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    Bert Martinez joined by Dilip Ratha and Dr. Joseph Parent

    in Business

    Dilip Ratha innovative thinker in development finance including remittances, diaspora bonds, sovereign ratings, and structured finance. Lead economist and manager of the Migration and Remittances Unit, World Bank, Expert on global economics, Pioneer of remittance alternatives and Global TED Speaker 2014

    Dr. Joseph Parent highly respected and sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach in Performance Psychology for Business, teaching the path to success through peak performance principles. He has a PhD in Social Psychology, and has practiced and taught Mindful Awareness in the Buddhist tradition for over 40 years. He is a renowned PGA TOUR and LPGA Performance Coach who helped major champions Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr to achieve #1 in the World Golf Rankings. Dr. Parent is the best-selling author of several books, including ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game, which has sold over a half-million copies in ten different languages, in print, digital, and audio formats, and the newly released ZEN TENNIS: Playing in the Zone. He is currently working on a business book, ZEN WORKING: You Must Be Present to Win

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    Guest: Cristie Paris

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer welcome Cristie Paris to the show today.  Cristie is a woman with a mission. She is part of the Media Committee for Occupy San Diego, part of an international protest movement against social and economic inequality. A graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Political Science, she officially joined the Occupy San Diego movement on October 28, 2011 with a main role in communication. She works to spread the Occupy message far and wide using various social networks, offering a message of accountability for political and community leaders, and hope for a vision of creating a better world.

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    Conservative or Republican: Which Will You Support In 2016

    in Politics Conservative

    The choices are going to bubble to the surface pretty quickly.  Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush.  Chris Cristie or Rand Paul?  These choices and the support these possible candidates are given will spell the destiny of the nation.  So, how are you going to go in 2016?  Are you the pragmatic one that is looking for the electable candidate of the the ideological candidate? Are you the "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead for the cause of conservativtism?

    How will you make your decision?

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    Ultra Conservative vs Moderate GOP - Which can take the White House?

    in Politics Conservative

    As soon as you mention such names as Chris Cristie, Jeb Bush, Mitt Tomney and a few other possible Presidential candidates the word I hate spews from the mouth of the ultra conservative right....RINO!

    There is a lot of speculations on who will be running on the Presidential Ballot, most of those mentioned could be classified as being a RINO.

    The battle within the GOP does not seem to be about beating Hillary Clinton (she will run and get the Demo nomination) it is about how conservative are those who will actually become candidates to take on Clinton.

    Today "In the Pickle Barrel" we'll explore this "situation" and see what you think...Can a Ultra conservative beat Clinton or will it take a more moderate (aka RINO) to take the White House?

    See you at 8AM-10AM "In the Pickle Barrel"


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    It's Manic Monday!

    in Politics Conservative

    Manic Monday is catch-up day for all of the political updates on things that happened over the weekend and more.

    Beginning today, Susan Minck will be my co-host. Susan has been with me on Friday's for several years but due to her increased duties in her "real career" she will no longer be able to join me on Friday. Susan is just as vocal and straight forward in her commentary and we have some pretty lively discussions.

    Elcetions, ISIS (ISL), Obama, 2014 Senatorial races, War Against Terror, School Prayer, and more is on the ticket for this morning.

    Join SUsan and I "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning at 8AM-10AM EST. 

    Participate in the conversation by entering the Chat Room or call in and share your comments live at 1-855-236-2486.

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    Barling & Barrett - Crime and Politics

    in Music

    This week we have Bridgegate, could this scuttle Chris Cristie's 2016 run? What should we do about Iraq? Did we create the situation?

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    The Ignorance Equation-Anthony's Big Round Weiner

    in Politics

    Open Forum Episode: We have had so many great guest on latly I wanted to make room for another Open Forum Episode, I miss hearing from my callers!!! We will be touching on all things political from the Impending Shut Down to yes you guest it Anthony Weiner-Also trying out a couple new segments...Own Your Words and The Pissed Off News with Duane The Honey Badger!!! 

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    Me 2 We with details about the Latino Festival!

    in News

    Hear all about Cedar Rapid’s first Latino Festival ! Details Tuesday night 7/10 at 7 p.m. Cristie Pettit Ernzen and Anthony Brown will be my guests .

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    July 3 - CHARLOTTE VIEW: Owning a used-book Store - The Book Stall (Rock Hill, SC)

    in Books

    Charlotte View will broadcast in Rock Hill, SC from The Book Stall with owner Cristie Alley. She will talk about owning a used book store, the latest hot titles, and upcoming events.
    Host: Claudia Pureco, Denise Mackey and Jim Black
    The Book Stall is a used book store located in Rock Hill, SC. They sell used books covering a wide range of genres in both hardback and paperback at bargain prices. Paperbacks sell for 50% of original cover price and hardbacks range from $3.00 to $7.50 each. You may also trade in your used books for store credit. Store credit may be used as parital payment on future purchases (our policy is 2/3 store credit and 1/3 cash, check or credit card).
    Author Signing Porch Yard Sales Fundraisers Book Stall Ladies Club Birthday Parties Coffee and Pastries Room Free Wi-Fi General Information:
    Open from 10am until 6pm Monday thru Friday and 10am until 4pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sunday.
    Contact owners Cristie and Chris Alley:
    1639 Ebenezer Rd. Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732 1 (803) 980-5199 thebookstall2rh@gmail.com www.thebookstall-n-rh.biz.com

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    Kentucky For Cannabis - It's a "Labor" of Love Cont. 3

    in Education

    #3 of a series of shows. Part 1 is located here on our morning show archives.

    Part 2 is found at Kentucky4Repeal http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kentucky4repeal
    also here on blogtalk and our afternoon show.

    Kentucky For Cannabis is a community chapter of Americans For Cannabis which can be found at
    Disclaimer: I am not an Attorney and can not give legal advise.

    Any info shared is based on my personal experience of spending more than 15 yrs in courts fighting for my freedom and everyones rights in this issue and others.
    Robert Carr is Adim. for this group. Mary Thomas-Spears is the head chair holder for Kentucky and the current Host and is joined by Members & Guest who will appear as we take your calls.

    The number to call is (718) 664-9048 to listen or join. Just press #1 to join and the please hold.

    The number to call to schedule to sponsor us or to appear as a guest is (270) 904-0279.

    We Thank All! for All they do in support in helping us to educate Kentucky. We look forward to answering your calls when we can.


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    The Matthew Brower Show featuring Doctor Bart Rossi

    in Politics Conservative

    The Matthew Brower Show is glad to welcome Dr. Bart Rossi to the September 6th 11pm ET show.  Dr. Rossi is a nationally renowned political psychology expert.  Dr. Rossi and I will be discussing Chris Cristie on the show so listen live and join the chat room.  The show can be heard at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/matthew-a-brower/2012/09/07/the-matthew-brower-show-featuring-doctor-bart-rossi

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