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    May 23rd 2015, 10pm PDT- Nancy Talbott drops in to chat Crop Circles & Science

    in Paranormal

    May 23rd, the Spaced Out Radio Network welcomes Nancy Talbott to Spaced Out Weekend with host James Tyson.  Ms Talbott is the Field Research Coordinator and press contact for the BLT Research Team (John Burke, William C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott), which has been examining plants and soils in crop formations in several countries. They have also studied the electromagnetic environments, unusual animal deaths in the U.S. and Canada, and UFO trace-cases since 1989.

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ms. Talbott worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Maryland and at Harvard University. She then became an independent producer of Appalachian music festivals in the northeast. Since 1992 she has devoted 100% of her time to the development of a cohesive, well-trained field sampling and reporting network in several countries. This network has supplied the thousands of samples examined in-depth by Levengood, biophysicist, and others over the last nine years.

    Ms. Talbott lectures to groups internationally which are interested in learning about the physical abnormalities in the plants and soils associated with these phenomena and the hypotheses developed so far to help organize the laboratory data within a scientific context.

    BLT Research is a hard-working group of thoroughly interested, capable individuals serious about applying scientific methodology and solid professional expertise to these perplexing mysteries which have been ignored by the scientific establishment for far to long.

    An engaging speaker able to present hard scientific data to the lay person in a compelling, easy-to-understand presentation, Nancy mixes facts and visual images and her years of experience to skillfully show the high-strange, scientific reality behind mysterious phenomenal events.

    (from Emergence Conference website)

    More info:http://www.bltresearch.com

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    The Secret Side of Crop Circles

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    What do crop circles mean?  While some of them may be hoaxes, are they all?  To discuss this we will have Suzanne Taylor.

    Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director of What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery (http://www.CropCircleMovie.com), has been involved with films since she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from NYU. Having been an actress (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0853220), she crossed over to the other side of the camera as the Executive Producer of the 2002 feature documentary, CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth. The newer film, which was well-reviewed in The New York Times http://www.tinyurl.com/7chal9m, won the Award for Best Feature Documentary at the UFO Congress Film Festival, where the first film got the Audience Award. What On Earth? had its TV premiere on CPT12, a Colorado PBS station http://www.theconversation.org/blog/crop-circle-movie-tv-premiere-on-pbs.org. Suzanne is a crop circle authority on the Ancient Aliens television series on the History Channel. She was the producer for Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm? www.TEDxWestHollywood.com, the controversial TEDxWestHollywood program that has been serving to get issues about nonlocal reality into the public eye.  

    As the founder of Mighty Companions, a non-profit dedicated to rethinking our worldview, her Los Angeles home is a gathering place for activists. The walls are lined with her post-impressionist paintings – she had a one-woman show. And the food is superb – Suzanne is a mean chef who wrote The Anybody Can Make It, Everybody Will Love It Cookbook.  


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    Crop Circles, Aliens and more...

    in Spirituality

    Join Willie ,Snow and I as we discuss everything to do with alien life.......

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    Feb. 12, 2015 10pm (PST)- Crop Circles with Nancy Talbott of BLT Research

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    Ms. Talbott is President of the BLT Research Team, Inc. , established to produce professional scientific evaluation of physical evidence recovered in connection with a variety of "anomalous" phenomena, with particular focus on crop circles.

    Since the early 1990s multiple consulting scientists have examined plant & soil samples (and other artifacts) collected by various BLT field-teams at crop circles and other unexplained phenomena sites around the world. This work has established factual proof that unknown forces or energies are involved in multiple variously-labeled “anomalous” events—incidents which are impacting our physical environment. Three papers published in the scientific literature during the 1990s, presenting some of BLT's crop circle findings, provide the only peer-reviewed research on that subject currently available; Ms. Talbott is co-author (with W.C. Levengood) of the 1999 paper "Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations" (Physiologie Plantarum 105:615-624). 

    Since 1997 Ms. Talbott has documented a wide range of mysterious and constantly occurring events centered around the young Dutch medium, Robbert van den Broeke. Hundreds of the many thousands of anomalous photographs Robbert obtains in conjunction with these astounding events have been taken with Ms. Talbott's camera, and in her presence.


