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    Critical Discourse: NOW “We” Have to Stop Hillary?

    in Islam


    At least, this is what I was told by a friend, the other day.

    Incredulously, I reminded the person, as I do all who share strong support of Obama, that she was chosen by HIM, and she represents HIS ideals; flip-sides of the same, dirty coin.

    Her selection of Secretary of State, despite the nasty campaign she’d mounted against Obama in 2008, was in essence, a rubber-stamp as a co-president, and a coronation of sorts, to the White House, in 2016.

    Make no mistake, her positions, ideology, disposition and lust for power, makes her at best, a dangerous woman, and strangely enough, it’s refreshing to see Bernie Saunders getting under her skin, despite the fact that she’s leading in the number of delegates, necessary to become the DEM nominee’

    Some of you have expressed that you will not support Mrs. Clinton for the presidency, preferring the more “progressive” Bernie Saunders (did you see her rant, yesterday?)

    “Progressive”?  Really?

    I’d love to understand the basis for that position.

    In the meantime, Donald Trump continues to weather the bitter storm of liberal and “establishment” talking head, determined to bring him down.

    Apparently, he annoyed many, by stating his support of “punishing” women who abort/murder their babies, should abortion be illegal.

    And, they’ve been seizing the moment!
     Just in case you “cared”, there have been no arrests from the brutal murder of 6 people in Wilkinsburg.

    Hmm. Maybe if the killers were white, then Black Lives Would Matter?

    Tune in to Critical Discourse, Saturday, April 2, 2016.

    Tell your friends, family and neighbor

    Tina Shelton, Jerry Shelton, CHanetta Powell, Brittanny Powell, Shada Mahone, “Paradise-Bound” (my name for the baby, murdered, while in the womb).

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    in Islam

    As-Salaam-Alaikum (God's Peace be upon You):

    Of course, it goes without saying, being an Obama lackey, I am not a fan of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who at this writing, still holds that post, though the calls for him to resign, intensifies.

    After the killing of LaQuan MacDonald last year, only for the video to be released late last month, increasingly, Chicagoans’ confidence in Mr. Emanuel’s leadership and ability to move the city forward, dangerously waning. To the point, there have been a number of protests in the business district, which arguably, is of great concern, during the Christmas season.

    Then, we learn, that the U.S. DOJ will conduct an investigation into the Chicago Police Department’s handling of issues, involving black suspects.

    This can be seen as yet another sign of the historic and increasingly tenuous relationship between police and black communities, nationwide.

    Obviously, something must be done, to restore and then maintain order, confidence and peace – but what?

    For me, the burning question is still, “WHY MUST RAHM EMANUEL RESIGN”?

    Let’s discuss in greater detail, tomorrow morning, December 12th, on Critical Discourse!

    And OF Course, my question remains, “[TO BLACK PEOPLE] DO BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER”?

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    Critical Discourse: Symptometry with Dr. Nartey

    in Health

    Critical Discourse is proud to bring back to our community-roundtable, none other than Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder and CEO of the American School of Symptometry - Root Cause Therapeutics.

    Dr. Nartey, through scientific research, has been able to break through many of the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding nutrition and alternative healing.

    His efforts have helped so many people, including him personally, overcome their health challenges,

    Throughout it all, Dr. Nartey is constantly researching, and when necessary, making the appropriate adjustments to his approach and recommendations, to the benefit of us all. 

    Be sure to spread the word about this show, because all are in for a treat, so bring your questions and concerns, and plan to be well-informed, for I for one, can't wait.






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    Dr. Nartey Back in the House / Branch of Critical Discourse

    in Nutrition

    Peace and Blessings!

    We were so impressed and moved by Dr. Narrtey and the information he imparted 2 weeks ago, that we're brinigng him back to "Prime Time" - Critical Discourse.

    We are truly blessed and fortunate to have such a brother in our midst, who is having a great impact on how we process nutrition and overall well-being. If I had any regrets at this point, is that the lines aren't jammed with inquiring minds, regarding Dr. Nartey and the American School of Symptometry.

    We plan to go even deeper into this science, and come out of this better, stronger and more alive, than ever; a perfect opportunity, as we are a little over a month into 2015.

    Invite your frinds, family and neighbors, but most important:


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    The Ignorance Equation- Poltical Discourse 101

    in Politics Progressive

    Should The GOP listen to the 40 percent of Republican voters who want Trump or the 60 percent who don't? Should Sanders' supporters vote for Clinton if Sanders doesn't get the nominee? Is Cruz and Kasich's Dark Alliance against Trump collision or something even more nefarious? Should McDonalds block sites from their public WiFi? Jay P. Sin from Narcoleptic Youth and Modern Age Decline joins are panel to try and help us figure it all out.

    And on Kettle Of Fish, Magician Steve Trash stops by to talk about Upcycling The Magic.

    So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Contested Truth Speak we can Publicly Lambast into your Politically Divided EarHoles

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    The Branding Buzz: Better Brand, Better Business!

    in Business

    Join us today for Women Lead Radio, as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales & Biz Development, interviews Susan Bateman, Founder and Owner of BrandAwaken.

    With nearly 20 years of industry experience, she brings the creative process together with structure and purpose to help clients breathe fresh life into tired brands, using a unique BrandAwaken™ process.  Susan will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on the critical difference between branding vs. marketing and how to maximize business based strategies that will give new life to your business!

    What does a logo say about a business?  Do the colors really matter that much when promoting a product or service?  What comes first branding or marketing? And aren’t they really the same thing? No! No! No! They are not the same and every one of these questions, and the answers to them, can critically impact the success or failure of a business.  Too often businesses don’t understand the power of their brand and all that it entails.  And if you don’t get it right, you can confuse your customers and find yourself facing expensive re-designs or complete financial failure! Don’t let this happen to you.

