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    Dr. Chenelle Jones - Prof. of Criminology and the U of Missouri Football Boycott

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Monday, Nov., 9th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  Our Criminologist, Dr. Chenell Jones.  CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more info and podcasts.

    Pre-Order the film "Black Friday" at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.

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    Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Ethical Considerations

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    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review the work of Dr. Peter Kraska and Dr. W. Lawrence Neuman and their excellent textbook entitled “Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods” (2012, 2nd ed.).  Thinking about your application of ethics in your research project is critical to your completing enough preparation to be successful. Ethical conduct ensures that the "knowledge–power dynamic" which we understand so well in public safety generates knowledge only from credible research. As a criminal justice researcher you have a professional and ethical obligation to create new knowledge that is useful, accurate, credible, and that can be generalized across a wide population. The purpose of this seminar is to ensure you understand and appreciate the ethical implications of your research as well as the potential adverse impacts that research can have on others. 

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    Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Theory and Philosophy

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    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review the work of Dr. Peter Kraska and Dr. W. Lawrence Neuman in their excellent textbook entitled “Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods” (2012, 2nd ed.).  This first seminar helps answer some basic questions about knowledge, how it is constructed and what it has to do with criminal justice studies. We have questions we ask every day, departments across the country need research done, but who is to say what research needs to be done and how it is to be done to satisfy the needs of that Chief, Warden, Regional Administrator, or other agency manager who needs to make serious and accurate decisions based on your work? This seminar introduces the concepts of epistemology, positivist social science, interpretive social science, and critical social science. Then we go into the parts of a theory and variables in research before expanding to the development of a theory.  The latter half of the seminar reviews Grounded Theory, Temporal Order, Association, Types of Variables, etc. and then we finish up with Hypothesis and errors in reasoning. 

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    Discussion on Direct Marketing by Shaun Caldwell on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso

    in Business

    Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso, welcomes Shaun Caldwell, direct marketing expert.

    Shaun says, “your marketing should make the customer, prospect, or partner feel good about doing business with you.” He is a direct marketing expert with progressive experience that’s enabled him to impact profitability and growth objectives for companies for which he has served as a strategic partner.

    Shaun shares his direct marketing wisdom with us on Revenue Chat. He shares his strategic focus, judgment, and vision that he’s gained during a successful career guiding the creation and implementation of branding, design, and promotional campaigns that have generated sustained positive results.

    Shaun has been very busy leveraging diverse business optimization, and direct marketing expertise to a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors.

    As the owner of Charlotte Print a graphic design, printing, and direct mail company, he has been providing startups to seasoned businesses with direct response marketing services.

    Prior to launching Charlotte Print, Shaun served as the founder and owner of Global Marketing Mavens where his efforts were instrumental in spearheading the adoption of internet and mobile marketing for small businesses nationwide.

    Shaun Caldwell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Johnson C. Smith University. He is the organizer of one of Charlotte’s largest networking organizations and often mentors small business owners nationwide on branding, design, and promotion.

    Shaun gives us the inside scoop on successful direct marketing, right here on Revenue Chat.

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    Anita Meyer: Beyond the Bible Code

    in News

    About Beyond the Bible Code

    Both the designed patterns of the Hebrew letters and The Torah Codes describe a real phenomenon by illustrating intelligent and divine design. There is statistical evidence that the scriptures are of a divinely inspired, and supernatural, origin with a God's-eye-view of history, imbibed with the past, present and future. Moreover, including the schematics of a higher science, a wormhole could well be a porthole leading us directly to commune with God.

    Author Anita Meyer was born on June 29th 1967 in Augsburg Bavaria Germany on an American Army base. She graduated from Maine East High School in Park Ridge Illinois. Has a degree in Criminology. Off the beaten path, Anita is a religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God's existence. She currently resides in Kenosha Wisconsin, is married and has two children.

    Author Anita Meyer has written these books to bridge the gap between both science and religion and to share God's truth with the world.

  • Soul Progressive Sunday -Your week in Soul

    in Current Events

    Soul Progressive Sundays - August 23, 2015

    Hey Family!!!  Join us this Sunday at 10am MTN.

    It's Soul Progressive Sundays Hot Topics of the week:

    Soul Movie Review----Straight Out of Compton
    Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Movement Recalls COINTELPRO Tactics
    12 Words Black People Invented, And White People Killed
    No Justice in Georgia/ I'll never go back to Georgia!!!
    Finally weighing in on Bill Cosby scandal
    Trending this week on Black Twitter

    Our Special Guest this week: Luis Fernandez

    Luis A. Fernandez is an author and professor at Northern Arizona University, where he directs the Master’s Program in Sustainable Communities. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He is the author and editor of several books, including Policing Dissent: Social Control and the Anti-Globalization Movement (Rutgers University Press), Contemporary Anarchist Studies (Rutledge), and Shutting Down the Streets: Political Violence and Social Control in the Global Era (New York University Press).