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    Drawing Circles Episode 1

    in Education

    Drawing circles, ideas for children ages 3-6, for early learning though music. Music lessons ideas everyone can teach, no matter their experience level. In this lesson, we will be talking about using circle for notes, color to pitch and circle activities that reinforce music note retention.

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    Suzanne Taylor: How Can Crop Circles Be Explained?

    in Spirituality

    On the September 17, 2014 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio," I welcome crop circle expert Suzanne Taylor to discuss the who, what, when, where, why, and how of crop circles, and also some of her experience with TED and how they have been marginalizing what is outside of scientific materialism. Suzanne  is the Executive Producer of "CROP CIRCLES: Quest For Truth," and is the Producer/Director of "What On Earth? Inside The Crop Circle Mystery," which got a very good review in The New York Times!

    Suzanne’s site: www.CropCircleMovie.com

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    Comets, Knights, Standing Stones and Crop Circles

    in Self Help

    Comets, Knights, Standing Stones and Crop Circles on World of Empowerment Radio with Aingeal Rose & AHONU

    Every Saturday for the last few years, Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & AHONU have interviewed amazing people and discussed exciting and controversial subjects on The Honest-to-God Series on World of Empowerment Radio. Today we discuss Comets, Knights, Standing Stones and Crop Circles with ancient alien researcher Krsanna Duran. Krsanna has written a book that explains the up-trending galactic frequencies and changes in the core of the Earth that are impacting on us right now.

    For those wanting to listen to the archives here on Blog Talk Radio, simply search for "The Honest-to-God Series", "World of Empowerment Radio" or "Aingeal Rose" or "AHONU". You will also find us on our websites at http://aingealrose.com/podcasts and http://blog.worldofempowerment.com/archives/ and on iTunes.

    Thanks for being with us!

    Aingeal Rose & AHONU

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    Planet X - Crop Circles

    in Politics

    Tonight On the show we speak once again on Planet X and also Crop Circles. So Grab your Pen and Pad and join us at 11pm

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    The Language and Frequencies of Crop Circles. An Intriguing Discussion

    in Paranormal

    The information contained within the Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles, once read, can assist us to attune to, and live by, much higher frequencies. An intriguing discussion with Aurelion Javell. "There is a witness that is looking out of your eyes in every second." Aurelion Javell

    Anayah AngelLight777.com

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    Gary Bobroff - Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine

    in Self Help

    "The circle is a symbol of the Self. It expresses the totality of the psyche in all its aspects, including the relationship between man and the whole of nature." – C. G. Jung

    Gary S. Bobroff, M.A. is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker and a Jungian oriented psychotherapist in private practice. His recently released book is entitled, "Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine."  Gary has a Master's degree in Jungian-oriented Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute of Santa Barbara, California. He writes and speaks internationally, exploring the ancient themes that draw us further into engagement with life’s deep mystery.  He has been privileged to visit Crop Circles in Canada, the U.S. and the United Kindom. His websites are: gsbobroff.com and www.jungandcropcircles.net. You can keep up-to-date with Gary's work online at www.facebook.com/JungAndCropCircles.

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & Follow us on Twitter.

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    Linda Moulton Howe: Exposing ET/UFO, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, And More

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    On the February 10, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome back Linda Moulton Howe to give her a much deserved second hour of showtime. Linda is a longtime TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and internet and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness. She received a Masters Degree from Stanford University in 1968 making documentary films about science, medicine and environmental issues and has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning those subjects. As an investigative TV producer and investigative reporter in 1979, she tried to get to the bottom of the strange bloodless, trackless animal mutilations in Colorado and the surrounding region. It was law enforcement who told her, usually off the record, that the perpetrators were "creatures from outer space."

    Linda has written four books: An Alien Harvest which investigates the worldwide animal mutilation phenomenon and Glimpses of Other Realities, Volumes I and II which concern U.S. military, intelligence and civilian testimonies about other forces that interact with earth life. Her book Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles is an investigative report about scientific research of unusual formations in cereal crops and grasses around the world and videotapes, photographs and eyewitness descriptions of mysterious small lights associated with the enigmatic crop formations. She has also been honored by several Regional Emmies, Peabody Award, a national Emmy nomination for science documentaries and some 25 other TV, documentary and news production awards. She continues to write, produce and speak at national and international conferences and symposiums.

    Linda's site: http://www.earthfiles.com