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    Christmas Destination Music and History | Cruise with Bruce Show

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Cruise with Bruce Show presents

    Listen to this radio show for the history of Christmas holiday music.

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    Holland America Line Cruise Specials on Cruise with Bruce

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    Listen to this message then visit:
    Tune into the series that Karen Seiler, Business Development Manager with Holland America Line Cruise Ships is doing with Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce Radio Show on Cruise Radio Network.

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    Holland America Line & Cruise with Bruce radios cruise news

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    Holland America Line's Cruise Ships & Discounts Listen to a Program Development Manager at Holland America Line talk with Cruise with Bruce host, Bruce Oliver about Holland America Line's discounts and news for Cruise with Bruce's Preferred Customers. Bruce and Holland America Line will kick off a series of programs on the Cruise Radio Network with this broadcast. Learn more about Holland America Line's ships and itinerary.

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    Hearst Castle with Michael Cervin on Cruise with Bruce Radio

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    Learn more about the Cruise Radio Network show about the Cambria & San Simeon California radio show by going to: http://www.CruiseWithBruce.com/cruise_radio/Michael_Cervin
    Actor turned Food & Wine Critic and Travel Writer Michael Cervin, from Santa Barbara California, is a guest of Bruce Oliver and the Cruise with Bruce radio show. On this second program Michael Cervin talks about his new Moon Travel Guide "Cambria & San Simeon: Including Hearst Castle & Morro Bay". During this interview Michael will talk about California's Central Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA. Learn where to stay if you want to take Hearst Castle tours, Morrow Bay or Paso Robles, CA. The coastline of Cambria and San Simeon is beautiful with great sunsets and activities including watching the Elephant Seals just feet below where you stand on the board walk. Learn about the history of Lawn Bowling rules and equipment. Micheal will talk about the Goasts of the Coast and the site of James Dean's fatal accident.

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    Asti & Turin Italy with Marcella Serpa on Cruise with Bruce

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    For more information on traveling to the Piedmont Region of Italy with Marcella Serpa and Bruce Oliver please visit http://www.CruiseWithBruce.com/
    Listen to Bruce Oliver and his guest, Marcella Serpa, talk about traveling to see the Shroud of Turin in Torino Italy and hear how Asti Spumante Sparkeling Wine is produced in Asti Italy. The Northwestern part of Italy is filled with vineyards, medevil castles and fortresses that still stand today. Learn more about staying overnight when you visit the Piedmont Region and it's capital Turin. Find out why you should look at traveling to the Piedmont Region the next time you visit Italy. In addition to seeing the Shroud of Turin and sampling some Asti Spumante you will enjoy the truffles that grow in the area and why they are considered a delicacy around the world.
    Marcella Serpa is an author from Asti, Italy who wrote a book about Connecticut Gov Ella Tambussi Grasso. Ella's family emigrated to the United States from Italy in 1903 and Ella was the first woman governor in the United States that didn't follow the footsteps of her husband. Ella grew up in Windsor Locks Connecticut just around the corner from my great grandparents who also came from the Piedmont Region of Italy. I worked on her first campaign as a college student for the office of the US House of Representatives from my district many years ago. In September of 2010, Marcella came with a group from Asti, Italy to Windsor Locks to deliver the English version of Marcella Serpa's book at a dedication of a chamber to Ella Grasso in the Windsor Locks Town Hall.

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    Travel to Gettysburg Cruise with Bruce radio show Gettysburg

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    Travel to Gettysburg National Military Park with the Gettysburg Tourism Bureau & the National Park Service at Gettysburg, PA Listen to Cruise with Bruce Radio show guests: Katie Lawhon from the Gettysburg National Military Park and Carl Whitehill from the Gettysburg Visitor's Bureau as they talk about the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and Gettysburg's 3 day battle.
    It's been 150 years since the dreary days when several slave-holding Southern States declared their intentions to secede from the Union of the the United States of America. It was just a short time after the election of President Abraham Lincoln. It all started when the legislature of South Carolina passed an ordinance stating that the "Union is Dissolved" on December 20, 1860 and published it in the Charleston Mercury Newspaper. The struggle between ideologies of states rights vs. a strong Federal Government was as controversial then as it is today. And the Southern agrarian, slave-holding states believed that their rights were being trampled on by the Industrial Northern Yankees. It was inevitable that there would be a Civil War between the North and South.
    On April 12, 1861 the first canon blasts were hurled at Ft Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. President Abraham Lincoln called on the states that had not joined the Confederate States to supply 75,000 volunteers to suppress the insurrection.  By the end of the war, four years later over 600,000 men lost their lives. More lives were lost during this Civil War than during any other time in our nations history. And the loss of life at Gettysburg topped the list.