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    MyNDTALK - Academia Meets Activism Prof. Kalfani Ture

    in Psychology

    Academia Meets Activism 

    Dr. Brewer is joined by Prof. Kalfani Ture, an archeologist and criminologist who shares his research, his wisdom and his passion about the history and the state of African-American's in  America.  Prof. Ture asks and answers a critical question:" ... How do we reverse our splintered nation - one black, one white, separate, hostile and unequal? How might the government intervene to make our society more inclusive?"

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    Truth Radio & Pastor Cal welcomes Deputy Chief of Police Rodney Smith

    in The Bible


    Rodney Smith, a Florida native, joined the Ocala Police Department in 1988 as a Community Service Officer.  He was promoted in rank and, in 2008 was promoted to Deputy Chief.

    He has received numerous awards for his work performance to include two Medals of Valor and Officer of the Year from the College of Central Florida.  He represents his community on several community boards, such as The Centers, Salvation Army, Governors West Revitalization Council, the Fifth Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee, NAMI, and others.

    Deputy Chief Smith attended Marion County Public Schools and graduated from North Marion High School.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology from Saint Leo University; a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida and attended Northcentral University in pursuit of a Doctorate of Business. He is also a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy (FBINA) in Quantico, Virginia.

    Smith is a state certified instructor with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and a consultant for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the Hardwick Group, Inc.

    He has presented at several national conferences as an instructor and motivational speaker. His lecture series includes presentations at the US Department of Justice, International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Department of Corrections, NeighborWorks America Training Institute, the Office of the Attorney General-Bureau of Criminal Justice Program, and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE).  

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    From Boys to Men: Stopping Young Men From Becoming Perpetrators of Violence

    in Youth

    FROM BOYS TO MEN - What can be done to stop young men from becoming perpetrators of domestic violence later in life?

    David Gadd has over a decade of experience of conducting and analyzing in-depth interview research with offenders, and has written extensively on the subjects of domestic abuse, masculinities and crime, racial harassment, offender motivation and desistance from crime.

    He came to Manchester University in 2011. David is currently Head of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Manchester University School of Law.

    David recently led two major research projects. One of these projects that really caught my attention and is nearing completion is - the From Boys to Men project - and looked at what can be done to stop young men becoming perpetrators of domestic violence in later life.

    Suparna Malhotra hosts the Gentle World Cafe on the Voice of Leadership Network. 

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show:For the Ancestors

    in Art

    1. Coalition to Commemorate African Ancestors of the Middle Passage (ICCAAMP). RememberTheAncestors.com Osei Terry Chandler, Charleston, NC; Chadra Pittman Walke, The Sankofa Project, Hampton, Virginia; Luther Gray, NOLA, La., Ashe Cultural Center; ADACI Washington, DC & ADACI Detroit, Eurika Huggins & Kefentse Kwesi Chike; Wanda Sabir, Maafa San Francisco Bay Area.

    2. Stephanie Ann Johnson, Ph.D.,  "EVERY TWENTY-ONE DAYS: CANCER, YOGA, AND ME," at The Berkeley Marsh, 2120 Allston Way,, June 22, 7 p.m.,  to benefit The Women’s Cancer Resource Center. Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets. Visit: lightessencedesign.com

    3. Black Literature and Literacy Subject of June 19 Symposium at the Library of Congress, Program Marks 150th Anniversary of Juneteenth Holiday guest, Bahiyyah Muhammad, JD, assistant professor of criminology at Howard University, speaks about her “Project Iron Kids,” which educates and empowers children of incarcerated parents. The free program is 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Reading Room of the African and Middle Eastern Division (LJ 220) of the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building, located at 10 First Street S.E., Washington, D.C.

    4. Rocky Dawuni, Branches of the Same Tree, uses art for social change. To this end, he is in Berkeley, June 17 to support Celebrate African Entrepreneurship with Whole Foods Market’s African Summer Celebration. The panel is at International Center UC Berkeley, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, at 5:30-7 p.m.; the party is at Whole Foods on Gilman. Visit www.facebook.com/events/1634195590128907/

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    Networking CEO: Teri Sherron | Business Identity Theft

    in Business

    Teri Sherron has a Master’s of Science in Criminology and 10 years of experience in Criminal Fraud Investigations, College Level Teaching, and Corporate Asset Protection. Teri applies the knowledge and wisdom acquired from a lifelong career with the Judicial System such as Police Departments, District Attorneys’ Offices, and Corporate America Private Business Assets Protection to get results!   



    Teri Sherron & Associates


    Small Business & Group Benefits Specialists

    Phone: 559-554-7785