    Deanna Potter is your host of Sassy Sales and Business Development, a show focused on down and dirty conversations from real women on real challenges in how to sell. As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.

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    in Politics Progressive

    RWS, News Director and Producer of Progressive News Network welcomes these fine guests

    Associate Producer and Senior Politiical Correspondent Brook Hines, as both Political Commentator, and leading Progressive Democratic Activist

    Arnie Gunderson Nuclear Engineer Faire Winds  Is a former nuclear industry executive, and engineer with more than 44 years of nuclear industry experience who became a whistleblower in 1990. Gundersen has written dozens of expert reports for nongovernment organizations and the state of Vermont.[2] His curriculum vitae [3] shows Gundersen is a licensed Critical Facility Reactor Operator from 1971-1972.[4]

    Dr Ian Fairlee Radiation Biologist and Independent Consultant on Radiation Risks, Former Scientific Secretary to UK Government’s Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters. An independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment living in London UK. With a degree in radiation biology from Bart’s Hospital in London and my doctoral studies at Imperial College in London and (briefly) Princeton University in the US concerned the radiological hazards of nuclear fuel reprocessing. 

    Dr. Alexy Yablokov  the biologist, is a member of the Russian Academy of Science, and was deputy chair of the commission of ecology of the USSR' Parliament (1989-1991), councillor on ecology and public health to the President of the Russian Federation (1991-1993) and chair of the state commission on dumping of radioactive wastes in seas surrounding the Russian Federation (1992-1993).[2] He is also a co-founder of Greenpeace Russia

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    Grassroots talks with: Dr Margaret Aranda

    in Current Events

    Dr. Margaret Aranda, is the second-born of seven Latina children. In 1985 she graduated California State University, Northridge, Cum Laude and went to Oral Roberts University Medical School. I graduated USC Medical School in 1990, completed Stanford Anesthesiology in 1995 and Stanford Critical Care in 1996.
    She and her three year old daughter were in a tragic car accident in 2006, after a lady hit the gas instead of the brakes because her Chinese food was falling from the seat.                                                                                                       If it weren't for the car accident, I never would have had the time to write books. And I enjoy transferring her brain knowledge to paper, to contribute to society and medicine in her own way. Her biggest following is Face Book Caring Friends with Invisible Illnesses, and she received the 2011 Perseverance Award for her efforts, from the Invisible Disabilities Association.                                                                                                                                                                 

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    C.D. - Clarence Thomas, the 2016 Race, Obama & Saudi Arabia

    in Islam


    This is what we plan to cover on Critical Discourse:

    On Confirmation –Are “they” still trying to destroy Justice Clarence Thomas?

    Yeah, I know, he’s an Uncle Tom, sellout, turncoat, coon, yada-yada-yada. When are you detractors going to provide evidence?

    Then again, this story might put a completely different spin on the Anita Hill matte

    2. A frank discussion of the legacy and impact of Prince

    Undoubtedly a talented artist, and we are shocked upon learning of his untimely passing, but what did he contribute as worth, especially to the black community

    3. Election 2016

    As the New York Primary has increased the momentum of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, should we now say, “Let the best man win”?

    Do conservatives have a legitimate point about Trump’s credentials?

    4.Obama in Saudi Arabia

    The utter outrage in suggesting that Americans, whose family members were killed during the 911 attacks, can sue the government of Saudi Arabia (not endorsed by Obama, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders).


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    Critical Preparedness Radio Talk Show with Rich Fleetwood & Doctor Prepper

    in Prepping

    Welcome to the Critical Preparedness Radio (CPR) Talk Show!

    Two of America's most experienced preparedness commentators discuss the need  for being prepared. The best perspective of Preparedness is that it will enable a family to be able to continue its normal lifestyle, regardless of external circumstances!

    James Talmage Stevens and Richard Fleetwood host a 3-hour live show to discuss Critical Preparedness Resources. Their broadcast is designed to help listeners become prepared or get better prepared for both the known and unknown future. The show has been actively broadcasting preparedness  information since March 2010 to help listeners safely navigate the rough waters we're certain to deal with in uncertain future events.  

    Rich Fleetwood, owner of SurvivalRing.org, the web's most prolific preparedness and survival information site, offers millions of free pages of preparedness/survivalist information.

    Rich and Doctor Prepper will be discussing how today's events affect the need for personal and family preparedness. The time will come when government, public and private organizations, or family or friends will not be able to sustain those who are unprepared with shelter, food, water, clothing, and/or protection from the ravages of natural, man-caused, or personal disasters. 

    You can learn how to take the survival initiative, know  how to find, treat, and store  water; have adequate, nutritious food(s) in your pantry; be able to prepare meals without external power; care for your health; and know how to protect your family during emergency or disaster conditions.

    Join Doctor Prepper and Rich on the air by calling in your questions to: (347) 324-3704 during the live show.

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    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Presents: Ben Khayil Yashurun: The Power To Define

    in Motivation

    Ben Khayil Yashurun: The Power To Define

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. Tonight we are honored to have an opportunity to hear a testimony from a renowned scholar and teacher from the African Hebrew Israelite perspective in the person of Bro. Ben Khayil Yashurun. His brings forth a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the Kingdom of Yah. We will be dealing with the power to define our current reality and through indepth analysis and critical thinking amid the crisis model that is being employed. Join us at 3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST this evening as we Do Tha Knowledge with Ben Khayil Yashurun live on Do Tha Knowledge Radio. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your questions or comments for our electrifying guest. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/30/do-tha-knowledge-radio-presents-ben-khayil-yashurun-the-power-to-define