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    He Dances, Sings & Acts! Cristian Campocasso

    in Entertainment

    For more about Cristian Campocasso check out our blog at www.TheSashaMarinaShow.com

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    Top Star Hip Hop Radio Christian & Clean Hip Hop Music

    in Music

    Top Star Hip Hop we feature music from www.topstarhiphop.com & from the artists we interview. We feature a varitey of shows from talk, music, Top 20 weekly Countdown, Gospel Hip Hop, Battle Rapping, Powertalk With OG, Real House Wives of Twitter. We have it all plus Entertainment News. We are the voice of the Indy Artist and we rule the streets. We are the streets! @mackdrama1017 #Production all rights reserved

    Today we have Cristian, Gopsel and clean hip hop & rap music. 347-633-9588

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    Part IV of GOD's Healing

    in Christianity

    This is Part IV of the Gift of GOD's Healing.


    The Scriptures for today will be Matthew 10:1, Mark 5:2-20, Matthew 17:14-21.


    We will be looking for you.


    If you have a Prayer Request or Birthdays, please send it or them to us at info@celticcrossministy.com  Birthday anouncements should have the persons Name, Day and Month, and if you want to be acknowledged.  Please put CWN, Cristian Warrior Network, OTC, Oblong Table Crew, or Blog Talk Radio Show in the SUBJECT LINE.  Thank you. 

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    Cristian Chavez, Economic Analyst, Student Managed Investmen

    in Business

    Cristian Chavez will discuss and analysis the following three concepts that have been applied and offer them as recommendations to be successful in the highly competitive and ever changing 21st Century environment.   1)      For personal growth, have your personal library;  “all leaders are readers”. 2)      Don’t worry about the "how", focus on what you want and the how will present itself. 3)      Association, who do you listen to?   Cristian Chavez is an Economic Analyst for the Student Managed Investment Fund, at California State University, Long Beach.  His responsibilities include analyzing domestic and global economies, gathering, organizing and interpreting data. In this role he collaborates with an investment management team, by providing economic data that influences the investment process. The information is disseminated to three teams which is used to determine the investment choices in both the equities and fixed assets portfolio.  

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    Part III of GOD's Healing.

    in Christianity

    This is Part III of "The Gift of GOD's Healing."  In this show, we will be giving exaples of Jesus healing people.


    The Readings for this week are: Mark 5:25-34, John 9:1-9, Mark 2:1-5, 11, 12.  Any verse that we do not get to, we will use in the following episode.


    We would like for you to join us as we look through the diferent stories of Healing that are in the Bible.


    If you have a Prayer Request or Birthdays, please send it or them to us at info@celticcrossministy.com  Birthday anouncements should have the persons Name, Day and Month, and if you want to be acknowledged.  Please put CWN, Cristian Warrior Network, OTC, Oblong Table Crew, or Blog Talk Radio Show in the SUBJECT LINE.  Thank you. 

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    Interview with Catholic Hip Hop's Youngest Hip Hop Artist: Cristian Yuqui

    in Christianity

    On Tonight's Show Cristian Yuqui will be interviewed by Father Rosado and Joe Siriotis.  Cristian is a Catholic Hip Hop Artists from New York.  He recently released "O.C.", "What I Gotta Do" and "Convo."  His YouTube channel is available here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNnqzr0mwZu6KubXjRcjSA and his songs can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/cristianyuqui He is the youngest Catholic Artist working with the AMDG Movement.  

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    THE RIGHT RESPONSE - Why have this show?

    in Politics Conservative

    I want to create a Right Response Radio background. Why do we have this show and what do we believe?

    It will be a good link to send folks to who wonder how does a Right wing Cristian Conservative realy think.

    There is a lot of bad representation out there.