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    Vietnam Mekong River cruise with Paul Davis MD guest on Cruise with Bruce radio Paul Davis MD

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    Cruise Radio Network's Cruise with Bruce guest Paul Davis, MD talks about a river cruise up Vietnam's  Mekong River & about his book: Cruise Ship Crime: A Medical Murder Mystery.  Paul Davis, MD, joins Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce Radio Show on the Cruise Radio Network for the second time. After 10 years as a cruise ship doctor for various cruise liners he decided to write his book based on characters that he met while cruising around the world. Listen to Paul Davis, MD talk about his river cruise up the Mekong River in Vietnam. On Dr. Davis's first interview he spoke about Cruise Ships, sick ships, cruise ship murders, cruise ship crimes and other items of interest that he wove into his first book: "Cruise Ship Crime: A Medical Murder Mystery"  <Click Here> . For more information on Paul Davis and this program < Click Here >

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    Cruise Radio Network's Cruise with Bruce show guest Las Vegas's Tony Pace talks Vegas and show biz

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    Join Tony Pace on the "Cruise Radio Network's: Cruise with Bruce™" radio
    program. Listen to Tony's new song: "Just Look into My Eyes" and hear about his
    move to "sin city" six years ago from New England. After over thirty-five years,
    this "overnight sensation" has realized his life long dream of living and
    performing in Las Vegas. Cruise with Bruce's host, Bruce Oliver, talks with Tony
    about his music, experiences and his act.

    For years Tony developed his "Up on the Roof" act. Seen at the Las Vegas
    Tropicana, on the Holland America & Princess Cruise Lines and at many charity
    events. Tony Pace mixes comedy, music, impersonations and audience participation
    into his performances. His audiences go back to see him again and again.

    Tony talks about living in and visiting Las Vegas. Has tips about: where to eat,
    getting show tickets using a new service, and Vegas for non-gamblers. What you
    shouldn't forget to pack, if you should rent a car as well as tips on getting
    into show business.

    Should you move to Vegas to get discovered?

    Tony's looking forward to 2011. Find out about his new albums that will come
    out. Where Tony is going to perform and what type of work he loves doing. You'll
    hear a program filled with useful information on the Las Vegas Strip. On another
    program Tony Pace will join Bruce to debut his new album. Get advanced warning
    of all programming joining the Cruise with Bruce
    Street Team for email updates. The Cruise with Bruce™ Radio program is part of the Cruise Radio Network™.
    More Info on Tony Pace

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    How to Make a Career as a Cruise Host

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    Two-time author and Travelpreneur, CarolLee Miles visits Travel Talk this week to share how to become a Cruise Host professional and her new book, "A Chosen Career in Cruise Hosting". 

    The travel industry can be an exciting profession especially when you get paid to go on cruises for a living! 

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    From China to the US- guest on Cruise with Bruce talks China

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    Chinese citizen moves to the United States...

    Listen to this episode of Cruise with Bruce host Bruce Oliver as he talks to ZHONG-HUA LU and his wife ELLEN GRAF about growing up in China's Shandong Province during the Cultural Revolution. Find out how life has changed since leaving China to live in the West.


    Ellen Graf is a writer and sculptor, winner of 2009 NYFA fellowship in non-fiction, a 2005 Ludwig Vogelstein Grant for writing, and a first place in the 2010 New Millennium non-fiction competition. Her essays on language and the fluidity of identity have appeared in the New York Times, New Millennium, Vocabula.com., and NPR’s recently released This I Believe: On Love.  She holds an MFA in creative writing from Bennington College.


    Zhong-Hua Lu is from Shandong Province, China where he grew up during the Cultural Revolution. He is now an American citizen. Zhona-Hua is a consultant in Chinese business culture and ethics and is studying to complete a degree in the medical field. He also teaches tai chi and brush painting.

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    Michael Cervin guest on Cruise with Bruce radio Michael Cervin talks Santa Barbara with Bruce Oliver

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    Michael Cervin is my guest from Santa Barbara, California. Michael did a guest appearance on the TV Sitcoms: "Third Rock from the Sun", "Grace under Fire", etc. For over 10 years Michael Cervin has been a radio personality, author and restaurant and wine critic in the Greater Los Angeles area. I'm happy to have Michael Cervin on as my guest to talk about places to go in Santa Barbara as well as the vineyards to see and wines to sample. Michael Cervin is the author of the Moon Handbook: "SANTA BARBARA & the Central Coast" available on Amazon. Check http://www.CruiseWithBruce.com for more information. Bruce Oliver is the owner of the Cruise Radio Network and is the host of the Cruise with Bruce radio station.