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    Fred Campbell and his new band Skajamz - Hopeton Brown

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    Hopeton Brown presents Fred Campbell and his new band Skajamz

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016 @ 9:000 pm

    Call in: 661-467-2407

    Fred  Campbell started playing congos while he was still in high school. After graduation he stumbled on Kes Chin and there he met Lester Sterlin, Keith Studdart, Winston Turner and Rupert Bent. These musicians would continue to be a part of his musical journey. He then went to CarlosMalcolm and the Afro Jamaican Rhythms. There he recorded songs like Rucumbine, Run For Cover and a mento medley, all with Carlos.

    He made the transition to the north coast, playing in the hotels. Here he met and worked with Leslie Butler and his wife Janet, who is an accomplished guitarist. This led to not only playing north coast hotels but top notch clubs in the Bahamas. He returned to Jamaica to play at the Glass Bucket club with an all star band with Ernest Ranglin, Leslie Butler and Roland Alphonso. 

    Next was his migration to the USA where he gave up music and started a business. After a good and prosperous ten years or so, Fred declared "Now it's my time", and with that, Skajamz was born.Skajamz is his today and tomorrow.

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    Friday Musical Drive Time With DJ Chucky

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    Join DJ ChuckyFor a Friday afternoon of musical delights.



    Wake up and turn me loose
    Wake up and turn me loose
    Wake up and turn me loose
    For the rain is falling

    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now
    For the rain is falling

    I'm so high, I even touch the sky
    Above the falling rain
    I feel so good in my neighbourhood, so
    Here I come again

    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now
    For the rain is falling

    Feelin' irie I
    Feelin' irie I
    Feelin' irie I
    'Cause I have some kaya now

    I feel so high, I even touch the sky
    Above the falling rain
    I feel so good in my neighbourhood, so
    Here I come again

    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now
    Got to have kaya now, Lord
    For the rain is falling

    (Kaya now, kaya, kaya) Huh

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    Live Stage:The best Reggae Music on the #1 Reggae Station Crs Radio

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    Background: Reggae - Around 1960, in the slums of Kingston Jamaica, where the local bands were playing a musical mixture of American R&B, Caribbean, and pan-African sounds, drummers began to emphasize the afterbeat, the 2nd and 4th beats (4/4 time) in unison with the piano and guitar while the bass played walking quarter notes. The musicians called the sound "Upside-down R&B". It soon became known as "Ska". As time passed Ska slowed the beat, lost it's brass sound and morphed into "Rocksteady", performed with fewer musicians and using more harmony vocals. Around 1968 the influences of Rastafari and Africanism along with political and social unrest in Jamaica gave birth to "Reggae", with a slower, stripped-down, less "Pop-like" sound often with accents added on the 3rd beat. Today the term "Reggae" applies broadly to all the Jamaican born music that contains the original afterbeat rhythm.

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    Live:Hopeton Brown Presents Tribute To Jimmy Riley

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    Step in to the studio with reggae pioneer and cultural ambassador Hopeton Brown.

    Log on to discuss the message behind the music. Music is divine, universal and a tool to empower the youths.Wednesdays - 9 - 12 Midnite EST www.crsradio.com Dial in (661) 467-2407

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    Live :The Love Doctor Saturday Mellow Time

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    Join Carl Pontiak on CRS Radio Show for a saturday morning of smooth music.

    "Some Kind Of Wonderful" By Grand Funk Railroad

    I don't need a whole lots of money,

    I don't need a big fine car.

    I got everything that a man could want,
    I got more than I could ask for.
    I don't have to run around,
    I don't have to stay out all night.
    'Cause I got me a sweet... a sweet, lovin' woman,
    And she knows just how to treat me right.

    Well my baby, she's alright,
    Well my baby, she's clean out-of-sight.
    Don't you know that she's... she's some kind of wonderful.
    She's some kind of wonderful... yes she is, she's,
    She's some kind of wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh...

    When I hold her in my arms,
    You know she sets my soul on fire.
    Oooh, when my baby kisses me,
    My heart becomes filled with desire.
    When she wraps her lovin' arms around me,
    About drives me out of my mind.
    Yeah, when my baby kisses me,
    Chills run up and down my spine.

    My baby, she's alright,
    My baby, she's clean out-of-sight.
    Don't you know that she is... she's some kind of wonderful.
    She's some kind of wonderful... yes she is,
    She's some kind of wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh...

