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    Diversity Of The Minds Presents, Lyrical Artist, "Prynce Tone"

    in Entertainment

    Diversity Of The Minds Presents Lyrical Artist Prynce Tone as our special guest of the evening. This lyrical beast will be hanging out with the crew of this powerful and popular network. This will be his first time interview with us, so you know it will be EPIC!.Prynce Tone is one of the second best rappers we'll have the pleasure of interviewing, and we are supper excited about it. Prynce Tone's latest release, "Back To Mars" is a very deep and inspiring track that's  definitely blowing up the internet. His amazing story of triumph, which he'll be sharing with us all this evening, will give you hope to continue reaching for the stars, inspite of your surroundings. Prynce Tone is currently signed to one of Cleveland's most POWERFUL record lables, C-Town Unlimited Records. So please join us tonight as we roll out the Red carpet for this brilliant artist. Presented by Diversity Of The Minds. "Note"... Please wait till we announce our phone lines are open, before placing your call into the studio. Thank you in advance!  Studio # 516-531-9334

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    Diversity Of The Minds Presents, Lyrical Artist, Ej Johnson

    in Hip Hop Music

     Diversity Of The Minds, hosted by Authoress Carolyn B & Shevy B-Easy, Welcome's Lyrical Artist, Ej Johnson (aka) Slik Fresh into the Red Carpet Room to speak candidly about his music career and more. We are truly honored to have this amazingly talented artist join us on our network. You'll have the opportunity to hear four of his hottest tracks, as we will discuss each song with him. And if you stick around for the duration of the show, you can call in to ask this musical genius questions regurading his career as an artist. Yes, once again the studio will be on fire with another great and talented guest, on the network that speaks raw truth and knowledge, Diversity Of the Minds, Only on Blog Talk Radio. Don't miss out!. Call in number is as followed, 516-531-9334. "WARNING" Some contents may not be suitable for 17 and under, listeners discreation is advised..

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    Diversity of the Minds Presents Da POETRY Room with Shevy B-easy

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    Da Poetry Room with Shevy B-easy

    Come kick with your homegurl Shevy B-easy in da Poetry Room Tonight! Singer Songwriter and self proclaimed poetic mistress will be bringing some more inspiring material to the airwaves and if youre a poet or an author, we welcome you to join the vibe session.  Words no matter how they are recited are poetry and diversity of the minds is all about hearing all the words of the unknown and unspoken. ILL B bringing on guests from my life's encounters and taking callers; we'll share our hopes, dreams, influences and inspirations thru music, rhymes, poems, instrumentals, lyrical poems, and spoken word. You wont want to miss what we will say, do or create live in your minds. Tune in @ blogtalkradio.com/diversityoftheminds live @ 9-11 (standard) 7-9pm pacific or call-in @ 516 531 9334

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    "Elevated Minds"

    in Hip Hop Music

    Their has been a lot of backlash with the recent release of Billboard's top 10 Rappers. Many either feel that a couple rappers who shold have been on the list were omitted or that they got the order terribly wrong. Tonight on Elevated Minds we will give our top 10 MC's of all time and tell you why we chose those rappers. We are aware that everyone's taste in hip hop is different so we are still allowing you guys to call in and give us your top 10 MC's live on air tonight at 10/9c call (917)932-1078 to tune in and if you would like to comment on our top MC"s or give your own list press 1 at anytime.

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    May: Those Criminal Minds- Pure

    in Film

    What happens when a working class youth name Paul life changes after the death of his father?  A violent and graphic life is told how a young person deals with torn emotions of life and death.  Set in East London, the teen decides to deal with his fears.  How would you deal with your fears of life and death? This movie draws the viewer in to what can set someone into a life of crime. Would you feel for the person? Tune in Sunday at 6 pm to find out what can begin a criminal mind

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    Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Theory and Philosophy

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review the work of Dr. Peter Kraska and Dr. W. Lawrence Neuman in their excellent textbook entitled “Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods” (2012, 2nd ed.).  This first seminar helps answer some basic questions about knowledge, how it is constructed and what it has to do with criminal justice studies. We have questions we ask every day, departments across the country need research done, but who is to say what research needs to be done and how it is to be done to satisfy the needs of that Chief, Warden, Regional Administrator, or other agency manager who needs to make serious and accurate decisions based on your work? This seminar introduces the concepts of epistemology, positivist social science, interpretive social science, and critical social science. Then we go into the parts of a theory and variables in research before expanding to the development of a theory.  The latter half of the seminar reviews Grounded Theory, Temporal Order, Association, Types of Variables, etc. and then we finish up with Hypothesis and errors in reasoning. 

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    Elevated Minds

    in Family

    For the month od October Elevated Minds Radio is doing a battle of the sexes. All month long we will talk about issues that effect Men or Women and giving the solutions from each sexes perspective. Part 1: There was a time in history when women had little to no say in what happened in their lives, oh how the times have changed. Women have come along way since suffrage and are now independent and trail blazers in their own right. However women still aren't paid as much as their male counterparts and are still subject to their double standards. At another time in history women were the heads of their households and all major decisions had to go through them first. Male chauvinism is at an all time high right now but why is it because we respect our women less? Is it because peole truly believe this is a man's world? lets talk about it live on air next sunday night on "Elevated Minds" Tune in by going to www.elevatedmindsradio365.co you can also tune in by phone by calling (917) 932-1078 and pressing 1 to comment live on air, or downloading the Tune in or Stitcher app to your smartphone.

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    Cleaning Criminal Records

    in Legal

    This podcast focuses on the steps necessary to clean up a person’s public record of a criminal arrest. Attorney James Doerr explains expungements and sealings of records.


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    C.D. - The Criminal Justice System "Reforms" by Barack Obama

    in Islam


    At this writing, I've not gone into great detail on Barack Obama's criminal justice system "reforms", as they apply to the "rights" of ex-felons, as they attempt to re-fold into civic life.

    As I understand, there is much ado, regarding disclosures on job applications, which arguably, has precluded former inmates' ability to obtain an honest job, and be able to create distance between their past violations and present life-circumstances.

    In this, one can argue that this very policy, as it severely limits one's ability to function in his or her "new" society, puts such persons in a situation where a return to crime is inevitable, so of course, questions arise as to the very purpose of incarceration, and the perception that these long-standing policies, including the loss of the privilege to vote, were at their inception, targeted at black Americans.

    How can these policies be justified, if one has "paid their debt to society"?

    Indeed, there are many people, ex-felons, given a chance to more forward, who have indeed proven themselves worthy of respect, honor and being seen as living examples of Allah's / God's redemption.

    On the other hand, what about their victims; When and how are they "paid"?

    I will research this issue in more depth, so we will have a most meaningful:


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