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    CREE on FEAR

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    One in a series of segment flashes commemorating the first anniversary of the CREE program on blogtalkradio. The "flashes" are compilations of Cree phoning other BTR programs.
    In this segment, CREE SEVEN phones into the venues Racism Non-Anonymous and Context of White Supremacy. The common theme of these clips is FEAR.
    The guests on the COWS were John Potash, author of The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence's Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists and Elliot Jaspin, author of Buried in the Bitter Waters: The Hidden History of Racial Cleansing in America

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    Amending Inaccurate Statements w/ CREE

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    Amending Inaccurate Statements w/ CREE

    This will be a Broadcast to correct statements that CREE made during the Pervious Broadcast (On Non-Black Sexual Partners w/CREE) aired on 3/17/14.

    Statements From Pervious Broadcast made by CREE:

     I ( Cree) was not consistent with the uses of the terms, white supremacy vs white domination, people vs folk, muddy vs cloudy, and culture. I simply wasn't consistent and I need to practice more and get better at that consistency.
    At approximately. 1:06:00 to 1:07:49 I say I know of at least 3 examples of people who are phenotypically black and who I have not seen exhibit or more of the four approved personas for black males and that these males do not seem to be targeted for greater mistreatment.--- But, at 2:12:45 to 2:15:40 I say I have not seen a single black male not be targeted for much greater mistreatment by not exhibiting one or more of the four approved ways. 

    Obviously, both of those statements cannot be true. It is the first of the two. Making this clarification is the purpose of tonight's dialogue.

    Good science requires that data is reported accurately and without hypothesis confirmation bias.

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    CREE w/ Quentin-- No. 1

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    Let's Talk Science--Albinism

    Disagreements about science are going to occur.  History has shown, however, that the theory of the scientist with the biggest political following  of an era has often been proven to be in error.  Such disagreements move science forward by tightening up the prevailing theory/model.  This happened with the accepted cause of ulcers,  the relationship of the sun to the earth,  "spontaneous generation" (life arising out of elements instead of through a seed or egg) and many other important science discoveries.   Cree and a black male workshop partner, Quentin, discuss that current state of disagreement about the cause of and, therefore, the solution to the problem of racism (white supremacy).  
    The attached worksheet  is put into evidence concerning white people's attention to "breeding."
    This is a discussion rescheduled from  August 01, 2011

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    CREE: To Be or Not To Be White? That is the question

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    In this segment, Cree will present an audio version of the article, Black Like Me, a  young white man's account of his experience after taking the drug, psorlen, in 1994 to change his appearance to that of a black male. After the reading, Cree will discuss, along with any callers that happen by, the significance of his revelations as well as some dubious features of his account.
    Here is a short video excerpt from Joshua Solomon's appearance on Oprah in 1995.

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    On Non-Black Sexual Partners w/ CREE

    in Psychology

    This broadcast will be simulcast on the CREE Seven venue, hosted by Cree. It was inspired by the last episode (Can I Be Heard: Tragic Arrangements!) airing there on 3-13-14 .

    After listening to the thoughtful commentary of the callers and host on that episode regarding the coupling of black people with non-black people who are generally/usually not considered white by persons who function, at all times, as black, i.e "undeniably black," Cree decided to express her views on the matter and, hopefully, clarify and refine the logic on the matter.

    These views held by Cree will not be entirely new to those who have listened to previous broadcasts on her venue regarding a calculus/definition of who is white and who is not white.. These views differ from that published in the United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Textbook/Workbook for Victims of Racism (white Supremacy) by Neely Fuller, Jr.. 

    When possible, emotions should match conscious logic. And, when they cannot, if logic is not given priority, it is Cree's judgement that the exchange of views should be halted. This an an exploration as to how long an exchange of views on thos matter can be conducted with these rules of engagement.

    Monday, March 16, 2014 @ 7PM Pacific/9PM Central/10PM Eastern/ 2AM UK. Call-in#: (646) 668-2462

    ***Please Note*** CREE made a few statements tha she believes are inaccurate and has asked to amend them. Broadcast Amendending Inaccurate Statements w/ CREE (aired 3/20/14) is the program where you can fine the correction of the statements. 

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    CREE: My Tortured Affair w/ Black Men; a Baldwinesque Lens

    in Education

    Just as the title indicates, I will describe the state of my heart and mind in regards to my socio-political engagement with black men.

    James Baldwin comes to mind.  But, probably not in the way many will conjure when reading this description.


