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    Arturo O'Farrill

    in Entertainment

    Grammy Award Winning Pianist/Composer/Educator - Arturo O'Farrill

    Founder and Artistic Director of the nonprofit Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, and Grammy award winner, Arturo O'Farrill, can appropriately be dubbed "the apple that did not fall far from the tree."  He is the son of the late great Cuban composer and arranger, Chico O'Farrill.  Arturo has worked with a wide range of jazz greats including:  Dizzy Gillespie, Steve Turre, Freddy Cole, The Fort Apache Band, Lester Bowie, and Wynton Marsalis to name a few,

    With 10 CD's already under his belt, including his recent Grammy winner, "Offense of the Drum", Arturo has produced yet another incredible work that just may garner him another Grammy nomination. "Cuba:  The Conversation Continues", Arturo's newest release, is a heart pounding, chaotic, rhythmic blend of pure Afro-Cuban jazz bliss, that goes well beyond just being about music.  It is also about "repairing the rupture between the US and Cuba."  He pushes it to the limit on this one ya'll!

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    Queer Talk: Journey This by award winning writer and actress, Cheray O'Neal

    in Performing Arts

    Welcome to Queer Talk, a radio show hosted by Xavier Mejia. Queer Talk is part of the LGBT Hero Awards Talk Radio. The LGBT Hero Awards Talk Radio is a listener-funded progressive station that interviews guest from the world of entertainment, art and community, politics, public health, and business. lgbtheroawards.com

    Hosts | Xavier Mejia

    Guest | Cheray O'Neal


    During this episode we are joined by award winning writer and actress, Cheray O'Neal. Ticket Infomation for Journey This http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2471615

    February 20, 2016 - March 6, 2016

    JOURNEY THIS, takes the audience down a humorous soul searching odyssey, and raises the question "just who is responsible for one's happiness?".  After the death of her last living relative, Journey is faced with a choice; suffer or forgive.   Written and performed by Cheray O'Neal, award winning writer,  NAACP Image Award Nominee Performer, Actor and Poet. She's graced the stage with PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and LORETTA DEVINE, and can be seen in the films H4 produced by HARRY LENNIX(The Blacklist), Honesty directed by MARK PELLINGTON (Blindspot), and is a member of The Labyrinth Theater Company of New York City.  www.cherayoneal.com


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    Another 40 minute gavfest is coming up for you here on BlogTalkRadio. Please join me and Steve Baxley tonight live at 11/eastern or on demand later. Got something to say? Call us at (347)850-8891. Among our topics tonight are:


    * Breaking WWE news...Daniel Bryan explains himself on retirement rumors tonight.

    *Was Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance last night the best ever?

    *Was ColdPlay upstaged by the NFL?

    *Was that really "The Sheriffs" last ride?

    *Was this the last time we see "Beastmode" in a Seattle Seahawks unifporm?

    And so muvh more...join us tonight "ONTheRadio!!!"

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    It is hard to believe, although I have beeen on BlogTalkRadio on some form since the Fall of 2009 (all with my long time co-host Steve "The Baxman" Baxley), on my current cycle of shows, tonight is my one year anniversary!!! I am thankful abd I celebrate!!!

    Tonight, you will get the same ole unfiltered and uncensored show that is a BTR teadition from me, I invite you to come and join the fun and frivolity. Call in at (347)850-8891. Among our hot topics are:


    *Calvin Johnson retires from the Detroit Lions...NOW WHAT?


    *Seamous suffers a major injury that will keep him out of Wrestlemania...SO WHAT?


    *I think the Carolina Panthers will win the Golden Super Bowl...WHAT WHAT?


    *What What?


    See you tonight (or later on demand) "ONTheRadio!!!"



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    Sports Talk with Kelvan Drummond

    in Sports

    Cam Newton, Charles Barkley, Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Bo Scarborough, and more.

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    How Shaq O'Neal and Gainsville police can teach us simple steps on how to lead

    in Business

    NBA super star Shaq O'Neal recently teamed up with Gainsville police to create a memorable experience for some unexpecting kids. From this encounter, we can learn a simple, yet valuable lesson on our ability to use our leadership positions to positively impact others. To see the video on this, please go to: http://www.theironjen.com/shaq/

    Please contact me if I can serve your team's needs through trainings, workshops, or keynotes or find out more about my limited 1:1 coaching at www.TheIronJen.com.



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    TomONTheRadio is on!!! Join me and co-host Steve Baxley as we discuss most things sports and media. Among our Hot Topics are:


    *One week from celebrating my one year anniversary returning to BlogTalkRadio.Texas sized 


    *Is Vince Mcmahon setting up a Mega Event Main Event match for this Texas-sized Wrestlemania?


    After tgis Flint water debacle, I would not plan on a second term for Michigan Governor Rick Snyderm nor do I see him speaking at the upcoming Republican National Convention.


    *I like the Carolina Panthers!!!''


    *FABlife is NOT so fab....it will soon be shelved.


    Join us tonight at 11/eastern and if you would like to jon in the conversation, please do so by calling into the InTown Suites CallLine at (347)860-8891 and "Thank You For Your Support!!!"

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    Great Point Podcast Ep. 18: Matt Walsh on David Blatt

    in Basketball

    Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with former Florida Gator, NBA player, and international basketball star Matt Walsh about the firing of David Blatt. Walsh provides unique insight into the Cleveland Cavaliers coaching situation because he played for Blatt in Europe and knows Tyronn Lue on a personal level. Walsh reveals a side of Blatt the public hasn't seen, the reason why the LeBron-Blatt relationship was doomed from the start, and how Lue might be the perfect elixir for what ails the Cavs. They also discuss the NBA's rare player-first power structure, how LeBron has more pull than anyone realizes, what's next in the Kevin Love saga, and how Shaq and LeBron have something in common. 

    On Twitter...

    Adam Stanco: @NaismithLives   Matt Walsh: @MattyVincent44   Great Point Podcast: @GreatPointPod   BBALLBREAKDOWN: @BBallBreakdown


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    Another Monday...Another Show!!!

    Join me and Steve baxley tonight at 22/eastern for 40 minutes of hilarity and hijinks. Among the items on our menu are:


    *Us it true that Hulk Hogan will return to the WWE in time for the Texas sized Wrestlemania?


    *RAW recap and preview for this Sunday's Royal Rumble.


    *Remembering THR Dream.


    Hoin us tonight "ONTheRadio!!!"

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    Here we go with another TomONTheRadio show. Tonight me and Styeve Baxley will discuss:

    *Remembering David Bowie.

    *RAW turns 23 years old tonight.

    *The Detroit Lions hire a new GM...when will they get a new football coach?

    *I am missing the :Stine Cold Podcast" with Ric Flair to do the show and watch the National Championship game.


    If you would like to add to the conversation, please do so by calling into the InTown CallLine at (347)850-8891.

    See  you tonight at 11/eastern "ONTheRadio!!!

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    Join me and my Mid-Michigan hombre Steve Baxley for 40 mminutes of sports and media talk. Call in on the InTown Suites CallLine at (347)850-8891. Among the volcanic topice up for discussion are:

    +Remembering Stuart Scott...one year later.

    *Tonight's RAW  recap.

    *It's Black Monday in the NFL and Jim caldwwelll is still the head coach of the Detroit Lions!!!!

    See you tonight "ONTheRadfio!!!"