is to 'remember' your ancestral roots, meaning, how humans used to move; session only requires about 20 minutes or less, two or three times a week, opposed to an hour or more on the treadmill, several times a week.
    One of the main reasons for this is that in order to achieve muscle definition, regardless of what area of your body you're targeting, you need to lose fat, and spot-specific exercises like crunches are not an efficient way to boost fat loss.
    High intensity exercises can make a dramatic difference here, because these exercises not only boost fat burning, they also automatically help create muscle definition all over your body, while simultaneously improving your aerobic fitness; but so is what you eat and drink.

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    TimetoPlay.com's Empower Half Hour - Keep your brain working

    in Self Help

    This week's guest is Ruth Curran TimetoPlay professional resource and "Captain Cruncher" from Cranium Crunches. 
    The focus is how each of us can keep our brains working well and how to make that
    1) fun and
    2) part of our everyday lives:
    Use it or Lose it theory Identifying and then practicing those things that we struggle with Finding things Remembering Names Paying Attention Finding the Right Words Remember Why You Came to the Room (the Doorway theory) Distractions What can you do? The power of play Neurobics:   things you can do every day to mix it up  and fire up the brain The power of exercise and diet Feed you chemicals Create good chemicals with exercise Multitasking, distractions, and functioning well Practice what you need and make it fun so you will do it over and over and over Each week professional resources from www.timetoplay.com join us to discuss ways to make our life better.  CAN'T LISTEN Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.? It's recorded! Listen at your convenience any time afterwards. Embrace the TimetoPlay philosophy: You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have quality of life. It's time to enjoy life.