    Now is there anybody, got a sweet little woman like mine?
    There got to be somebody, got a, got a sweet little woman like mine? Yeah!
    Can I get a witness?
    Can I get a witness?
    Can I get a witness? Yeah...
    Can I get a witness? Ohhh...
    Can I get a witness? Yeah...
    Can I get a witness? Yes.


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    The Poetic Revolution Saturday Vibrations

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    I sit here in a sad vision of past although it can never be recalled but sad it is still
    I see the musicians and mind mentors who changed the world I now live in and the retrospect of what/who/how/why I am and the me I represent no matter who comes at me or from what angle they choose
    I feel that the music is very responsible for a lot of my thought process and it's all positive along the way and will forever be as I'm absolutely entranced in what I heard and felt back then because they oozed LOVE.........RESPECT.............CARE..........VISION
    With each passing I feel we losing a fibre of our makeup and worse
    there's no one filling the void and the acceptance of less than is now acceptable to the masses
    Every time one dies things never known gets open up to us and it keeps looking less and less like ordinary death..........I sit and wonder about the world we living in and what it'll be for my children and grandchildren

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    Live:Honoring a Living Reggae Icon CARLOS MALCOLM music legacy

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    Carlos Malcolm was born in Panama 1935 to Jamaican parents and grew up in Kingston. His father, Wilfred Malcolm, went to Panama and worked as a bookkeeper in the Panama Canal Zone. He became a prominent business man in the city of Colon, established homes in both countries and sent his five children back to Jamaica to be educated. Having studied the liturgy and music of the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church, Wilfred Malcolm was an Anglican church choir director for many years. He also played trombone in the "Jazz Aristocrats", a Panamanian Dixieland band for which he was manager, and he took the band to Jamaica in 1936

    This probably accounts for Carlos's notoriety among peers as a "musical chameleon" because he arranges music and functions comfortably in a variety of musical cultures and genres. His father and a few prominent West Indian businessmen in Panama formed a committee that brought to Panama world-class Black American artists in the performing arts. As a child, Carlos recalls listening from the bedroom to conversations and laughter from guests, including celebrated artistsPaul Robeson (baritone), Marian Anderson (contralto), Hazel Scott–Powell (wife of Adam Clayton Powell Jr., of Abyssinia Baptist Church of Harlem) as they came to late dinners after recitals at a local theatre.

    Carlos's father taught him to play the trombone. He also recognised Carlos's natural gift for creating and arranging music and supported his son's desire to pursue an education in the arts. Carlos holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Union Institute and University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    Saturday Morning Interlude With The Love Doctor

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    Tune in for wonderful music and The Love Doctor insights.
    A morning of lovely old school music in different genres.

    Our Queens

    Come my sweet darlings of beauty,
    Bring to me your troubles and desires,
    Let not your head be distracted,
    Keep focused on your goals,
    You are the queens of our civilization.
    Honor our ancestors with your respect,
    Pay homage to our fighters of the past,
    For they laid the pathway for our travels,
    Their sacrifices paved the way for your footsteps,
    Walk proudly in your knowledge of our history.
    Stand with your kings in their battle to reclaim our birthright.


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    live sports chat

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    *In recent years most cases of doubleheaders are split/day-night doubleheaders which means they have two gates/separate attendance figures. In these cases above they are true doubleheaders with only one attendance number.

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    Reggae Icon Carl Malcolm & Iron Lion 4 Chesapeake Bay Reggae Festival May14-15th

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    Carl Malcolm initially learned the keyboard, picking up skills on the instrument at his local Methodist church. He attended St. Elizabeth Technical High School before moving to Kingston, where he worked for a shoe company and was a reservist in the Jamaica Defence Force. In 1965 he joined his first group, The Volcanoes, alongside Al Brown, the pair staying together until 1969.[1] Malcolm then gave up music while he continued his studies, but returned when he joined the group Big Relations, led by Jo Jo Bennett. Malcolm recorded briefly as a solo artist, recording "Father Free Us" for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label, before spending time in the United States.

        6th annual Chesapeake Bay Reggae Fest 


          757-354-9443 KP,  757-746-5542 Crystal


    iRon Lion says,"I've been blessed to be backed by some of the best reggae musicians in the business.Veteran Grammy nominated musicians have taken the stage backing me and other current and up and coming world class traveling musicians also.When we take the stage,we bring sweet vocal harmony,drums,bass,keyboards,guitars and horns on occasion.Beach and Island-style events are our specialty.We play at colleges,festivals,private parties,bars,clubs,amphitheaters and more places! As iRon Lion I've opened for Jimmy Cliff,The Wailers Band,SOJA and many more kings of reggae music!