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    Sarah Charuk interviews Cree Nation Author Frank Busch

    in Women

    We hope all who join us on this radio program will find support, acceptance, connections and validation in whatever form it comes. Our vision for this program is that it be a meeting place for women on the path, (any path, hopefully we will all go to the same place). That we embrace one another in a non-judgmental and nurturing way. In the tradition of the Native American culture of the Moon Lodge we gather, uplift and highlight each other so that we can be connected in our journey and find more purpose, joy and love in our lives. To live authentically, healthy and empowered. Join me Carol D and our Co-Host Sarah Charuk of Desert Awakenings Healing Ranch as we discover the roads to healing, spiritual awakening, inspiration, personal growth and lots of questions and answers. 

    Frank Christopher Busch is a member of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation and grew up in Northern Manitoba.  He is the author of "Grey Eyes." Sarah will be interviewing him and following we will open the phones lines so that you can ask questions. After meeting Frank last night at the wonderful Drum Circle at Desert Awakenings Ranch I can tell you that his heart is as big as Texas and very genuine.  Here's the call in number (347) 857-2453.  When you call in it puts you in the phone cue so don't hang up!

    Frank Busch's website is www.greyeyesnovel.com or email, Frank at frankcbusch@gmail.com

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    $Money$: How to Get & Keep More

    in Education

    "Simplify, Unify, Multiply" with special guest, Travis Keeton, Financial Educator.

    Before he turned his attention to the industry of finance, Mr. Keeton had already made a name for himself in the Bay Area of California and in Europe and Japan as a Hip Hop entrpreneur in music and fashion. He'll tell us how everybody else has a group of otherwise ordinary folks who are getting it in and how overcoming our own anti-blackness can provide the same astounding results for us. He impressed me so much in our conversation that : 1) I did business with him, and; 2) I invited hiim to my radio program to offer this constructive information. Mr. Keeton is quite the innovative thinker.

    Phone in with your question and we'll chop it up.   Every question is valid and none too small.  From a seed does a mighty oak grow.

    Contact Travis Keeton 2077 gold street, suite 260, Po box 3178 Alviso, CA 95002, US 408.957.7626 510.815.0416 Facebook Twitter YouTube



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    CREE on NDAA

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    The aim of this episode is to generate ideas on codification of thought, speech, and action for black people in the part of the world known as the United States of America in an era of explicit  legal authority to indefinitely lock up black people who are said by Racist Man/Woman to pose a threat pursuant to the The National Defense Authorization Act.  What is the best way for victims of  white domination (white supremacy) to  think, speak, and act in order  to minimize our odds of being unjustly  put into greater confinement   now that this legislation has been signed into law?  Is it time to quiet down?  Can existing published code withstand this test? Or, do we need some new code?

    Along the way will be the subjects of the supposed wealth of black celebrities, shennanigans in the financial services industry to deprive black people of their real estate, and Janet Jackson's mistreatment by rocker Stephen Tyler and Justin Timberlake.

    It's has gotten very serious, again. for those black people who are serious about replacing the system of racism with a system of justice.  Cree's legal first name is Andrea.

    It is Cree's intent to broadcast al least once every (7) seven days.  If more than 7 days lapses between broadcasts, it is requested that someone asks questions.

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    power of perception with Steven L. Hairfield

    in Spirituality

    ving been raised in a very abusive environment, I decided to serve my country in the military. My duties and expertise led me to Vietnam. My search for peace and higher understanding led me to a Zen Buddhist Monastery in South Vietnam, my first encounter with monks and their traditions. I became a Zen Priest through this experience. My natural curiosity, blended with a very acute intuitive sense led me to deeper questions of life and the purpose of self. The monks began to insist that I should learn of Issa? I later learned that Issa, Jesus, had spent much time in what is now known today as India, Pakistan, Ladak, Nepal, and Tibet before returning to the Middle East. Was Jesus taught what He knew? This truly inspired my personal search for knowledge to somehow recreate the Master’s 18 years not mentioned in the Bible. Pushed by this dream for Universal Truth, I traveled to India following an inner urge which led me to my greatest teachers and lessons, Tibetan Masters. They guided me through India, Nepal, and twice into Tibet. While in this part of the world I adapted to the life of a monk.


                When I returned home after working with my Eastern teachers I wanted to understand the belief system and studied the greatest belief system of all Religion and Theology, becoming quite interested and fascinated by the field of Metaphysics in the process. Through my years of studies with Zen and Tibetan Monks as well as the Cree and Blackfoot Native Traditions, this true American Monk offers an unparalleled approach to understanding how we directly influence our own experiences. My journey was one of self Mastery, Empowerment while achieving an inner Divine nature. My book is entitled ‘A Metaphysical Interpretation

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