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    UJR Presents: A Crock in Maine & Crocfest in Florida

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    It's another action-packed episode of UJR as Richard Stanley Stops by to talk about recent events where a woman's pet snakes were unjustly taken by the federal government and what should happen in this instance.  Then the one and only Shawn Heflick stops by to talk Croc conservation and Christmas Crocfest 15 taking place at Croc Manor on December 5th to benefit global crocodile conservation projects.   It's going to be a spectacualr one as usual on the won and only, world famous, UrbanJunglesRadio

    For more infor visit www.USARK.org and the following on Crocfest:
    Christmas Croc Fest 2015 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 5, 2015 from noon until 10:00 pm at Crocodile Manor, Shawn Heflick’s facility, in Palm Bay, Florida. Proceeds raised at this year's event will benefit the West African slender-snouted crocodile, Mecistops cataphractus. Populations of the West African slender-snout have been isolated from the Central African group for over 7.5 million years, resulting in such morphological and genetic distinctions that taxonomic revisions are underway to recognize it as a unique species. Considered the least-known crocodile in the world, surveys in West Africa over the last ten years have detected fewer than 20 wild adults. In 2013, they were assigned a Critically Endangered classification on the IUCN Red List.

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    Can You Be Judged By Your Mate's Attire?

    in Fashion

    Let's face it. Some people take a lot of time to present themselves in public. Whether is taking forever to put on makeup or trying to get the right crease in your pants.

    Appearance is important... to some. To others it's whatever. But what does it mean to society? Can opposites coexist long term?

    What happens when she dresses up, but he dresses down? Or vice versa.

    Whether you like wearing wing tips or high heels or just flip flops or Crocs. You'll enjoy hearing the different perspectives on this show as I dig into the brains of my Show Legends.

    The Talk 2 Q Radio Show "No experts. Just opinions."

    Show No. 526

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    The Engaged Brand: Crocs' George Smith

    in Social Networking

    Join us as we talk social media, listening strategies, and the opportunities and challenges with integrating social media into the marketing mix with George Smith from Crocs.

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    UJR Presents: Neville Burns the Real "Crocodile Dundee" Plus NARBC

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    Join Danny & Andy as we return after another triumphant session of awesomeness fresh from Tinley Park NARBC where we rocked the scene and this time we brought along Gacie Mendripf who still has people talking about who the baddest mofos in all of ChiTown were this weekend.  Perhaps one of our favorite discoveries of the weekend was Neville Burns, straight outta Australia and by all accounts the real life "Crocodile Dundee" who's more at home with venomous snakes and fiesty crocs than some people.  We found Neville to be and amazing guy and are excited to bring him straight to UJR just, for, you!

    Check out Neville's Book, "A Gift from the Snake that Bit Him: Adventures of an Australian Reptile Man".
    As usual, buckle up and prepare for awesomeness, it's the world famous, award winning (Twice in a row), ground breaking, ass kicking...UrbanJunglesRadio.

    Special thanks to CanadianPetExpo.com for their sponsorship and letting the greatness go down in Chicago. 

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    Gilbert House Fellowship #12 -- Job 38-42

    in Paranormal

    OUR STUDY of the Bible continues as we conclude the Book of Job this morning. Talk about your big finish — Yahweh Himself appears to rebuke Job and his three friends, and we get a fascinating description of two creatures usually identified by commentators as the hippopotamus and the crocodile.

    However, the descriptions of Behemoth and Leviathan do not adequately fit hippos and crocs. Behemoth, with its tail like a cedar tree, sounds more like a sauropod than anything else. And Leviathan, “king over all the sons of pride”, is more likely, in our view, none other than Helel ben Shachar, “that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world”.

    After Yahweh makes clear to Job that it is not the place of humans to question His ways, Job repents and is forgiven. Yahweh then commands the three friends of Job to offer sacrifices and to ask Job to pray on their behalf. The story of Job concludes with his fortunes not only restored but magnified by Yahweh, and Job lives out his days in peace and surrounded by his family.

    Here is a link to E.W. Bullinger’s 1893 book The Witness of the Stars, which you can read for free online. Note: Many Christian scholars today point out that the scholarship on which the Gospel in the Stars is based was faulty and warn against searching for messages in the stars. Since the time of Babylon, the Enemy has popularized the idea of seeking information about the future through astrology, which God forbids (See Deut. 18:10).

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    UJR Presents: Crocs, Docs, and a crazy little Fox

    in Pets

    Join us for another mind-blwoing episode of the UrbanJunglesRadio show as we braodcast live on Friday night at 10pm! This week tune in as we are joined by Lonnie McCaskill who's tell us about an emergency rescue operation forming right now, as we type to rescue several critically endangered Siamese Crocs which are threatened by the impending operation of a local dam.  
    Then we'll speak with Reptile Keeper Danny Steele who experienced an on-air horror story when he agreed to let Animal Planet film his collection only to end up having them try to confiscate his animals and painted as an irresponsible animal hoarder for the sake of ratings.  Learn about the aftermath and fallout from the events which occurred and much more.
    Before it's all over we are once again blssed by the one and only Emma Lock, our official U.K. Correspondent who brings us yet another editorial which explores the controversy behind living with wild animals as the U.K. gears up for a potential fox cull after a small child was allegedly attacked. All this and Danny Mendez?  Sign me up! Visit us at www.UrbanJunglesRadio.com or find us on facebook and explore teh magic of UJR!

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    Spring and Summer Shoes: Health and Style

    in Health

    This week on Core Wellness Radio we are following up our Fall Shoe Styles show with a similar show dedicated to warm-weather shoes:  what's stylish, yet healthy for your feet when it's hot outside.  We'll also dive into the specifics of flip flops, sandals, crocs and other spring and summer show favorites and discuss how each impacts your foot.  And we'll look at general health concerns for your feet when it's warm out so you understand how little foot-related issues can impact your health in the long run.  Currently not taking calls - listen only mode.

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    Shawn Heflick on UJR: Rock out with your Croc Out!

    in Pets

    Wish you could learn the proper methods for handling Crocs in a once in a lifetime experience?  Then Croc U. is for you!

    Croc U. is an intensive week of instruction on Taxonomy, Evolution, Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Veterinary Medicine, Identification, Husbandry, Behavior Training, Enclosure Construction and of course Hands-on Capture...and you can attend in both the US and Canada!

    Join us this Friday night as we speak with the one and only Shawn Heflick ( Shawn Heflick Reptiles, Inc., The Python Hunters, etc) about this pioneering course which is unlike anything you'll ever experience...taught by professionals in a unique setting that is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience! We'll harass Hef and learn more about this unique opportunity this Friday night live at 10pm on the World-Famous, Award-Winning, UrbanJunglesRadio!

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    UrbanJungles Gone Wild

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    Join us for another ground-breaking episode of the word-famous, award-winning, UrbanJunglesRadio!
    Listen in as we catch up with Wildman Corey Wild from Australia who's known for his death-defying, up close contact with some scary creatures.  We'll cover some other topics of interest and as usual deliver it in the most awsome way possible. 

    As usual you can expect nothing but pure awesomeness as we bring you the latest and greatest in UrbanJunglesRadio!

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