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    Back Channel,The Kennedy Years & Pianist Cristian Monti

    in Politics

    Back Channel is the first book of a remarkable memoir of a Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy.
    Known familiarly as Bertie Mac he reported directly to the President and his office was in the West Wing of the White House. Prior to achieving that position, he had been betrayed by his own government - the United States - and handed over to the Soviets.
    He was tortured in the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow before being covertly rescued by two high ranking Soviet Generals (at great risk to themselves) who wanted to convey information directly to the White House to try to avert a nuclear confrontation they believed to be imminent. They believed that he would be a uniquely reliable conduit of information between the U.S. and the Soviet Union as he deeply mistrusted both governments and therefore had absolutely no motivation to "color" any information he might transmit.
    Bertie Mac coined the term "Back Channel" and served as a direct communication link between the White House and the Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Bertie Mac is a patriot, a soldier, a spy and an assassin. He served in all four roles during his time under President Kennedy, who became his friend and confidant.You will see the Soviet Union, the White House, Camelot, Vietnam and the conspirators behind the assassination of the President in a very new light and watch history as it was being made. Join us as we look into the Kennedy Years of Camelot, the Assasination and the aftermath. Due to our guests safety we cannot devulge his true name or show his face.
    Call in to speak with Bertie at 213-769-0952 or visit via the chatroom. 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST View Bertie's web-site: http://www.bertiemac.com/
    We thank photographer Tom Lohdan for use of the White House Photo- find Tom on Flickr.
    Pianist Cristian Monti joins us from Italy.

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    Cristian S. Aluas - Fine Art, Comics, Graphic Novels

    in Art

    Cristian S. Aluas is a painter, comics artist and graphic novelist in Kanata/Ottawa, Canada.
    Artist Statement
    "As an artist, I am on a creative journey to constantly derive more out of myself. Some of my favorite experiences with art have been when I pick up a pad of paper or am facing a blank canvas and do not quite know what I will draw or paint. I feel around for some shapes, with my pencil or pen, and soon enough a figure emerges.
    I draw and paint, primarily, and occasionally I have built things out of wood or metal. My specialty is the human form, whether alone or interacting. I feel that a strong foundation in reality is important so that one can build a database of knowledge from which to extract references for creating subjects from ones imagination. I believe I have a fairly vast catalog of images, especially for drawing and painting people. I also like to challenge myself to try new things, like drawing and painting scenic backgrounds.
    When I started out professionally, after College and University, I went into an abstract phase (my famous "Silverback" period) and then into the "Signature" period. The culmination of those two periods can be seen in my first masterpiece painting "Big Portrait #1." Then I went into a dark romantic period that blossomed into the brighter "Golden Boy" series. "
    More details about Cristian's work at http://csa1.ca

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    Christian Sports talk with Robert Fowler!

    in Music

    Join FMGLive as we discuss Christians in sports, sports today from a Cristian perspective, and what's happening in the world of sports talk with our guest, sports enthusiast Robert Fowler! FMGLive is back bringing you the best in Christian life!

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    HEALING LIGHT with Radleigh Valentine

    in Spirituality

    Hay House Author Radleigh Cristian Valentine is a professional intuitive, speaker, author, spiritual advisor, and a recovering Certified Public Accountant. He is the co-author with Dr. Doreen Virtue of the best selling Angel Tarot Cards, Archangel Power Tarot Cards, The Big Book of Angel Tarot, and Guardian Angel Tarot Cards.  His oracle card deck, Angel Answers will be out in December 2014.

    Radleigh is an experienced and enchanting public speaker, bringing his unique voice and sense of humor to everything that he does. He is especially gifted at breaking down complicated concepts in a way that is engaging, fun, and easy to understand. When he conducts a seminar, Radleigh has the ability to connect personally with each member of the audience and to truly understand their needs and goals.

    As a powerful claircognizant and medium, Radleigh’s readings reflect a view of life that is positive and self-empowering of the individual. He is a very compassionate intuitive who has the magical ability to help people see the beauty in themselves and in almost any situation. His demeanor is friendly, warm, and peaceful. And he often uses his southern charm as well as the power of laughter to dissipate worry for his clients. A reading with Radleigh brings moments of clarity and awakening but it is also a lot like chatting with a friend.

    You can learn more about Radleigh on his website www.radleighvalentine.com