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    Monday Night with Sapphire JBlue with Chenell Parker - Creepin' 3:

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    Creepin' 3: A New Orleans Love Story-After a startling confession from his son, Von is left with more questions than answers. Along with the bomb that Tre and Mia have dropped, Von has to grapple with some drama of his own. Moonie is still struggling to stay on the right path and adjust to a life that does not include the streets, but several outside forces are determined to destroy her almost happy home. Rainey is in way over her head as she creeps into her latest venture and her one-time friends quickly become foes. Will she finally learn the meaning of true loyalty or will her jealousy continue to encompass her very being. Bonds are broken just like hearts and everyone's loyalty is being put to the test. In this final installment of Creepin', who will stand and who will fold in this New Orleans story of love, friendship, family and loyalty.

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    #TheFridaySpecial Episode 8-2

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    We're Back & Better Than Ever! 
    Check out this underground filled edition of #TheFridaySpecial

    Tracks Featured: 
    1.) Be You by @JoelQuentez / @_JoelQ
    2.) Act by @JuPreach
    3.) Time Shawty by @IshDARR
    4.) Future Wave Order by @TalayRiley
    5.) I Like It by @OffThatZan (OG Jordan)
    6.) Serenade by @ReggieVaShaun
    7.) Mercedes by @TedyAndreas
    8.) Bloom by @_TitanRose (Roosevelt the Titan)
    9.) Black PR by @KingRonThePoet ft. Ali (of New Kingz ), Chapo, & Syd Shaw
    10.) Good Morning by @ProbCause Ft. Angel Davanport
    11.) All I Know by @MathaiusYoung
    12.) Creepin by @theWHOevers
    13.) On God by @iAmZuse x @PostMalone

    Welcome to the new home of underground Hip-Hop & RnB! LF Ent Radio is a Chicago-based music podcast founded in 2008 and rebranded in 2013. Our goal was to give local artist a strong platform for their music to be heard. Since then our scope has expanded vastly, working with artist from all across the United States and overseas! Every week we promise to bring you new music from quality artist, in-depth interviews, and much more. Don’t miss out the one of the hottest shows coming straight out of Chicago! Hosted by Marcel L.

    Special Guest: N/A
    Twitter/Instagram: @LFEntRadio

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    Conversation with Sapphire JBlue with Author Chenell Parker

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    Creepin' 2: A New Orleans Love Story-Just when Mia decided she didn't want to creep any longer, Tre throws her a curveball. Will Tre's actions force Mia in a different direction? Will Mia fall for a new love interest or will she fight for her first love? 

    Mia isn't the only one at a crossroad. Tanya is the woman who holds Von's heart, but Cheryl plays the game well and proves to be a distraction. Will Von choose wisely? Still trying to juggle raising her kids and the street life, Moonie is hit with a sudden wake up call. Will Moonie grow up and be responsible for her actions or will the streets of New Orleans continue to call her name? With old enemies lurking and new enemies scheming, Tre's plate is full. Will Tre allow these drawbacks to get in the way of the relationship he wants with Mia or will he continue creepin?

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    Lets Talk About Sex Baby!!

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    creepin in everyones mind to hear their views on the sensitive topic of sex! 

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    New Music Inferno w/ Jeremy & The Harlequins, We Outspoken & Nevada Rose!!!

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    Jeremy & The Harlequins - New York based Rock n Roll band...New album "American Dreamers" ft the singles "Somedays" & "You're My Halo" out now..Headed to the UK on tour next week..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/JeremyAndTheHarlequins

    We Outspoken - Rock band from Knobleton,Ontario,Canada..New EP "Musicomania" out now..Played Brazil last month & new tour dates coming soon...Check out their music,tour dates & more @ www.weoutspoken.com

