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    Uplift! How to Conquer Your Inner Critic

    in Spirituality

    Do you have an inner critic?

    A critical, judging voice in your head?

    Did you know if you don't deal with it, it'll get WORSE?

    On this enlightening episode of Uplift: Amazingly Powerful Secrets to Conquer Stress, Boost Happiness, and Create an Extraordinary Life, success and happiness coach-Jaime Pfeffer shares:

    How to SPOT your inner critic immediately
    Why you need to learn this VITAL skill NOW
    The TOP SECRETS for disempowering that DEBILITATING voice in your head

    You'll leave this hour:

    Feeling LESS STRESSED;
    More EMPOWERED; and
    MORE PREPARED the next time your Inner Critic comes knocking

    For your FREE inner-critic-busting tool, click here: http://bit.ly/jumpstartyourday

    For more FREE GOODIES to conquer negative thinking, click here.

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    Bad sentences beware of Washington Post nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada

    in Writing

    Woe be unto you writer, should you land in a Washington Post article titled “The five worst sentences I read in January.” When I read that post written by the new nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada, I knew two things. First, I needed to interview Lozada. Second, I was afraid to write him an email.

    Lozada’s voice engaged me because in addition to rhetorical smarts, he’s pretty funny. Though he’s been at the paper for several years, he began his new role at Book Party in January.  I’m proud to announce the March 22 episode of Behind the Prose will feature an interview with Lozada. In classic Behind the Prose fashion, I’ll learn how he approaches his own writing craft and process and what it’s like to read and write for a living.

    Besides the five worst sentences he read in January, we’ll discuss his Book Party posts including the hilarious book review “Reggie Love on life as Obama’s “chief of stuff” and the ballooning list of journalism cliches forbidden in the The Post’s Sunday Outlook section.

    Oh, and if you do find yourself in one of Lozada’s worst sentences articles,  don’t be upset. He just shames your offending sentence, not your entire book.

    Unless, I suppose, it needed it.

    Carlos Lozada is associate editor and nonfiction book critic at the Washington Post, where he has worked since 2005 in various capacities, including economics editor, national security editor and Outlook editor. Previously, he was managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and a Knight-Bagehot fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University. A native of Lima, Peru, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Princeton University.

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    Everyone's a Critic

    in Entertainment

    The spot where...you guessed it...everyone is a critic. We talk about the latest and anything on everything. there is no holding back.

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    Everyone's a Critic

    in Entertainment

    we talk about anything and everything and where....you guessed it...everyone is a critic.

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    How to Tame Your Inner Critic

    in Women

    We all have one - that voice that speaks up and stops us from moving forward. That voice that tries to convince us that we don't have what it takes to - fill in the blank.

    While we can't get rid of it, we can learn how to move past it.

    Join Michelle Hollinger as she shares how to take control of your inner voice.

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    Cruise Critic Editor Carolyn Spencer Brown

    in Travel

    Carolyn Spencer Brown, Cruise Critic editor, joins Peter Greenberg aboard the inaugural Uniworld ship, the SS Catherine. While on board they discuss the growing popularity of river cruising. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises only host a few hundred guests, creating a more intimate atmosphere. 

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    Holistic Health Hour with Aleka- The Inner Critic

    in Spirituality

    There are many names for the inner critic: the ego, the inner child, the critical parent or even the “parasite”. What is the inner critic? How is it created? What are the implications of its presence?  Can we get rid of it?  Are there benefits to its existence? In this enlightening show, Aleka gets up close and personal with the inner critic by calling it out of the shadows of our mind and bringing it into the light of awareness. 

    *This is a recorded show.

    Join Professionally Certified Holistic Life Strategies Coach Aleka Thorvalson, CPC, PCC for the Holistic Health Hour. This unique and inspiring show allows us to look at our lives in a "whole" new way; tuning in to our health, wellness and happiness from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. It's Aleka's intention to create a new kind of dialog about our health, bodies, relationships and lives --  empowering transformation from the inside out.

    *Aleka Thorvalson is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained through the International Coach Academy in the Advanced Coach Training Program. She is also a member and a Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.

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    The Luck of the Irish Film Critic

    in Hobbies

    Tune in and chat with the movers and shakers in the promotional industry including contestors, promoters, marketers and sponsors. My guest is: James McDonald, originally from Dublin, Ireland but currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a Film Reviewer and Interviewer who has over thirty years experience in the film industry hosting movie giveaways on his site. http://irishfilmcritic.com/category/contests/.

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    Critic David Thomson

    in Movies

    Acclaimed film critic and historian David Thomson discusses his new book titled Moments That Made the Movies.

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    The Regular Moviegoer Awards!

    in Movies

    Movie awards picked by a film lover, not a stuffy critic or snotty Academy member.

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    Dissecting Docs with Film critic Don Schwartz & Carole Dean

    in Film

    Don Schwartz, Doc film critic, author of Telling Their Own Stories and Carole Dean, grantor of Roy Dean Film Grants & fiscal sponsor with From the Heart Productions review top docs.

    To learn more about Carole Dean and From the Heart visit http://fromtheheartproductions.com/

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