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    Holy Crap It's Thursday! Again!

    in Comedy

    It's Thursday YET AGAIN. You'd think we'd get these damn Thursdays over with but they just keep cropping up...like every damn week! Let's discuss, shall we

  • DDP Returns to DDP Radio

    in Sports

    Wednesday, Robert and Mike will welcome DDP himself as he stops by to recap events from his achievement-packed life! 
    With his recent marriage in Cancun, a full schedule of workshops coming up, more certified DDPYOGA instructors cropping up around the world every day, and the September unveiling of the DDPYOGA Performance Center outside of Atlanta, DDP will have more to talk about than ever and wants YOU to be in on it. The DDPYOGA Retreat Extravaganza’s fall edition takes place October 16-22, at the fabulous El Dorado Resort on the Riviera Maya, Mexico. On this week’s show, DDP will break exclusive news regarding details of a new location for the 2016 retreat.  And he’ll be giving us the latest on ‘The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts’ and where YOU can catch this amazing and inspirational documentary. 

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    IAs a Journalist the one thing I believe in is Truth. Truth is the hardest virtue there is, because it is the difference between what is real and what is false.  To Falsely make statements about HISTORY is a crime against those who are ignorant, and those who can not read. So if you have a problem reading it is not your fault, you see during THE OPPRESSION OF SLAVERY the light of learning had been doused.  Not with water but blood and the fear of pain. When caught in a false statements the unreadable words in the mind of the ones who continue to repeat them are like broken records skipping over facts. Quite painful, they cut off our fingers for teaching others to write or get caught writing.  Even more painful was the cropping of the ears, children of Black AFRICANS during captivity, who would not listen to every command of the Whites would be punished by cropping of their ears.  Black codes:

     we have seen that "the legal relationship of an owner to his property, invests him with unlimited power.  We have traced the exercise of that power in a number of directions, and have witnessed at every step, thus far, the express sanctions or the silent acquiescences of the slave laws.......He will find numerous advertisements of runaway slaves, and commitments of them, in which the descriptions specify scars from whipping, from iron collars, from gunshots, from whippings, from iron collars,from gunshots, from brandings &c., Many are described as having handcuffs, chains, and iron collars.  One is much marked with the whip another severely bruised another a great many scars from the lash another several large scars on his back from sever whipping in early life another had a collar on, with one prong turned down ........


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    Offenses: Our Worst Enemy!

    in Christianity

    It's not hard to see the effects of offenses cropping up in our lives. They are very blatant. Are we doomed to be it's prisoner? Can we rise above the offense and walk in victory? Yes you can! Tune in today with "Embracing God's Best" and your host: Tracy Cavelli Trussell, and learn how.

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    Offenses: Our Worst Enemy!

    in Christianity

    Offenses are a huge problem; not only in the world, but also in the church. The effects are blatant and it's not hard to see these cropping up in our lives. It's truly a device that divides people. Learn how to overcome offenses, walk in healing over offenses; and grab this bull by the horns and be an overcomer! You do not have to be a prisoner to offense. You can rise above it!

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    It's no April Fool's Joke!  DDP returns to DDP Radio TONIGHT to catch us up on his travels, whirlwind weekend at Wrestlemania on the west coast, and his upcoming Lifetime Achievement Honor at the Cauliflower Alley ceremony in Las Vegas later this month. Robert, Mike, and Stacey welcome DDP himself as he stops by to fill us in and as always, INSPIRE us!  DDP will start things off by recapping the excitement and revelry at Wrestlemania. And he'll also talk upcoming workshops, the fact that more certified DDP YOGA instructors than ever are cropping up around the world every day, and the exciting unveiling of the DDP YOGA Performance Center outside of Atlanta.  Thanks to DDP YOGA exploding around the globe, DDP will have more to talk about than ever and wants YOU to be in on it!

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    DDPRadio.com or 347-994-1216

    February roars in like a LION Wednesday as Robert, Mike, and Stacey welcome DDP himself as he stops by to recap what has already proven to be a dizzingly busy 2015!  DDP will start things off by filling us in on the amazing critical acclaim "The Ressurection of Jake The Snake Roberts" received both at Utah's Slamdance Film Festival and in the press. Also on Wednesday's agenda, DDP will be talking about upcoming workshops both in the states and abroad, the fact that more certified DDPYOGA instructors than ever are cropping up around the world every day, and the exciting unveiling of the DDPYOGA Performance Center outside of Atlanta.  Thanks to DDPYOGA exploding around the globe, DDP will have more to talk about than ever and wants YOU to be in on it!

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    Tell Me

    in Family

    Tell Me what You Think? Our show is a faith -based talk show that address issues the community is afarid to address. Our sou rce or model for life situations is The Word of God. What issues are we talking about? Education,fiance,marriage, single-life,parenting,what the church is doing to resolve these concerns. This is not a race thing... These are concerns across the nation. The churches have programs ..how affective . Each city,state has prigrams. Many are cropping up everywhere. Tell us what you think?

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    Meet Team Rubicon - Serving Beyond the Uniform

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    Lately, we hear more about helping our military members transition. With nearly a million projected to enter the civilian world in a 5-year span, "opportunity" is going to be the key word. Organizations are cropping up to assist the troops in translating their unique assets: unwavering dedication to task, adaptabilty despite obstacles, and exemplary leadership skills, to name a few. Meeting up with Team Rubicon is like watching opportunity blow up, in a good way. 

    The international non-profit disaster response organization unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy disaster response teams, free of charge to communities affected by disasters across the country. By embracing decade-plus years of deployments and lessons learned, they have created a team of incident management personnel around an ingenious model of volunteerism. 

    Team Rubicon currently maintains a roster of 16,000 volunteers able to deploy throughout the United States with teams in 10 regions.They stand ready to send volunteers to emergency situations: fire, flood, emergent home repair, and natural disasters. Team Rubicon response teams arrive with all the necessary equipment too. Military structure coupled with engrained flexibility enable the teams to fully integrate into an existing incident and perform disaster response functions in unparalleled style. With service projects, fellowships, field ops, training, and veteran resources, Team Rubicon is doing incredible work. Join us for an inspiring hour with a Team Rubicon Leader / Division 3 Administrator, Nicole Green. We'll chat about the mission and how these volunteers are giving back. Clearly, serving our nation doesn't end in taking off the uniform. Team Rubicon: http://www.teamrubiconusa.org/


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    Declaw, debarking, tail docking and ear cropping...

    in Pets

    Dr. Roger discusses these controversial non-medical procedures and whether they are justifiable to perform or inhumane and unnecessary.  Should we go so far as to ban these procedures?  Plus Dr. Roger addresses 4 listener comments submitted by e-mail.  To have your questions/comments addressed by Dr. Roger on the air, e-mail them to comments@web-dvm.net

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    Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus

    in Christianity

    Distractions, distractions, distractions....Their all around us each and every single day we head out those front doors, were reminded very quickly on how much we need a Savior. We need continual saving from ourselves, those habitual sins that keep cropping up on occasion, and that battle of the mind. To look or not to, to contemplate or not to indulge in those things that get us completely off track. Thats the great struggle, and its not just sin, also those things that just are not good for us. You know "too much of a good thing". So were at War. How can we fix our eyes totally on Jesus and not get thrown off course? How can we remain true to his word in the midst of great temptation?