    Nevada Rose - Hardcore/Pop/Electronica band from New Jersey..New album "Paint Me In Light" out now...Headed out on the "Creepin' On The Come Up Tour" w/ It Lies Within, Challenger(4/16-4/22), We Rise The Tide(4/29-5/7) & The Party Foul(5/8-5/24)...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/nevadaroseband

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    The N'Tuned Show Afternoon Mix-Up With Link Music

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    Before the music of today, there was great R&B. The 90's and early 2000's were filled with what many people call "real R&B" and "great music". Behind many of these classic songs that kept us desiring love and love making, was Link. Lincoln Browder is a successful singer/songwriter hailing from Dallas, TX, that has definitely made a name for himself in the music industry, and continues to put out amazing R&B music that makes the world yearn for the return of the "Real R&B era".

    [Link is the songwriter of many of our favorite R&B songs from the 90s and early 2000s, and the silky voice behind hits, such as "I really wanna sex your body", "I dont wanna see", "Don't run away", and "911-0024".]
    Lincoln Browder
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    [LInk has penned lyrics for some of the greatest r&b songs of the 90s and early 2000s. He shares insights on the ups and downs of love while he prepares to drop his new 3rd album.

    Link is the lyric machine behind many of the world's greatest R&B hits, including LSG's "My Body", Kci & Jojo's "Crazy", Silk's "If you", "Meeting in my Bedroom", "Lets make love", and "Sexcellent". He has also worked with Bobby Valentino, Keke Wyatt, and Latin singer Thalia, on one her hit songs "Love will save the day". Not only does he pen great lyrics for others, he has had two successful albums of his own, "Sex Down" and "Creepin".


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    Misunderstandings - by Adrienne Allen

    in Relationships

    Topic : How Can A Man Be Happily Married And Cheat On His Wife WTF???; Let's try to find some understanding in this bulls##t here join us for our 506th episode of BevNat

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    Abstract - by Tuwana Leonard

    in Relationships

    Men on the Down Low !!! A in - depth discussion with a panel of guests join us for our 505th episode of BevNat

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    hoodtunesradio: after the Anatomy...

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    it's post anatomy night... yep I'm creepin... join me at 646-478-0944 to listen or talk...hosted by emaxxtheemijj...local music from tha LAND.. 11:30 till 1

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    Creepin' with Careless Whispers: Episode 84

    in Basketball

    So I creep, yeahhhhhhh! Whoa, who let T-Boz and Chilli in here?? Pour some out for Left-eye please. Matt Rury must have left the door open so come on in to a brand new episode of Careless Whispers on CLNS Radio! Tonight's time slot is different yet again as Calvin Chamberlain attempts to restore order to the NBA landscape while the season draws to a close. Tune in tonight at 9:30 PM EST as the do-iest duo on CLNS Radio goes over the do's and don'ts of cooking bacon. Really though, Mike Munger will not be taking Rury's place any time soon but you can be sure there will be no shortage of jibberish tonight! If you were born today, Happy Tax Day to you! On a more somber note, Matt and Calvin will remember the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing which happened one year ago today. Give the guys a call at 347-215-7771 to discuss all of these topics and more!

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    How Critical is Being Equally Matched with Your Mate Sexually?!?

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    How Critical is Being Equally Matched with Your Mate Sexually?!?

    We all have different sex drives and sexual interests. For some people sex is important but not as important as it may be for others. Some people need (well really WANT) sex all the time! Some people need constant stimulation and variety, especially the fellas! Exactly how critical is your sex life? If the sex was bad enough in your relationship, how far could it drive you away from your partner? How cranky do you get when you are not sexually fulfilled? What do you do when the majority of the criteria your desire in a relationship are met, yet the sex is badly suffering? How viable is “creeping” under pressure circumstances? Let’s talk about these and many other aspects to sex in our relationships and expectations, and needs as far as compatibility goes…

    Tune in, Call in, Share Ya Opinion…

    FRIDAY @ MIDNIGHT on CrankHouse Radio presents Can You Relate - LA & Three Talk Relationships

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