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    06072015 And The Blood Cried.

    in Christianity

    Join Apostle Josh Sparks, a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of The Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. The Assured Way of the Lord as he preaches a message titled, "And the Blood Cried". It will bless you tremendously. As the write of Hebrews declared, that Jesus blood speaks better things then that of Abel! Abel's blood cried out for vengeance and Jesus blood cries out for Mercy. Join us at 10 AM (EST).

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    Reach Out America: America's Health Crisis

    in Health

    Paulette Young brings us another hot topic! Tonight's she will dive in the the question....

    Marijuana good for you?

    Many have spoken on the subject, states have legalized it. What are the medicinal uses for marijuana, if there are any.

    Why is it illegal? Where can you go to learn more about it? 
    Tune in to hear Paulette take in the subject and see what things you can learn from this show.

    We all want a miracle cure all, is there anything truth to all the things you hear?

    Lets find out together!

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    Reach Out America: Second Amendment Stance

    in Current Events

    Late Night Gun Talk Reach Out America Second Amendment Stance With Raquel Okyay

     My special guest is Stephen J Aldstadt, President of Shooters Committee On Political Education (SCOPE) who will be on to discuss on-going litigation against the SAFE Act.

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    Reach Out America: Taking Off the Gloves

    in Current Events

    These Guys will be at the Western Conservative Summit this weekend! 
    Mr Article V and Captain 20/20 bring the fight. Be informed and get ready. Too long Americans have looked to elected officials to make a difference only to be fooled by campaign promises. Get the real 411 right here with America's Phoenix. Its time we stand up from the ashes of what was once a great country. Bring it to the next level!



    Dont miss out on all the knowledge and information these guys have to offer us. There are a lot of things you can do and these guys will challenge you to take action on locally, state, and federal levels.

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    Reach Out America: Second Amendment Stance

    in Current Events

    Late Night Gun Talk Reach Out America Second Amendment Stance With Raquel Okyay

    We have several gun rights' leaders and experts from Florida Carry, Inc. on the show who will be discussing Florida gun politics.

    Everyone's freedom is at risk when major forces in the U.S.A. are attempting to disarm the American People. At "Second Amendment Stance with Raquel Okyay" we are doing everything to notify the public and PREVENT gun bans from happening.


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    Reach Out America: Taking Off the Gloves

    in Current Events

    Join Reach Out America for another episode of Taking Off the Gloves

    with Mr. Article V and Captain 20/20 (Ernest Lee and Bill Muckler)

    Get ready to RUMBLE! 

    This show is about all things wrong with American politics

    Plus the hot topics of the day which will keep you thinnking and questioning 

    You will also learn what you can do to make America a better place for the future. 

    Learn about Commonsense 2 The Liberty Pledge


    And the book 20/20 A Clear Vision for America


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    Shout Out Saturday

    in Spirituality

    Today on the broadcast your host Evangelist Montell Fields will be shouting out and giving recognition to people that are a blessing to her life and so many others!

    She will be shouting and recognizing Brian and Leah Foutz of "Hazak Ministries" a dedciated man and woman of God. Even though they endured the worse possble kind of tragedy when they lost their daughter to a horrile heartless murder. They chose to walk in God's peace and through that God has esatblished them in a mighty way.

    From being an anointed musician to gifted authors, to the most loving dedicated man and woman of God you could ever meet. Their healing ministry hasd changed and impacted many lives one of tehm being mine. So today I am shouting out and being a voice to ackowledge Brian and Leah Foutz.

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    Reach Out America: Second Amendment Stance

    in Current Events

    TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT.... "Second Amendment Stance with Raquel Okyay" has a New Time & New Station. On Reach Out America blog-talk radio my show will commence at 9:00 pm Eastern Time and will be available by phone, internet and skype.

    On tonight's show, we will be talking about a corrupt St. Tammany Parish, in which officials are attempting to take away the gun rights of the people. 

    Guests: Libertarian candidate for St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jennifer Werther, Civil rights attorney Daniel Abel, community activist Terry King, and victim of police brutality Shane Gates.

    Also on the show tonight, we will be discussing New Jersey gun politics with founder and former president of New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Frank Jack Fiamingo. The state legislature proposed a bill to take away firearms from anyone accused (not convicted) of domestic violence. 


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    Reach Out America: America's Health Crisis

    in Current Events

    Tonight's Episode of Reach Out America: America's Health Crisis


    How safe is Hand Sanitizer?


    Many of us send this to school with our kids, we keep a stash in our cars or purses and never really think about what is actually in the product. 


    Labels can be deceiving, what do these products really do to your immune system? 


    Are some bacteria good? Is there really a lot of harm in killing all bacteria? 


    Learn more by tuning in tonight with Paulette Young


    She will tell you just whats up with using this product that most of us think is safe!

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    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    in Current Events

    Coming this Thursday night on Opening the Vortex Bobby will be live With Jane, the mother of Charlie McNabb.The story is about a baby that the hospital caused severe brain damage by sheer negligence ,and then destroyed his records to cover it up!
    Wow I'm so excited and honored to bring this story to the light. This story about a Magnificent mom and her son that the legal system not only let fall through the cracks, but out and out betrayed!
    You guys really need to tune in a story that proves the never ending boundaries of a mothers love.
    Charlie a truly amazing kid always has a smile, regardless of his many disabilities. Shows you the true meaning that you can overcome anything, with God and Family in your corner!
    Reach Out America  
    Show airs at 8 pm central time. 
    Be prepared to be extremely angry at the way thus family has been thrown away by the justice system. But also be prepared to be uplifted by this young man and his moms fight f

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    Reach Out America: Imploding the Illusion

    in Current Events

    Join Sean Sampson and David Hanson

    Tonight hear from a PTS RN

    Hear what a great american brewery did to help the community!

    and get updates on other subjects!

    This show will be fast pased and full of Americans speaking out!

    As these two explore what is going on in the country that people just have a hard time understanding

    Learn why your rights are being over looked for the greater good and learn how the government has lied to you! 

    Hear from real people who live with the knowledge of what is really going on! 

    Imploding the Illusion is a show that will help to explain the unanswered questions, while larger media refusses to even actknowledge the truth!